How to Get a Rebuilt Title in the District of Columbia

To get a rebuilt title in the District of Columbia for a car that’s been restored from salvage, get the car inspected, and fill out an anti-theft form.
Written by R.E. Fulton
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Getting a rebuilt title in the District of Columbia is as easy as getting a DC emission and safety inspection, filling out an anti-theft form, and submitting all the paperwork to the DMV’s Southwest Service Center at 95 M Street. 
Rebuilding a vehicle that’s been
and branded as salvage is a great way to breathe new life into a car that was once deemed a loss. It’s also a fun challenge for any car lover! But to get that automotive phoenix back on the road, you’ll need the proper paperwork: a rebuilt title
The procedure for getting a rebuilt title varies from state to state, so
, the trusted broker app for
car insurance
has created a guide to obtaining a rebuilt title in your jurisdiction. If you’re looking to restore a car in the District of Columbia, here’s everything you need to know about the process, and how you can lower your
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What is a rebuilt title?

rebuilt title
indicates that a vehicle was at one time declared a total loss by an insurance company—but it’s now been restored and is safe to drive. 
Rebuilt titles are just one type of branded title. When a car is totaled but a salvage yard decides to fix it rather than destroy it, the DMV can issue the other type of branded title—a
salvage title
. That salvage title only becomes a rebuilt title once all the repairs are complete and the vehicle has been inspected.

Does my car need a rebuilt title?

If you want to drive or sell a car that’s been wrecked or given a salvage title, you’ll need a rebuilt title. Most buyers will be very cautious about buying a car with a salvage title (and rightly so!), but a rebuilt title indicates that the car is road-worthy once again

How to get a rebuilt title in the District of Columbia

To apply for a rebuilt title in the District of Columbia, start by making all the necessary repairs to the vehicle. Whether you do the work yourself or pay a mechanic, you’ll need to make sure that the car can pass a DC emission and safety inspection
Once the car is ready for inspection, take it to the
inspection station
and inform the inspector that you need a salvage inspection
Bring the completed inspection form to the
Southwest Service Center
at 95 M Street along with: 
Key Takeaway Don’t go directly to the Metropolitan Police for your anti-theft inspection. Just submit the form along with other paperwork to the DMV service center on M Street. 

How long does a rebuilt title take in the District of Columbia?

The time to issue a rebuilt title in the District of Columbia varies. Once your application is approved, you’ll be notified by text or email, and you’ll have 90 days to register the vehicle. 

Finding cheap car insurance in the District of Columbia

Once you’ve got your rebuilt title in hand, it’s time to shop for new insurance for your new (old) car! 
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A rebuilt title is a great thing if you’re trying to restore a formerly totaled car for active use since it certifies that the car is safe to drive. However, any kind of branded title (including a rebuilt title) indicates that the car was once totaled. This means that it’s ultimately more likely to have mechanical problems down the road. 
If you’re selling a car with a rebuilt title in DC, expect some buyers to be cautious. If you’re considering buying a car with a rebuilt title, get all the information you can about the vehicle—but know that you could be getting a good deal on a serviceable car!
The fee for a salvage inspection, which must be paid upon registering the car, is $35 for a privately owned vehicle.
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