The Top 10 Most Expensive SUVs to Insure

The most expensive SUV to insure is the BMW X6. This list shows the ten most expensive SUVs to insure and alternative similar, but cheaper SUVs.
Written by Bonnie Stinson
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Updated on Dec 08, 2022
According to real quotes from Jerry drivers, the most expensive SUV to insure is none other than the performance forward, yet luxurious BMW X6 xDrive50i.
Because of their size and high-end finishes, SUVs tend to be more expensive to insure than your average sedan. But it can be hard to tell which SUVs are especially expensive to insure.
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The top 10 most expensive SUVs to insure

On average, SUVs are more expensive to insure than cars. They're bigger and may cost more to repair and replace parts, so premiums are higher.
However, you can still find great insurance for SUVs, even if they are more expensive to insure. Drivers that own the SUVs on this list save big on insurance when they switch carriers with Jerry. Here are the top 10 most expensive SUVs to insure.

Volkswagen Tiguan SE

A spacious cabin, top-of-the-line safety features, and powerful onboard technology.
Tiguan SE
is a
front-wheel drive SUV with LED lights, heated mirrors, and superior safety ratings for crash prevention.
It is considered a compact SUV, making it a popular choice for city dwellers. However, it has below-average fuel economy ratings and some drivers described the Tiguan’s engine as "weak."
If you’re looking for a more affordable alternative, check out
Toyota’s RAV4
. It is a few inches shorter than the Tiguan and it only seats five people, but the RAV4 offers
better fuel economy
and gets higher ratings on safety features.
  • Average annual premium before Jerry: $2,982
  • Average annual premium after Jerry: $2,064
  • Miles per gallon: City 23/ highway 29
  • Car and Driver rating: n/a
  • List price: $26,440 (2018)

Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk

For the off-road enthusiast who appreciates a little luxury.
Jeeps are known for being the vehicle-of-choice for back-country adventures and the
Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk
is no exception.
It comes standard with
a V6 engine
, but, notably, there’s an option to upgrade to a V8.
The interior of this SUV is pure luxury, with leather upholstery, mood lighting, and the Uconnect A/V system.
The Trailhawk doesn’t come cheap, so the
Dodge Durango
might be a good alternative if you want similar features at a more affordable price point.
You’ll have to upgrade to a V8 and AWD if you plan to drive through rough terrain, but otherwise the Durango offers similar on-board entertainment, storage, and
towing capacity
  • Average annual premium before Jerry: $2,994
  • Average annual premium after Jerry: $2,383
  • Miles per gallon: City 18/ highway 24
  • Car and Driver Rating: 8
  • List price: $35,890 (2021)

Ford Explorer

Safe and affordable.
Ford Explorer
offers standard features for an SUV, including an on-board infotainment system and an upscale interior.
It is slightly more cramped than other SUVs and doesn’t handle winding roads as well as its competitors.
However, the Explorer is one of the most affordable SUVs and it comes with excellent safety ratings.
For a cheaper option, consider the
Hyundai Santa Fe
or the
Buick Enclave
. The Enclave seats up to eight people and has comparable safety ratings to the Ford Explorer.
The Santa Fe affords you a stronger engine plus
the same seating capacity
as the Explorer.
  • Average annual premium before Jerry: $3,380
  • Average annual premium after Jerry: $2,386
  • Miles per gallon: City 18/ highway 24
  • Car and Driver Rating: 7.5
  • List price: $33,470 (2021)
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Chevrolet Blazer V10

Smooth steering paired with strong fuel economy.
Chevy Blazer V10
is a midsize SUV with an epic towing capacity and great safety ratings.
The body style of this Chevy is a bit more muscular than other SUVs, and cargo space and headroom suffer as a result.
Drivers can choose to upgrade to a variety of high-end trim and technology options.
For a slightly less expensive substitute, check out the Ford Edge (more info below) to get comparable engine power and cabin capacity at a lower price.
  • Average annual premium before Jerry: $4,170
  • Average annual premium after Jerry: $2,832
  • Miles per gallon: City 24/ highway 29
  • Car and Driver rating: 6.5
  • List price: $29,995 (2021)

Ford Edge SE

Plenty of cabin space and engine power.
With two rows instead of three, the
Ford Edge SE
offers greater comfort in exchange for reduced capacity.
This SUV provides a stable ride over rough roads and good fuel economy, although the interior finishes are slightly less impressive than its competitors.
Consider the
Chevrolet Equinox
if you want to pay less for a similar SUV. The Equinox also has two rows, but you’ll enjoy greater power with a
four-cylinder engine under the hood.
  • Average annual premium before Jerry: $3,236
  • Average annual premium after Jerry: $2,856
  • Miles per gallon: City 21/ highway 28
  • Car and Driver rating: 6.5
  • List price: $32,495 (2021)

Hyundai Tucson Sport

A comfortable but a below-average fuel economy.
This Hyundai SUV can seat five and ranks well for reliability. It is thousands of dollars cheaper than its rivals while still offering comparable technology and features.
However, the
Tucson Sport
gets lackluster performance ratings and its cabin is smaller than most competitors.
For a cheaper option, look to the Honda HR-V. It’s roomy and has tons of great interior features, like rear seats that flip down to create more storage. The HR-V has slightly better fuel economy–and
Honda HR-V insurance costs
are lower than for the Hyundai Tucson Sport.
  • Average annual premium before Jerry: $3,840
  • Average annual premium after Jerry: $3,012
  • Miles per gallon: City 22/ highway 28
  • Car and Driver rating: 8
  • List price: $29,435 (2021)
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Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT

The SRT-8 delivers daily performance and monstrous towing capacity.
Jeep Grand Cherokee
SRT-8 has a maximum tow capacity of 7,200 pounds.
However, the interior finishes are not on par with luxury SUVs and the fuel economy is laughable.
If you’d like an SUV that can tow similarly heavy loads for less money and with better fuel efficiency, then leave the Jeep Grand Cherokee behind and choose the Chevy Traverse.
You’ll be able to tow up to 5,000 pounds at that price point. That being said, if you really need the increased towing capacity, then you’ll have to pay more for a pricier luxury vehicle like a
Land Rover
or an
  • Average annual premium before Jerry: $4,216
  • Average annual premium after Jerry: $3,536
  • Miles per gallon: City 13/ highway 19
  • Car and Driver rating: 8
  • List price: $70,860 (2021)

Honda Pilot LX

A spacious interior, good fuel economy, and seating for eight.
The Pilot is
a great three-row crossover SUV
that is versatile and incredibly roomy.
Drivers will enjoy a smooth ride and great fuel economy with the
Pilot LX
, although some drivers report a lack of body control that can feel disconcerting.
The baseline Honda Pilot LX is pretty affordable, so you won’t find a ton of comparable options for less. However, look into the VW Tiguan (described at the beginning of this article) if you’re interested in a cheaper and smaller SUV with similar features.
  • Average annual premium before Jerry: $4,150
  • Average annual premium after Jerry: $3,792
  • Miles per gallon: City 20/ highway 27
  • Car and Driver rating: 7.5
  • List price: $33,725 (2021)

The most expensive SUV to insure: BMW X6 xDrive50i

Smooth and confident handling backed by pure power.
Like other vehicles from BMW, the
X6 xDrive50i
is a sleek blend of luxury and performance.
The cabin includes fine materials like Merino leather, and buyers can choose between carbon-fiber, oak, or aluminum trim.
BMW calls it a SAV (sports-activity vehicle) and it offers lightning-fast acceleration and smart technology.
It’s not hard to find an SUV more affordable than the X6, but look to the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT for a similar vehicle at a better price point. However, you won’t find the same power or luxury finishes in other models.
  • Average annual premium before Jerry: $9,216
  • Average annual premium after Jerry: $4,596
  • Miles per gallon: City 16/ highway 22
  • Car and Driver rating: 9
  • List price: $66,045 (2021)
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Factors that impact your car insurance rate

Insurance companies use a few key data points to calculate your car insurance rate.
Some are out of your control, like your location or your age. But you can control plenty of other factors, like your driving record and what kind of vehicle you purchase.

Vehicle size

Larger vehicles are typically considered safer and can be cheaper to insure. A smaller vehicle is more likely to be crushed in an
, so you can expect to pay a higher rate to protect a small car versus a bigger car.
The exception is for SUVs and luxury vehicles, where the large size might be neutralized by expensive repair costs.

Vehicle type

Expensive cars mean higher insurance payments since the company will have to pay to repair or replace your vehicle if anything happens to it.
Luxury and sports vehicles come with pricey car insurance. As a result, you’ll find more affordable insurance rates if you drive a more popular car with everyday finishes and standard safety features.

Driving record

Safe drivers get better insurance rates.
If you get a speeding ticket or cause an accident, your insurance company will immediately raise your rate because they’ll label you high-risk.
Sometimes, the rate increase will be substantial. So drive cautiously to keep a
clean driving record
–and purchase an
accident forgiveness policy
if you’re concerned about the effect an accident could have on your premium.

Vehicle safety ratings & features

If your vehicle comes with automatic restraints, airbags, and other safety features, you are less likely to be injured in an accident.
A vehicle with a high safety rating could potentially have a lower insurance premium. Note that newer vehicles tend to have better safety features than older ones, although there haven’t been any hugely dramatic changes to car safety features in the last ten years.


Insurance companies use your address to determine risk. Higher risk means higher premiums.
Urban drivers are typically estimated to be at higher risk for theft (more neighbors around) and accidents (because they commute on heavily trafficked roads).
Some states require more coverage than others–and you’ll pay an increased price for it.


It’s hard to argue with data–and studies show that
younger drivers
just aren’t as safe as older drivers. New drivers pay some of the highest insurance rates. After a few years of safe driving experience, however, you can expect to pay a more affordable rate.

Marital status

Married drivers
are seen as more financially stable. As a result, they pay slightly less for car insurance than single, divorced, or widowed drivers. Bundling car insurance with your partner is a smart way to reduce your premium.

Credit score

In most states (except
, Hawaii, and
) your credit score will affect your insurance rate.
Most companies charge a driver with poor credit much more for car insurance than a similar driver who has
good credit
. Statistics show that drivers with better credit scores tend to get into fewer accidents–which means the insurance company doesn’t have to pay out as much cash.
To find the best car insurance rate for your situation, use
. Enter in your details and receive quotes in just 45 seconds.
You may think you’re stuck with the most expensive SUV to insure, but Jerry can help you find a better rate! If you find a better policy, Jerry will even cancel your old policy on your behalf and then file the paperwork to switch over.

Frequently asked questions

What is the cheapest used SUV to insure?

At an average of $816/year, the Honda Pilot VP is the cheapest used SUV to insure. With plenty of interior space and practical finishes, the Pilot VP is a great choice for an SUV with generally affordable insurance rates.

Why are SUVs more expensive than standard cars?

SUVs are more expensive than standard cars because they are larger, for one. They also tend to incorporate better quality materials and luxury features, which also raises the numbers on their price tags.

Are SUVs the safest family vehicle?

Yes, SUVs are generally considered to be some of the safest vehicles on the road.
In an accident, the smaller vehicle tends to bear the brunt of the damage, and SUVs provide extra protection since they’re higher up off the ground.
SUVs are more vulnerable to wind and rollovers, but overall they are a very safe vehicle choice for families.

How do I find the cheapest insurance for my SUV?

Insurance rates depend on your specific vehicle as well as your personal driving record and location. Plus, every company has a unique formula for calculating risk and assigning you a premium.
SUVs will be more expensive to insure than other vehicles, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t search for the best possible rate.
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