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Car Insurance for Jeep

On average, Jeep drivers pay ${annualpremium} each year for car insurance. But depending on the model you have, your insurance rates could vary. A Wrangler / Tj Sport costs $1,021 more more per year to insure than a Patriot Sport.
The Jeep brand was first launched in the 1940s, becoming one of the first mass-produced SUVs on the market. Their current product range consists of SUVs that are well-loved for their versatility, offroading capabilities, and durability. The Jeep is an excellent choice for drivers looking for a strong and dependable vehicle that can take them everywhere they could want to go.
If you decide to buy a Jeep, you’ll want to obtain the necessary vehicle insurance to protect your investment.
If you want to save money on car insurance, the Jerry app is a good place to start. A licensed broker, Jerry does all the hard work of finding cheap quotes from the top name-brand insurance companies and buying new car insurance. Jerry will even help you cancel your old policy!
Here are some real quotes from Jerry customers who saved money when insuring their Jeep.
Quote DateCarCity, StateZip CodeAgeCarrier
Before Jerry
After Jerry
September 8, 2021Jeep Grand Cherokee LaredoEdinburg, TX7854239Progressive$120/mo.$82/mo.
September 10, 2021Jeep Liberty LimitedColorado Springs, CO8091036Kemper$298/mo.$105/mo.
January 10, 2021Jeep Grand Cherokee LaredoCommack, NY1172528Safeco$256/mo.$131/mo.
September 8, 2021Jeep Compass LatitudeLeague City, TX7757339Progressive$208/mo.$163/mo.
January 4, 2021Jeep Cherokee LatitudeRocky Face, GA3074028Progressive$275/mo.$196/mo.
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Insurance for Jeep models

Even if all Jeeps are of the same make, insurance premiums might vary greatly based on the car’s age and model.

Insurance for Jeep based on the year of the car

If you own an older Jeep, you will pay less for auto insurance than if you purchase new due to depreciation.
A new car loses 23.5 percent of its value in the first year and 60 percent in the first five years, according to Edmunds. If you have to file a claim, the less your car is worth, the less it will cost to repair or replace. This saves you money on your insurance.
Newer automobile owners are more likely to lease or loan their vehicles, necessitating the purchase of comprehensive insurance. Full coverage will always cost more than state-mandated minimum insurance.
According to Jerry’s internal data, the cheapest years for Jeeps are 1993 and 1995.
The most expensive years for Jeeps are 2010 and 2018.
Average Cost
Annual Savings with Jerry
2021$2,711$768Compare Prices
2020$3,196$1,114Compare Prices
2019$3,185$1,173Compare Prices
2018$3,308$1,081Compare Prices
2017$3,112$942Compare Prices
2016$2,926$944Compare Prices
2015$3,031$1,113Compare Prices
2014$3,367$1,166Compare Prices
2013$3,651$1,575Compare Prices
2012$3,062$1,027Compare Prices
2011$3,023$966Compare Prices
2010$3,485$910Compare Prices
2009$2,324$557Compare Prices
2008$2,848$1,052Compare Prices
2007$2,773$870Compare Prices
2006$2,138$633Compare Prices
2005$2,379$694Compare Prices
2004$2,209$507Compare Prices
2003$2,071$593Compare Prices
2002$2,296$821Compare Prices
2001$2,093$519Compare Prices
2000$1,838$657Compare Prices
1999$2,412$823Compare Prices
1998$2,059$644Compare Prices
1997$1,888$774Compare Prices
1996$2,093$883Compare Prices
1995$1,735$715Compare Prices
1994$2,538$899Compare Prices
1993$1,224$402Compare Prices
1990$3,107$1,713Compare Prices
Key Takeaway Older Jeeps are less expensive to fix or replace than newer Jeeps, and since they’re not leased or financed, they have reduced insurance costs.
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Insurance for different models of Jeep

There are several Jeep models, and your insurance rate will range based on which one you have. This is primarily due to variances in the costs of repair and replacement.
More expensive and larger-sized cars, in general, necessitate larger payouts from insurers, which implies higher insurance prices for you.
Because of its large size and high-end amenities, the Grand Cherokee has one of the highest average insurance prices for a Jeep.
A Compass is one of the least costly Jeep models to insure in comparison. Because it’s a compact crossover SUV, it’s less expensive to insure than other SUVs.
If you want to learn more about car insurance costs for some of the most popular Jeep models, check out the links below.
Key Takeaway Your insurance prices are influenced by the model of your car. Insurance normally costs more when a car is more expensive.
Use Jerry to compare the insurance prices of up to 50+ carriers in only 45 secondsFind savings now

Full coverage vs. minimum coverage for your Jeep

Before hitting the road, most states require you to have minimum liability coverage. If you are at fault in an accident, liability insurance covers other drivers and their property.
Minimum coverages typically include:
Coverage typeProtection offered
Bodily injury liability (per person and accident)Pays for the costs associated with the injuries you’ve caused to others
Property damage liability (per accident)Pays for the costs associated with the damage you cause to other people’s vehicles or property
Some states also require uninsured or underinsured motorist protection to cover damages if you’re involved in an accident with an uninsured or underinsured driver.
Other states, including all no-fault states, mandate the purchase of personal injury protection (PIP), which covers your medical expenses and lost wages regardless of who caused the accident.
It is strongly advised that you obtain additional coverages for your Jeep to best protect it. The minimum state-mandated insurance won’t help you safeguard your car in an accident caused by someone else.
Full coverage insurance typically includes:
Coverage typeProtection offered
Collision coverageCovers the costs associated with collisions with another vehicle or object
Comprehensive coverageCovers costs of damages from an event other than a collision, like a weather event, theft, or vandalism.
The average annual insurance premium for a Jeep is $1,601 per year for minimum car insurance and $1,987 for full-coverage insurance. When you consider all makes and models, the average insurance premium in the US is $1,764 per year for minimum car insurance and $2,486 for full-coverage insurance.
Here’s what it costs to insure a Jeep with minimum coverage and full coverage before and after switching with Jerry.
All Coverage Before Jerry
All Coverage After Jerry
Minimum Coverage Before Jerry
Minimum Coverage After Jerry
Full Coverage Before Jerry
Full Coverage After Jerry
All Coverage Before Jerry
All Coverage After Jerry
Minimum Coverage Before Jerry
Minimum Coverage After Jerry
Full Coverage Before Jerry
Full Coverage After Jerry
A more expensive car, like with most makes, will be more expensive to insure. Jeep insurance premiums are comparable to, if not lower than, similar brands like Ford and Dodge.
If you’re comparing the prices of insurance for similar cars, here are the insurance costs for other brands:
Use Jerry to compare the insurance prices of up to 50+ carriers in only 45 secondsFind savings now

What impacts your insurance costs for Jeep

While the car’s model, age, and type of insurance will determine some baseline insurance costs, providers will also consider your individual demographics and other variables when setting your rates.

The model of Jeep you drive

The model of your automobile has a significant influence on your insurance prices. As previously said, selecting a smaller car such as the Compass will decrease your insurance premiums compared to a larger SUV like the Grand Cherokee. However, even for the same model, your insurance might differ.
Most models come in a variety of trim levels—various types of the same model with different features—and a higher trim might mean higher insurance costs.
For example, here’s what insurance you might want to consider for a Cherokee.
TrimFeaturesRecommended coverageReason for coverage
Cherokee LatitudeThe base trim for the Cherokee features a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine, nine-speed automatic transmission, and Selec-Terrain management system.Towing and Labor coverageTowing and labor coverage will protect you your Cherokee ever breaks down or leaves you stranded.
Cherokee LimitedThe top-of-the-line trim includes a 400 horsepower engine and has an all-wheel-drive option. It also includes an updated infotainment system and driver controls.New car replacement insuranceIf your Jeep is totaled soon after purchase, this insurance entitles you to receive the full market value of your vehicle (rather than the diminished real cash worth).

Your insurance company

With so many insurance companies to choose from, you might think that sticking with the one you’ve always used is the simplest way to insure your Jeep—but this isn’t necessarily the case.
Because different insurers charge varying prices for the same driver and policy, comparing quotes is your best chance for finding the best Jeep insurance company.
Comparing prices might take a long time and be tedious—especially if you’re doing all of your own research for insuring your Jeep. This is where Jerry can work wonders.
Jerry is the easiest and most effective way to find a car insurance policy that is customized for you.
After providing you with a comprehensive cross-analysis of the best policies across providers, Jerry will handle the phone calls, paperwork, and renewals for your top pick so that you don’t have to.
Here’s what Jeep drivers paid for car insurance before and after switching with Jerry:
Insurance Company
Average Cost
Annual Savings with Jerry
Dairyland$3,793$1,546Compare Prices
Kemper$3,433$1,456Compare Prices
National General$3,104$1,133Compare Prices
Safeco$3,241$1,083Compare Prices
State Auto$2,952$1,042Compare Prices
Allstate$3,044$996Compare Prices
Travelers$2,785$939Compare Prices
Nationwide$2,634$933Compare Prices
Progressive$2,733$839Compare Prices
Use Jerry to compare the insurance prices of up to 50+ carriers in only 45 secondsFind savings now

Your age

Your age is one of the most important characteristics that insurers consider when determining your insurance rates.
Young drivers, on average, pay substantially more for insurance than older drivers. Younger drivers with less driving experience are frequently classified as high-risk drivers by insurance companies, which charge higher premiums based on the chance of a claim.

Your driving record

Infractions and a poor driving record might also have a substantial impact on your rate.
Providers will identify you as a high-risk driver if you have a history of offenses. Multiple minor infractions, such as traffic tickets, or a single major offense, such as a DUI, can raise insurance costs.
Even if you have a bad driving record, you might be able to save money on Jeep insurance by improving your driving skills or enrolling in defensive driving classes.
Here are some common insurance premiums for Jeep drivers with previous infractions:
Use Jerry to compare the insurance prices of up to 50+ carriers in only 45 secondsFind savings now

Where you live

Your location has a bigger impact on your insurance rate than you might think. Accidents, crime, and natural disasters occur at various rates in different places. As a result, Jeep insurance premiums might vary greatly from city to city, even within the same state.
It all boils down to how much risk your insurance company is ready to accept. You should expect to spend extra on your insurance if your city has a lot of car thefts, collisions, or extreme weather events.
Additionally, inclement weather also can impact insurance rates for your Jeep. If you live in an area that is prone to hail storms, blizzards, or hurricanes, your provider is more likely to need to make multiple payouts at once. It will cost more to insure your Jeep accordingly.
According to our data, there is a high percentage of Jeep drivers in cities including Atlanta (GA), Fort Worth (TX), Charlotte (NC), Houston (TX) and Phoenix (AZ).
The cheapest car insurance for Jeep for Jerry users is in Spring Hill (TN) and Porterville (CA).
The most expensive car insurance for Jeep for Jerry users is in Ozone Park (NY) and Amityville (NY).
Regardless of where you live, your demographics, or the Jeep model you drive, Jerry can help you find the best car insurance premiums.
Jerry is a free insurance comparison app that compares the best rates from over 50 different insurance companies. Once you’ve decided on the coverage that’s best for you, Jerry will walk you through the rest of the process, including filling out any paperwork and canceling your existing insurance.

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