How to Get a Utah Driver’s License Reinstatement

A Utah driver’s license reinstatement usually costs between $35 and $65, but the procedure can take weeks or years depending on the original offense.
Written by Amber Reed
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
If your
driver’s license has been suspended
, getting it reinstated could be as simple as going to your local DMV to show proof of insurance or pay an overdue fine. In the case of a more serious offense, you may need to complete a defensive driving course or retake the DMV driving exam before you can get your license back.
  • If you live in the state of Utah and need to get your license reinstated, you can usually expect to pay between $35 and $65.
  • Your suspension or revocation will only be lifted once you’ve met all the requirements of the court.
  • Once all of the conditions are met, you may be able to clear your suspension by paying any fines or administrative fees and calling the Utah Department of Public Safety.
  • A license suspension on record will be bad news for your
    Utah car insurance costs

Why you might need a license reinstatement in Utah

Utah Department of Public Safety
can suspend your license for a variety of driving and non-driving offenses. These include
driving without insurance
, excessive moving violations,
driving under the influence
, and more.
Once your driver’s license suspension period is over, you don’t automatically get your driving privileges back. Before you can hit the road again, you’ll need to pay your reinstatement fees, submit the required paperwork, and verify that any court-ordered conditions have been met. 
If you aren’t sure if you need a license reinstatement, you can call (888) 353-4224 or
check your driving record
online through Utah’s Department of Motor Vehicles—Driver’s License Division (DMV DLD).

How to get a license reinstatement in Utah

There are several ways to get a suspended license reinstated in Utah. The exact steps you’ll need to take depend on the severity of your violation, but most drivers will need to complete the required paperwork and pay a
reinstatement fee
of $35 or $65. 
Depending on the citation, you may be able to clear your suspension over the phone by calling the Utah Department of Public Safety at 888-353-4224.
Some drivers will also be required to take a
defensive driving course
, enroll in a state-approved traffic school, provide
proof of insurance
, or re-take the driving exam. If you need to reapply for a Utah driver’s license, you’ll need to schedule a
reinstatement appointment
with the Utah Driver License Division.
Key Takeaway: The steps to getting your driving privileges back depend on your violation, but in some cases, you can get your license reinstated by simply submitting paperwork and paying the required fees. 

How to get a limited license in Utah

If you get caught driving in Utah with a suspended or revoked license, you could earn a large fine or even jail time. 
But since getting around without a car can make life difficult, Utah permits some drivers with suspensions to apply for a limited license (also known as a hardship license or restricted license). This type of driver’s license allows you to legally drive to and from school or work during your suspension period. 
Drivers whose license suspension was the result of a traffic violation can apply for a
limited license
through the Utah Department of Public Safety. To be approved for a limited license, you’ll need to submit the following:
  • Proof of undue hardship
  •  A letter from your employer or school confirming your schedule
  • A letter of recommendation from the judge that issued your latest traffic violation
  • All associated reinstatement and license fees
You are permitted to apply for a limited license after a
drug or alcohol violation
once you have been violation-free for one year. In addition to the regular limited license requirements, you will also have to submit written verification from your doctor stating that you are able to drive. 
You’re not eligible for a limited license if you have a record of drug crimes or felonies with a vehicle, a
that resulted in injury or death, or have two
reckless driving
charges within a 12-month period.

You may need to have your insurance file an SR-22 form

You might need an SR-22 certificate if your Utah driver’s license has been suspended or revoked. These certificates, which you can file for through your insurance provider, act as legal proof that you’ve met Utah’s minimum insurance requirements. 
You might be required to file
a Utah SR-22 certificate
for the following offenses:
  •  Driving while uninsured
  •  A DUI or DWI conviction
  • Dangerous driving
  • Driving with a suspended license
Although it’s usually inexpensive to file for an SR-22, driving with an SR-22 certificate is guaranteed to lead to a substantial increase in your insurance premium. 

How to save money on car insurance in Utah

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