Car Seat Laws in Kansas

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Car seat laws in Kansas are simple: kids under the age of eight must use an appropriate restraint system. A suitable restraint system depends entirely on the child’s age, height, and weight. You can refer to the American Academy of Pediatrics or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recommendations on proper restraints for your child.
Kansas car seat laws are designed to protect children from bodily harm in the event of an accident. That’s why the car insurance broker and comparison shopping app Jerry has compiled everything you need to know to adhere to Kansas car seat laws.
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What is the car seat law in Kansas?

Kansas car seat laws stipulate that all children under the age of eight who weigh fewer than 80 pounds or are shorter than 4’9” must be secured in a proper restraint system.
Children under the age of four must be secured in a car seat, while those between four and eight must be in an appropriate booster seat.
Children between the ages of 8 and 13 must be restrained with a seatbelt.
Key Takeaway Children under the age of eight must be secured in the appropriate restraint system for their age in Kansas.

What are the penalties for breaking the car seat law in Kansas?

A $60 fine is levied for every violation of Kansas’ car seat law, plus court costs.
This fee may be waived if you provide proof that you’ve purchased and installed the correct restraint system for your child(ren), although court costs still apply.
Breaking Kansas car seat law is not a moving violation.
Key Takeaway Buying a proper restraint system after receiving a ticket might get your fine waived, although you will still have to cover court costs.

Can breaking the car seat law impact my driving record?

Violating Kansas’ car seat laws does not incur any points on your license, but it is considered a violation and the citation will appear on your driving record.

How breaking car seat laws can impact insurance in Kansas

Having citations on your record, which you can incur from breaking Kansas’ car seat laws, will signal to insurance carriers that you are a high-risk driver and this might impact your car insurance rates.
Carriers will evaluate your rates based on how risky you are, so having more citations means more costly insurance premiums.
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