Jerry Insurance Review

A licensed broker that offers end-to-end support, the free Jerry app gathers affordable quotes, helps you switch plans, and even cancels your old policy for you.
Written by Jessica Barrett
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Updated on Dec 12, 2022
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Jerry is a handy insurance comparison shopping app and your pocket insurance broker for life!
Time for an important talk—you’re probably paying too much for
car insurance
If you’re ready to find out how much you could be saving, download
. A licensed broker, Jerry handles all the hassle that usually comes with purchasing insurance—from gathering quotes and finalizing your purchase to canceling your old policy.
The signup process takes roughly 45 seconds—and only includes questions you’ll know off the top of your head (that means no rifling through that shoebox of documents under your bed).
Jerry uses the handful of simple answers to collect information from your previous insurance policies and generates competitive quotes with similar or better coverage. The best part? The average driver saves $879 on car insurance! … Oh, and it’s 100% free to use.
And to make sure you always have the lowest rate, Jerry sends you new quotes each time your policy is up for renewal. It’s this level of service that earned Jerry's
trustworthy super app
a rating of 4.7/5 in the App Store and made it the #1 insurance comparison app in the country.
Compare auto insurance policies
No spam or unwanted phone calls · No long forms · No fees, ever

How Jerry works

Finding insurance is a pain. From completing forms to get
car insurance quotes online
, to dealing with sales calls, to figuring out which provider offers which coverage options. And don’t even get us started about deductibles and add-ons!
Jerry is an easy-to-use app that takes care of the hardest, most time-consuming parts of finding and buying insurance so that you don’t have to (and it’s free to use!). You’ll get a customized policy at a great price without any of the usual hassles.

What does Jerry do?

With Jerry, you’ll never have to fill out any long forms, print paperwork, or make any calls. After answering a few easy questions, Jerry will collect information from your previous insurance policies to get all of your coverage details.
Then, Jerry gets to work providing you with a comprehensive cross-analysis of the best policies from up to 50 insurance providers, including the top names in the industry. All you need to do is pick the one you want and Jerry will take care of everything else!
Every six months, Jerry automatically searches for new, better rates for your coverage so that you’re always getting the best rate for your insurance.
The average Jerry user saves over $800 per year on their car insurance!

What types of insurance does Jerry compare?

Jerry might be known for getting you awesome deals on car insurance premiums, but you can also use Jerry to find loads of other policies, including:

Does Jerry handle renewals?

You bet! Jerry monitors your rates every six months and sends you options when your policy is up for renewal. You can renew your existing policy or switch to a new provider if Jerry finds you a better deal.

What about customer support?

Jerry might be an app, but there’s a whole team of agents with many years of experience who are ready to help you finalize your policy.
Whether you need advice about your coverage, have questions about add-ons, or need to make changes to your policy, Jerry’s agents are at the ready to jump in and offer support.
Key Takeaway Jerry is a licensed insurance broker that shops around to find you the best rates and takes care of finalizing everything for your top pick—for free!

Easily compare insurance from top providers

If you want to compare quotes from different providers, you usually have to go to their websites, complete endless forms, and then deal with pushy sales agents who really want your business.
With Jerry, you can easily compare prices from top insurance companies like
, and more—all at the touch of a button and in less than a minute (really!).
Here’s how much Jerry customers pay with various insurers before and after switching with Jerry:
Insurance company
Before Jerry
After Jerry
State Auto
National General
Key Takeaway Jerry contacts your insurance company to get the details of your current coverage so you don’t have to scale a mountain of questions. You get all the best prices and coverage with none of the legwork!

Find savings no matter where you live

Location is a big factor when it comes to determining your insurance premiums.
Rates vary among states, but also within them. Different accident rates, instances of crime, and weather patterns all contribute to varying levels of risk for insurers—and therefore different insurance rates.
Whether you’re a city dweller or rural dweller, on the east coast or the west, Jerry can help you find savings.
Here’s what drivers in each state save when they get Jerry on their side:
Price before Jerry
Price after Jerry
Savings with Jerry


Is Jerry legit?

Yes! Jerry is a licensed insurance broker and has sold over a million policies! Jerry helps customers save money on their insurance simply by comparing policies and rates among up to 50 different providers.

What does the average person save when switching with Jerry?

The average Jerry user saves $879 per year on their car insurance when switching with Jerry.

What is Jerry’s overall rating?

Jerry is the top-rated
trustworthy insurance comparison app
in the country. It’s rated 4.7/5 in the App Store.

What Jerry users have to say

"So this is my first review on the App Store and I must admit, I never thought it would be for a car insurance app. Literally just put in your phone number, answer a couple of questions, receive an estimate, decide which car insurance works best for you, they send you a message to check back in a bit (took about 5 minutes) and you get your official price on your car insurance. Ended up saving $129 a month so I want to give a big shoutout to Alexis at
for making it all happen for me!"—Sharon M.
"After more than 11 years with one insurance provider and our rates increasing each year (through no fault of ours, they said), we had to look for a cost-savings alternative. Thankfully, we found Jerry. Not only were we able to find another reputable company that would provide the same exact coverage for an annual savings of over $2000, but they made the switching process incredibly easy! Within a day we had not only received our confirmation of new coverage, but they also contacted our previous carrier on our behalf, with our intent to cancel that service. Best part—it was all done with the ease of the
app. Seriously, it was that easy!"—Adam L.
is the new benchmark in app usefulness. Period. It is SO EASY and the results are SO GOOD. I gave very little info, it pulled up all my existing insurance info, and showed me how to get the same insurance for less, lesser coverage for huge savings, or better coverage for about the same I currently pay. I am personally saving around $1,400/year with my new insurance, and the entire process (including follow-ups to sign the docs from the insurance companies) took less than an hour. If you make over $1,400/hour, this may not be worth your time. Otherwise, get the app and use it now!"—Tamara S.
"Clear and concise info, Jerry's customer service is 10/10. Helped me bundle my home and auto and save money! They even cancel your previous policy!"—Alex T.
"Saw an ad for this app on Instagram and figured I’d give it a go. I have a TERRIBLE driving record and not many places will insure me. I logged onto
and they found my policy with just a few identifying questions. They shopped my rate around and I ended up saving $200/month! Round of applause for Nathan! Thanks, Jerry and thanks Nathan—you got one happy girl!"—Emily K.
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