How to Get a Montana Driver’s License Reinstatement

In Montana, you’ll have to pay a fee to get your license reinstated, but depending on the offense, the process can take weeks or even years.
Written by Sophie Boka
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
If you’re looking to reinstate your license in Montana, the steps you need to take are dependent on the violation that led to your license being suspended. At the very least, though, you will be expected to pay a fee and wait out the duration of your suspension.
The wide open road gives drivers the ultimate sense of freedom. But sometimes, accidents happen. And in some cases, your Montana driver’s license can be revoked. If this happens to you, you’ll probably want to get back on the road ASAP. But how? What can you do? Well, your path forward depends on your situation, varying state-by-state and the specific violation.
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Why you might need a license reinstatement in Montana

Montana Department of Justice’s Motor Vehicle Division
(MDJMVD) can revoke your driving privileges for a variety of reasons. These reasons can include anything from tallying up 3 or more reckless driving violations to driving under the influence to vehicular homicide. 
Was your license revoked for failing to pay fines, fees, or restitutions? If so, you’re in luck. As of 2019,
Montana House Bill 217
determined that, on their own, these are not grounds to revoke a license. If this happened to you, to clear this up, all you need to do is
file a petition
with the court. As long as the court determines that this was the sole reason your license was revoked, your license will be reinstated and you will not need to pay any reinstatement fees.
If this doesn’t apply to you, however, it’s worth noting that your license will not automatically be reinstated at the end of your suspension term. At the very least, you’ll be required to submit paperwork and a reinstatement fee to the MDJMVD. 
If you’re not sure whether or not you require a license reinstatement, you can check the status of your Montana driver’s license on the
MDJMVD website
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How to get a license reinstatement in Montana

Before you can get your license back, you will likely need to pay a reinstatement fee. Luckily, this process is pretty easy. 
You can opt to pay by phone, check, or money order. However you pay, make sure to include your driver’s license number (if known), full name, and date of birth along with your payment.
If you choose to pay by phone, simply call (406) 444-3933. You can pay your fee using your Visa, Mastercard, or Discover Card.
If you prefer to pay with a check or money order, you can make your payment out to the Motor Vehicle Division and mail it to this address:
Motor Vehicle Division
Records and Driver Control Bureau
P.O. Box 201430
Helena, MT 59620-1430
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Am I eligible for a hardship license?

If your license has been revoked, you may still be eligible to drive. A
hardship license
gives you permission to drive before your license is reinstated. In Montana, a hardship license may be recommended if the court orders you to attend and complete a chemical dependency education course, treatment, or both. 
That being said, you are only eligible to receive a hardship license if you have already completed
  • 3 months of a 1-year revocation
  • 1 year of a 3-year revocation
  • Any additional stated requirements for reobtaining your Montana driver’s license   
If you have failed to appear in court or pay any fines, you are considered ineligible for a hardship license

What is an SR-22 certificate?

In addition to paying your reinstatement fee, you will likely need to file for . The SR-22 is a document that is submitted to your DMV by your insurer. Basically, it verifies that you have
the basic insurance
necessary to be back on the road after a rule violation.
Rule violations can include anything from racking up too many points on your license to a hit and run. Whatever the case may be, you will be required to keep an SR-22 around for 3 years following the violation.
So how do you get an SR-22? First, you’ll get a notification from the DMV indicating that you require one. After you get the notice, reach out to your insurance provider to let them know. In Montana, your insurance provider should be able to take care of the process for you. That said, not all insurance companies accept SR-22s. 
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Key Takeaway If your license is revoked in the state of Montana, you will likely be required to pay a reinstatement fee and file an SR-22 certificate.
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How to save money on car insurance in Montana

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