Minnesota Windshield Replacement Law

According to Minnesota law, residents must replace damaged windshields, although you may be protected from paying a deductible for the repair.
Written by Sarah Gray
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Minnesota law requires insurance providers to offer a zero-deductible windshield replacement option as part of their comprehensive insurance coverage. However, this law does not require the same deductible-free replacement if your windshield damage is not covered by your comprehensive policy. 
Snowy roads treated with salt and grit are a regular sight during Minnesota winters. So are the chipped, cracked, and broken windshields that often result from rocks and stones getting tossed up as vehicles drive over this mess. This is just one of many reasons why Minnesota lawmakers and residents came together to ensure windshield replacement could be a fast and free option for those who include it with their comprehensive insurance coverage.
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Does Minnesota law cover windshield replacement?

If your insurance policy includes
comprehensive coverage
, and you’ve opted to include zero-deductible glass coverage with your policy, your windshield replacement will be covered with no out-of-pocket costs.
According to
Section 65B.134
of Minnesota statutes, all insurers must offer zero-deductible complete coverage options for the repair of any damaged safety glass as part of their comprehensive insurance policies.
Requiring comprehensive policies to cover windshield replacement means your repairs can be completed with no out-of-pocket costs to you if your windshield is damaged by:
  • Inclement weather
  • Theft or vandalism
  • Falling debris
  • Natural disasters
  • Hitting an animal
If your windshield is cracked by those flying rocks that often accompany snow-treated roads, you can have it repaired for free if you’ve opted for no-deductible glass coverage. However, if your windshield is damaged in a vehicle collision, your
collision coverage
will pay for the windshield repair and you’ll likely be responsible for your deductible.
So what happens if you choose not to carry comprehensive or collision coverage? You may very well be out of luck—and out of coverage. Unless your damages were caused by another driver whose
property damage liability coverage
will pay for repairs, you’ll be responsible for all costs associated with the windshield replacement.
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Who pays for windshield replacement in Minnesota?

Who pays for windshield replacement in Minnesota depends on who or what caused the damage.
Suppose your windshield damage was caused by any events listed on your comprehensive insurance policy, and you’ve opted to include no-deductible glass coverage in your policy. In that case, your insurance company will cover all costs for repair and/or replacement.
If your damage isn’t caused by an event covered under your comprehensive policy, you’re likely going to be responsible for at least a portion of the repair or replacement costs. If your windshield is broken in a collision, and you’ve opted to carry collision insurance, you’ll only be on the hook for your deductible. But if you’ve chosen only to carry minimum liability coverage, you’ll likely be responsible for the full cost of repairs or replacement.
Depending on the make and model of your car, a full windshield replacement could run you from $150 up to $500. Minor chips and cracks, on the other hand, can usually be repaired for $50 to $200.
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Does Minnesota law require auto insurance coverage for windshield repair?

No. Minnesota law does not require residents to carry insurance to cover windshield replacement. Instead, it requires insurance providers to include deductible-free windshield repair options with their comprehensive policies.

Do I need to replace my cracked windshield in Minnesota?

You may not need a full replacement if your windshield is only cracked, but it’s a good idea to have that crack repaired as soon as possible. Especially with the temperature extremes associated with Minnesota winters, it’s only a matter of time before that small crack or chip becomes large enough to require a full replacement.
Section 169.71
of Minnesota statutes prohibits drivers from operating vehicles with a windshield cracked or discolored to an extent to limit or obstruct proper vision. So, if your windshield has significant cracks, especially if they’re in the driver’s line of sight, you could find yourself with a ticket if you don’t get it repaired.
If you’re not sure whether your windshield damage is severe enough to warrant replacement, bring your car to your local garage or glass repair shop to get an expert opinion.

How to save on windshield insurance in Minnesota

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