Iowa Motorcycle Helmet Laws

Iowa does not currently have laws that require motorcycle drivers or passengers to wear a helmet. However, you should still do so for your safety.
Written by Holden Easterbrook
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
There are no laws in Iowa requiring drivers or passengers to wear helmets while on a motorcycle. However, you should still wear one to protect yourself in the event of an accident.
Motorcycles have been an icon of freedom, individuality, and toughness for decades, but there’s a darker side to them as well. The
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
estimates that a staggering 14% of traffic fatalities were due to motorcycle accidents in 2019—and that is with 47 states requiring the use of motorcycle helmets.
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Do you have to wear a motorcycle helmet in Iowa?

Iowa does not require drivers or passengers on motorcycles to wear helmets.
While nearly every state has some sort of motorcycle helmet law, Iowa,
New Hampshire
, and
are the exceptions. However, that doesn’t mean that the laws won’t change in the near future.

Why it’s important to wear a motorcycle helmet

Your brain is your most important organ, and the only way to properly protect it while on a motorcycle is by wearing a helmet.
To help put things into perspective, Iowa and the other states that do not require the use of helmets see 57% of motorcyclists killed every year not wearing one. For the rest of the nation, that same statistic drops to 9% when there is some sort of helmet requirement. 
According to the NHTSA, hundreds of lives are saved every year as a result of helmet use.

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