Idaho Restricted License

The two major types of Idaho restricted licenses are Supervised Instruction Permits for young drivers and hardship licenses for drivers with suspensions.
Written by Macy Fouse
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
In Idaho, there are two types of restricted driver’s licenses: instructional permits and hardship licenses. Restricted licenses allow new drivers and drivers with major violations to drive under certain limitations. 
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What is a restricted license in Idaho?

Idaho has two different kinds of
driver’s licenses
that have restrictions: 
  • Supervised Instruction Permit: As part of the state’s
    Graduated Driver’s Licensing
    teen drivers
    aged 14½ to 17½ have restrictions for safety purposes.
  • Hardship license: If you’ve been charged with a violation that resulted in
    license suspension
    or revocation, you can apply for this license, which allows you to drive with certain stipulations. 

How to get an Idaho driving permit

To obtain a Supervised Instruction Permit (SIP) in Idaho, you have to: 
  • Pass an approved driver’s education class 
  • Fulfill a supervised driving period of at least six months
  • Schedule an appointment with a
    skills tester
  • Pass the written knowledge and road skills exams
  • Pass a vision test
The driver’s ed class must include 30 hours of classroom instruction, six hours of behind-the-wheel instruction, and six hours of in-car observation. To fulfill the supervision period requirements, you must acquire 50 hours of supervised driving, with 10 of the 50 hours being at night.
You can
apply for your permit
at your local DMV, and the license will be valid until age 18
Here’s what you’ll need to bring to your appointment: 
  • Original birth certificate 
  • Photo identification
  • Social Security card or number
  • Proof of Idaho residency
  • Liability signer (birth parent or court-ordered guardian)
  • Verification of school enrollment 
  • Lawful presence documents, if applicable

Restrictions on an Idaho permit

Carrying a driver’s permit in Idaho means a certain level of freedom for teens—but it also comes with certain limitations, like what hours you’re allowed to drive or who can or must be in the car with you. Some of these rules will depend on your age. 
Drivers under 16 can only drive during daylight hours unless accompanied by a licensed driver who is at least 21 years old sitting in the passenger seat. No other passengers are allowed in the front seat. Drivers under 17 are prohibited from having more than one passenger unless they’re related to the driver. 
It’s also strictly required that the driver carry their SIP at all times while driving. Any violations of these guidelines can lead to the cancellation of your permit. 
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How to get an Idaho hardship license

Getting your driver’s license suspended or revoked can majorly disrupt your life, and it can be a headache to
get it reinstated
. Most times, you’ll have to wait out the entire suspension period while relying on rides from friends or public transportation. 
However, there are
certain circumstances
where you may be eligible for a hardship license (called a Restricted Driving Permit/RDP in Idaho). Some of these include:
  • Being over 17 years old when cited for the offense
  • Having a valid, non-expired Idaho license
  • Not having more than three alcohol- or drug-related license suspensions within the past five years
  • Not having your license suspended or revoked more than three times in the last three years
  • Not having an RDP within the last two years for a similar offense
  • Meeting any reinstatement requirements 
To apply for an RDP, you must: 
  • Have completed at least 30 days of your license suspension period
  • Sign and date the
    driver’s agreement 
  • Acquire your employer’s or school administrator’s signature for work/school verification
  • Pay the $60 Restricted Driving Permit Fee
If you qualify, you can
apply for an RDP
through your local DMV or mail it to the following address: 
Idaho Transportation Department 
DMV Operations—Restricted Permits 
PO Box 34
Boise, ID 83731-0034
Students ages 14 to 16 could also be eligible for a hardship license in small school districts without access to school bus services. 

Restrictions on an Idaho hardship license

An Idaho RDP will allow you to drive under strict conditions—you can’t just drive anywhere at any time. You could be granted a hardship for either employment, education, or health purposes. However, the exact restrictions on your hardship are often decided on a case-by-case basis. 

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