How to Get a South Dakota Driver’s License Reinstatement

A South Dakota driver’s license reinstatement usually costs between $50 and $200, but you may have to retake exams.
Written by Macy Fouse
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Having your South Dakota driver’s license reinstated can sometimes be as simple as paying the reinstatement and license application fees—but more serious offenses come with more reinstatement requirements. For a revoked license, you’ll have to retake the driving exams and vision test to get your license back. 
When you lose your driving privileges, your top priority is likely getting them back. Sometimes all you have to do is pay a reinstatement fee and you’re good to go, but some places have stricter processes. Reinstatement regulations vary depending on the severity of your offense and depending what state you’re in. 
In South Dakota, a driver’s license reinstatement usually costs $50 to $200, but the rules can get a bit complex. That’s why
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Why you might need a license reinstatement in South Dakota

According to the
South Dakota Department of Public Safety
(DPS), your license may be suspended or revoked for several different reasons. A suspended license could be the result of accumulating too many points on your driving record. You can also have your license revoked for driving under the influence (
Even when your suspension or revocation period is over, you won’t automatically gain your driving privilege back. In South Dakota, you’ll have to fulfill specific requirements before you can drive again. 
When your South Dakota license is suspended, you won’t automatically regain your driving privilege just because the suspension period is over. In South Dakota, they consider each case on an individual basis, so your restoration requirements will vary. 
If you’re unsure of the status of your license, you can check online at the
South Dakota DPS website

How to get a license reinstatement in South Dakota

By and large, the route to reinstatement in South Dakota will require you to pay a reinstatement fee and the application fee to apply for a new driver’s license. You’ll also have to pass a vision, knowledge, and driving test again if your license was revoked.
The reinstatement fee will be anywhere from $50 to $200, and your reinstatement application fee will cost $28


If your South Dakota license was revoked, you’ll need to start the entire driver’s license process from the beginning. That includes applying for a new license, passing the written and driving exam, and taking a vision test. You’ll also need to pay the reinstatement and application fees, totaling anywhere from $78 to $228 depending on how long your license had been revoked.
Key Takeaway In most cases, you can get your suspended license reinstated by paying the necessary fees. If your license was revoked, you’ll have to go through the process of getting a driver’s license from scratch. 

How to get a hardship license in South Dakota

Most states recognize that it’s difficult to exist without a driver’s license, so they sometimes offer the option to apply for a hardship license, which generally allows you to get to and from work or school even if your license is suspended or revoked. 
South Dakota does offer hardships in the form of restricted work permits for certain drivers, but it depends on your case. If you want to find out if you’re eligible for a restricted work permit, you’ll have to call (605) 773-6883. If you find out you’re eligible, you can
download the application
and mail it to the following address: 
Driver Licensing
118 W Capitol Ave
Pierre SD 57501-2000 

What is an SR-22 certificate?

In the event that your South Dakota driver’s license has been suspended or revoked, you’ll be required to file for an SR-22 certificate for three years to have your license reinstated. An SR-22 certificate acts as legal proof that you meet
South Dakota’s car insurance laws
If you don’t maintain
proof of insurance
or an SR-22, you’ll be charged with a Class 2 misdemeanor which can come with 30 days in jail, a $100 fine, or both. You’ll also likely have your license suspended again.

How to save money on car insurance in South Dakota

After you jump through all the hoops to have your license reinstated, the next priority will be finding the most affordable insurance coverage. With a suspension and SR-22, you can expect your premiums to skyrocket. That’s why it’s important to do a thorough shop through all of your options. 
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