Liberty Mutual Classic Car Insurance

Liberty Mutual offers classic car insurance for vintage and antique cars that are at least 25 years old. Click here for more details!
Written by Brittni Brinn
Reviewed by Pat Roache
Liberty Mutual provides
classic car insurance
to vintage cars that are over 25 years old and are driven on a limited basis. You can also customize your classic car insurance as promised by Liberty Mutual’s “only pay for what you need” slogan.
From iconic Jaguar E-Type models to vintage Porsche 911s, owning a classic car can be a thrill all on its own. However, as any car collector will tell you, these beauties need an extra level of care to keep them in peak condition—and that applies to auto insurance, as well!
Here’s a guide to what Liberty Mutual has to offer in terms of classic car coverage. We’ll go over what qualifies as a classic vehicle and if it’s worth getting this type of
car insurance

Does Liberty Mutual offer classic car insurance?

Yes! Liberty Mutual offers classic car coverage through its partnership with
Safeco Insurance
. In keeping with its “only pay for what you need” business model, Liberty Mutual can offer a more customized classic car insurance plan than other providers.
However, a vehicle must fulfill these requirements to qualify for classic car coverage:
  • The vehicle must not lose value over time
  • Antique and classic cars must be at least 25 years old
  • Driven sparingly (only 3,000 to 5,000 miles a year)
  • Stored in a secure garage or another locked and enclosed area
  • Must not be used for commuting or other daily use (another vehicle must be owned to fulfill this role)
  • Can be part of exhibits, car shows, etc
  • Other age and driving history requirements (vary by state)
Before you sign your insurance policy, you and your Liberty Mutual insurance agent will determine the agreed value of your classic car. You may need to provide an official appraisal and photos of your vehicle. This agreed value becomes the amount you will be paid out if your vehicle is considered a total loss down the line.
If all of this sounds good to you and your car is eligible for classic car coverage, you can call a local Liberty Mutual insurance agent or the main office at 1-800-295-2568 to discuss your policy.
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What is classic car insurance coverage?

Classic car insurance coverage is a policy tailored for the needs of classic, collector, or antique cars. This coverage will include your state’s mandated levels of
liability insurance
and typically adds or offers
comprehensive coverage
to apply in case of theft, collision, and other incidents.
Because classic cars tend to appreciate in value over time, your classic car coverage will set the agreed value of the car before you sign off on your new auto insurance policy. This is the most you’ll be paid out if the car is wrecked or lost due to damage, theft, or other causes. An agreed value is typically much higher than the actual cash value you’d receive for a standard policy.
This specialized coverage comes with some conditions, however. In most cases, the covered vehicle cannot be used for a daily commute or errands and must be old enough to be considered a “classic”—for Liberty Mutual’s coverage, your vehicle must be at least 25 years old to qualify.
Whether you take your car out for a spin once a week or show it off at the annual auto show, having more customized insurance for your vintage beauty can help alleviate the stress that comes with taking care of an expensive vehicle. Last but not least, classic car insurance is typically much cheaper than a standard car insurance policy.

How much is a Liberty Mutual classic car insurance policy?

As with any other type of coverage, how much you pay for a Liberty Mutual classic car policy will depend on a variety of factors. Your age, driving record, and location will be taken into account as will the model and year of the car you wish to insure and how often you drive it.
With Liberty Mutual auto insurance, your policy for a classic car will be available with collision and comprehensive coverage and
uninsured motorist coverage
. These kick in if your car is damaged in an accident or other non-collision incident and can also extend to cover expenses like medical bills or lost wages. You can talk with your insurance provider to clarify the limits of each of these insurance products.
Liberty Mutual also offers a fair number of ways to save on your auto insurance policy. You may qualify for a $0 to $100 deductible if you are a teacher and your car was damaged while you were driving on school business. You’ll also get vandalism loss protection and personal property coverage while your car is on school property.
You can also ask about Pay-Per-Mile auto insurance. Geared toward low-mileage drivers, this program can save you around 25% on your insurance premiums. However, you will have to install a plug-in device to track your miles and driving habits and monitor it through a mobile app.
Not to mention that Liberty Mutual has a ton of discounts for drivers, including:
  • Insurance claims-free discount
  • Advanced safety features discount
  • Homeowner discount
  • Multi-car policy discount
  • Automatic payments
  • And much more!
To see which discounts you’re eligible for, call your Liberty Mutual insurance agent and start saving!

Who should get classic car insurance?

Generally, classic car insurance is a good idea if you have a rare, expensive, or collector’s car in your garage. Having the right insurance in place can save you thousands of dollars if the car is stolen or written off after an accident or other incident. Without insurance, you’ll be stuck paying for a replacement on your own.
You should estimate your car’s actual value and compare it to the classic car insurance rates you get. If you’ll be paying more for your auto insurance premium than the car is worth, you’d be better off saving that money. In these cases, you can probably get by with just liability coverage.
Classic car insurance coverage can also come in handy for policyholders who are fixing up their vehicles. Finding original parts for older cars can be a challenge, which makes spare parts coverage so useful! This optional coverage will help cover the cost of classic car parts and may help cover parts replacement costs as well.
The peace of mind that comes with a solid classic car insurance policy is worth the cost for most drivers with vintage cars in good condition. If you can’t pay to replace your car out of pocket or you want to benefit from extra coverage options, like spare parts coverage, you should consider adding classic car insurance to your insurance plan!
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It depends—although classic car coverage can be significantly cheaper than a full-coverage insurance policy, the premium can also be high depending on the value of the classic car and how often it gets driven.
According to Liberty Mutual, a vehicle must be older than 25 to be considered a classic car. Other providers may allow cars as young as 15 to be considered classic cars or have different categories of what “classic” means. However, a new reproduction of an older car may also be accepted as a classic car, so it’s worth checking with your auto insurance company.
It depends on who you’re asking. For some providers, a classic car is any vehicle older than 25 years, while an antique car is a vehicle pushing 45 years old. Some insurance companies may accept vehicles that are 15+ years old as classics.
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