How to Get a Maryland Driver’s License Reinstatement

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To reinstate your
Maryland driver’s license
, you will need to either apply for a duplicate license or apply for a new one altogether. Reinstating your license costs between $20 to $72, and your suspension could last up to 24 months depending on your driving history.  
When you lose your license, it’s only natural to jump to how do I reinstate my suspended license in Maryland? Fortunately, the answer is simpler than you think! 
Read on for everything you could possibly need to know about reinstating your license in Maryland, as well as getting a hardship license, and filing an SR-22.
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Why you might need a license reinstatement in Maryland

The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) issues license suspensions and revocations for a variety of offenses, ranging from failing to pay child support to
driving under the influence (DUI)
The MVA will revoke your license if you’ve had prior violations or if you exceed 12 points on your driving record. If it is a first-time offense or you only have between eight and 11 points, your license will just be suspended
A suspension means that your license was temporarily withdrawn by the MVA. A revocation is an actual termination of your license—which means it cannot be restored or renewed. 

How to get a license reinstatement in Maryland

To reinstate your license in MD, you need to apply for a duplicate driver’s license at a full-service MVA branch after your suspension period is over. This will cost you around $20. 
If your driver’s license expired during your suspension and the suspension period extends for more than a year past the expiration date, you will need to apply for a new license and get retested. This comes with a heftier price of $72, plus $9 a year. 
Your suspension or revocation period is determined by the MVA’s Driver Wellness and Safety Division. They will also decide when you can apply to have your license reinstated. 

Traffic citations and court suspensions

If your license was suspended due to a failure to pay fines or fees (for speeding tickets or something similar) or failure to appear in court at a scheduled hearing, you will need to make the payment(s) or reschedule your court hearing to amend this.  

Point suspensions

Maryland operates on a
driver's license points
system to track violations on your driving record. If you accumulate eight to 11 points, the MVA will suspend your license. Anything over 12 points will lead to a full revocation. 
The length of time you have to wait before having your license reinstated depends on how many times you’ve had your license revoked:
  • One revocation—6 months
  • Two revocations—12 months
  • Three revocations—18 months
  • Four or more revocations—24 months 
This waiting period starts on the day that you hand in your driver’s license or the date of revocation, whichever is later. In other words, it’s in your best interest to hand in your driver’s license sooner rather than later. 


Having your license revoked is more serious than a simple suspension. Revocations tend to last much longer and often require you to apply for a new license. This comes with a $72 fee and waiting periods of anywhere from six months to 24 months. 
Not only will you lose your license for an extended period of time, but your Maryland car insurance premiums will go up dramatically. 
Key Takeaway Depending on the nature of your suspension, you will pay anywhere from $20 to $72 to have your license reinstated. 

How to get a hardship license in Maryland

Maryland may accommodate those in need with a hardship license. You must meet the eligibility requirements, including no other license suspensions within the last five years under the same section.  
To apply for a hardship license, you must file an appeal of suspension with the director of the Administrative Adjudication Division (AAD). 

Who is eligible for a hardship license in Maryland?

There are specific requirements you must meet before the AAD will modify your suspended license:
  • You have not refused to take a test
  • Your license has not been suspended under the same section in the last five years
  • You have not been convicted of a DUI during the past five years
You must also meet one of the following three requirements:
  • You drive a motor vehicle in the course of employment
  • You will use the license to attend an alcoholic prevention or treatment program
  • You have no alternative means of transportation available to or from your work, and, without the license, your ability to earn a living would be severely impaired

Do I need an SR-22 certificate?

In many states, you need to get an
SR-22 filing
after being convicted of a major driving offense—but you don’t need one in Maryland. 
However, you need to prove to the MVA that you have met all of
Maryland's basic insurance requirements
to be on the road. In Maryland, that means liability insurance, which includes:
Driving with no insurance can lead to fines, impoundment of your license plates, invalidation of your vehicle registration, and prohibition from registering any future vehicles or renewing your current vehicle registration.
Don’t let driving without the proper insurance hold you back from finally getting back on the road!

How to save money on car insurance in Maryland

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