Indiana Windshield Replacement Law

While Indiana windshield replacement law does not require your insurance company to offer a replacement free of charge, some companies still offer comprehensive coverage.
Written by Meaghan Branham
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
According to
windshield replacement law, car insurance companies are not required to cover windshield replacement in their comprehensive insurance policies. While some insurance companies may have a zero deductible for glass repair and replacement, it is not legally necessary that they do this.
When you’re considering what you need from your insurance coverage, glass replacement may be the furthest thing from your mind. In Indiana, though, you may want to give these policies a more careful look. Not all insurance companies offer free windshield replacement, and your out-of-pocket costs may be as much as $500. 

Does Indiana law cover windshield replacement?

In Indiana, the law does not require insurance companies to cover free windshield replacement, even in their
comprehensive coverage
While some states have laws that require car insurance providers to offer zero-deductible glass repair or replacement in their comprehensive coverage, Indiana has no such rule. Instead, insurance providers here may offer this service, but it depends on the company and policy you choose
If you do purchase a comprehensive coverage policy that includes this all-expenses-paid windshield protection, there may still be some limits. As long as the damage is caused by something listed in the comprehensive coverage terms, it will most likely be covered.
In most cases, that means non-collision-related events like:
  • Vandalism
  • Flying rocks or debris
  • Fallen tree branch
  • Animal contact
If you have zero-deductible windshield replacement included in your comprehensive coverage, and damage is caused by one of those events, you will most likely not have to pay out of pocket. However, if the damage is caused by another event like a crash, you are not eligible for the zero-deductible coverage.
If you don’t opt for comprehensive coverage at all, and instead carry only the
minimum liability coverage
in Indiana, you may have to pay for the replacement yourself. If you can prove that the other driver was at fault, and they have the correct liability insurance, you may be able to file a claim with their company.
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Who pays for windshield replacement in Indiana?

Ultimately, the answer to the question of who pays for windshield replacement in Indiana depends on what
types of insurance
you have, and what circumstances you are replacing the windshield under. 
If your insurance policy includes comprehensive coverage that specifically allows for a zero-deductible replacement, and your windshield damage was caused by one of the non-collision events listed in your policy, your insurance can foot the whole bill. 
However, if your comprehensive policy does not include that, or if you do not have comprehensive coverage at all, you will be responsible for paying at least part of the cost. 
On average, windshield replacement costs anywhere from $150 to $500, while repairs can cost anywhere from $50 to $200

Does Indiana law require auto insurance coverage for windshield repair?

No, the state of Indiana does not require auto insurance coverage for a windshield repair. 
For one thing, the only insurance required by
Indiana car insurance laws
is the minimum liability insurance, which does not cover windshield replacement at all. 
The only way you might be eligible for free windshield replacement is with comprehensive coverage. In Indiana, though, insurance companies are not required to offer this on even their comprehensive policies.  

Do I need to replace my cracked windshield in Indiana?

Indiana law doesn’t mention anything specifically about cracks in a windshield, but it does prohibit drivers from operating their vehicle if the view is obstructed.
A crack or chip in the glass may be fixed with a quick repair, or you may need a replacement for larger issues. When you take your car in to have it evaluated, they can tell you whether or not a replacement or repair is the best bet.
If your car is less than five years old, you can choose the kind of glass used in the replacement. In Indiana, this may include used, OEM, and aftermarket glass.
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