How to Report Dangerous Driving

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If you need to report dangerous driving, you can do so anonymously by calling 911, contacting the police through their non-emergency line, or filing a report once you get home.
Dangerous drivers put everyone on the road at risk. By reporting them to the authorities, you’re helping to keep roads safe.
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And in case you do encounter a reckless driver, here’s everything you need to know about how to report dangerous driving.
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Assess the situation

Take note of your surroundings and determine whether the situation is truly serious.

Is the other driver exhibiting dangerous driving?

You should report drivers who appear to be dangerously weaving between cars, ignoring traffic signs, swerving, raging, or tailgating.
Other signs of dangerous driving include:
  • Drifting between one or multiple lanes
  • Street racing with other drivers
  • Driving way below or above the speed limit
Each of these poses a tremendous risk to you, other drivers, and pedestrians. Try to keep your distance while sharing the road with a dangerous driver.
Key Takeaway If you notice driving that poses a danger to you or others, keep your distance and prepare to report it.

Gather evidence

When you make a report, the more “evidence” you have on hand the better. If you’re alone, try to memorize as much about the situation as you can. If someone is with you, ask them to jot down notes.

Note the other car’s appearance

Memorize or write down the car’s color, make, and model. Include any bumper stickers or other notable features. If you can, take note of the following details:
  • License plate state
  • Number of doors
  • Tinted windows
  • Number of passengers

Record the license plate number

Ask a car passenger to take a picture or write down the license plate number. If you’re alone, don’t attempt to write the plate information down. Do not risk your life to get this information.

Don’t follow the car!

Following the car can prove to be dangerous. Collect whatever information you need from your vantage point and keep your distance from the driver. Let the police handle the reckless driver and you keep yourself safe.

Place a camera on your dashboard

In the future, consider putting a camera on your dashboard to make reporting reckless driving easier. Any information you record can be turned in to the police.
You can purchase a camera online or mount your phone to your dashboard. Apps like Nexar can turn your phone into a dashcam.
Key Takeaway Gather as much information as you can about the situation to help authorities locate the driver.

Contacting the police

When the matter is a serious traffic and safety violation, contact the police. Remember: you do not need to report minor traffic offenses.

Ask a car passenger to file a report

Have the passenger call the police and provide the information you collected, as well as your location. Do not talk on the phone while driving; this endangers you and other drivers.

Pull over and report the car yourself

If you don’t have a passenger, pull over when it’s safe to do so and make the call yourself. A wide shoulder or parking lot are safe spaces to stop and make your call.

Dial 911

If people are in immediate danger, call 911. Let the operator know where you last saw the car and give them the information you collected.
Here’s an example of what you could say:
“I need to report a reckless driver. A blue mustang with Missouri tags is recklessly swerving in between lanes and tailgating people on ABC Street. The car almost hit me and three other cars.”

Call the police non-emergency number

If there isn’t immediate danger, call the non-emergency number. Again, give them the information you collected so they know what to look for.
You can find your state’s non-emergency police number online. Some states also have a specific line to report reckless driving.
Key Takeaway Do not endanger yourself when reporting another driver. Always pull over in a safe spot before making your call.
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Making a report at home

Reporting a driver at home is simple. If you encounter a reckless driver but the situation is not an emergency, you can wait until you’re home to file a report.

Report the driver to a national database

If you have the license plate of the offending driver, you can report them using Report Dangerous Drivers. You can also use the Nexar app to report a reckless driver.

Report through your local police

Check your county or city website, or that of your local police, for instructions on how to report bad driving.
If they have an area for you to file a report or even an email address, send them the information you gathered, including any pictures or video.

Contact the DMV ||| DMV

If you know someone who is a reckless driver, you can contact the DMV and request that they be reexamined for driving. There may be an email address or online form you can use to report the driver.
You’ll want to have some key information on hand to make the report:
  • Driver’s name
  • Reason for examination
  • Your relationship with the driver
  • Driver’s license plate number or license number, if you know it
Key Takeaway You can report the driver from home online or by email.

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Is there any point in reporting dangerous driving?

Yes, it helps keep you and others safe. By reporting dangerous drivers, you’re ensuring your safety and possibly preventing a dangerous situation.

Can you report dangerous driving anonymously?

Yes. You don’t have to identify yourself when you contact the police—either the emergency or non-emergency lines. If you fill out a bad driving report online and the name or number field isn’t required, you don’t have to provide that information. The Nexar app also reports drivers anonymously.
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