Car Seat Laws in Indiana

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Indiana car seat laws stipulate that children under the age of eight must be secured in a child restraint system that meets the manufacturer’s specifications. Younger children are subject to stricter laws.
Also, the rules don’t disappear as kids grow up. Make sure that your teen is buckled up, as it is illegal for children under 16 to ride without a seatbelt.
Failing to abide by the laws can lead to some fines, legal trouble, and increased insurance rates. Luckily, car insurance comparison and broker app Jerry has you covered!
Read on to learn more about car seat laws in Indiana.
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What is the car seat law in Indiana?

Passengers under one year old, or less than 20 pounds, must be placed in a rear-facing car seat.
However, Indiana law enforcement encourages parents to keep children in car seats until they reach the maximum height or weight limit. For example, some car seats will restrain children up to 35 pounds.
Once a child passes their first birthday, it’s recommended that they be transitioned to a front-facing car seat with a safety harness.
In Indiana, children can be transitioned to a manufacturer-approved booster seat once they turn eight (or once they outgrow their child safety seat).
Children must be properly restrained by a seat belt until they turn 16. Failure to do so violates state law.
Key Takeaway Young children should be kept in child safety seats for as long as possible.

What are the penalties for breaking the car seat law in Indiana?

Violating car seat laws in Indiana is a Class D Infraction and could earn you a fine of up to $25.
You can also expect to pay any court costs. You will not receive any points on your license for violating Indiana car seat laws.
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Can breaking the car seat law impact my driving record?

Probably not. The violation will be documented, but it will not result in any points on your license.
It’s not as serious as a speeding ticket, for example, so it won’t impact your driving record.
Still, that doesn’t mean that car seat laws are to be taken lightly. Each time you don’t follow them, you put a child’s life at risk.
Key Takeaway Violating Indiana’s car seat laws won’t earn you any points on your record, but make sure you follow them to protect the children in your car.

How breaking car seat laws can impact insurance in Indiana

Breaking the car seat law in Indiana won’t add any points to your license, so your insurance won’t likely increase.
However, if you continue to make mistakes or if the minor infractions start to add up, you become more of a risk to your insurance carrier. If that happens, you can expect your premiums to rise.
For safety and legal purposes, make sure to follow the law.
Additionally, if you don’t pay the $25 fine, your credit score could take a hit. In some states, that can lead to an insurance hike.

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