Is Kemper Roadside Assistance Worth It?

How does Kemper’s roadside assistance compare to AAA? Let’s find out.
Written by Jennifer Justice
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
As a Kemper customer, you can add roadside assistance to your policy for $10 per six months or $60 per use if you go with the Infinity DriverClub. If you have Kemper Auto, you can call them at 877-268-7416 to access help 24/7.
  • You can get help for common vehicle problems, like a jumpstart for a dead battery, with roadside assistance.
  • Roadside assistance is a separate option you can add to your auto insurance policy.
  • Popular auto clubs like AAA also offer you roadside assistance coverage.
Let’s get into it—what Kemper’s roadside assistance covers, how much it costs, and whether it stacks up to the competition.

What does Kemper roadside assistance cover?

Every company has different options when it comes to roadside assistance, so what do you get if you spring for Kemper’s? Here’s what the service gets you:
  • Towing services: Kemper will help you get to a repair shop and pay for the first $75 for the towing bill. You might have to cover the remaining costs depending on where you get stranded.
  • Battery jump starts: We’ve all had to deal with a dead battery at some point. Fortunately, you don’t have to rely on flagging someone down and hoping for the best. Kemper’s roadside assistance means you can call them for
    help with a jump start
  • Fuel delivery: You could walk to the nearest gas station yourself if you run out of fuel, or you can just call Kemper and they will deliver fuel to you. Much easier! (Unless you’re set on getting those 10,000 steps in.)
  • Locksmith services: If you lose your keys or get locked out of your car, Kemper will send someone to help. Be aware that if you need a new key made, you’ll need to pay for the replacement. 
  • Flat tire changes: If you get
    stranded with a flat tire
    , Kemper can step in. They’ll get you back on the road, and you don’t even have to break a sweat.
Adding roadside assistance with Kemper means you’ll have the basics covered when you need help. And since they operate in all 50 states, you don’t have to worry about getting stranded in the wrong place.

How to use Kemper’s roadside assistance program

If you have Kemper’s roadside assistance, you’ll need to call them at 877-268-7416. If you signed up with Infinity, you’ll need to contact them at 877-512-6964 instead. The company does not have an app option.
You can select which Kemper network repair shop you want to work with. Explore the list of auto shops on
their website
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How much does Kemper roadside assistance cost?

If you have Kemper roadside assistance, it will cost $20 a year, and if you have the Infinity DriverClub, you can sign up for free, but it will cost $60 each time you need their help.
Most insurers with roadside assistance charge between $15 and $150 per year.
offers it for a starting price of $14 per year, while most cost closer to $80 per year. 
If you’re considering AAA, you can pick multiple levels of coverage for different prices, with the lowest tier starting at $60 a year.

Kemper roadside assistance vs. AAA

There are pros and cons to Kemper roadside assistance and a
AAA membership
. The best one for you depends on your budgeting needs, what services you want, and whether you are going to purchase insurance with one company or the other.
Kemper’s program offers fewer services than AAA’s Classic plan, which costs $60 a year. For example, AAA offers help with bicycles, travel planning, hotel discounts, and more. If you travel a lot, you’ll save on common expenses, which you won’t get with Kemper. AAA goes beyond roadside assistance to include other benefits, which can definitely be a big plus.
Also, you’ll have more options with AAA. They have three tiers of coverage, which include different costs based on how many benefits you get. With Kemper, you can choose roadside assistance or the Infinity DriverClub option, which is more or less a take-it-or-leave-it option. You won’t be able to increase or decrease the benefits and costs associated with the membership—everyone pays the same amount for basic coverage with Kemper.
Cost-wise, AAA can be more expensive upfront, especially if you never use the services. Kemper is cheaper from the beginning. You’ll pay $20 per year for Kemper roadside assistance, while the Infinity DriverClub is free to sign up for. The only catch with the Infinity option is that you’ll have to pay $60 every time you use their service, which could become pretty expensive very quickly if you use their services more than once a year.
However, if you are already planning on getting auto insurance with Kemper, it will be more convenient to sign up for roadside assistance than to add an AAA membership. You can combine the two instead of signing up for roadside assistance separately.
You’ll want to decide where you want to purchase auto insurance from and how much you want to pay for roadside assistance since that can make a difference in whether you end up going with Kemper versus AAA. You’ll also want to consider whether you’ll use the extra benefits offered by AAA, or if you just want the basic coverage Kemper has.
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No. Unless you need a tow for a car accident, getting roadside assistance is not related to insurance claims. It won’t count against you if you need a jumpstart for a dead battery, for example, so you don’t need to worry about your insurance premiums.
Yes. You won’t be able to access the service unless you already have a policy and add roadside assistance with Kemper.
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