How to Get a Rebuilt Title in Alaska

To get a rebuilt title in Alaska, you will need to get a salvage title, repair the vehicle, and pay a rebuilt title application fee of $10.
Written by Tiffany Leung
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
To get a rebuilt title in Alaska, you will need to acquire a salvage title and repair the vehicle. You can then apply for a rebuilt title with a $10 application fee. 
A totaled car is often sent to the salvage yard as the repairs would cost more than what the vehicle is worth. When this is the case, the car will be written off by the insurance company and the policyholder will get paid instead. In some cases, a totaled vehicle can be repaired and the owner can apply for a rebuilt title.
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What is a rebuilt title?

rebuilt title
indicates that the car was once written off as a total loss by an insurer but is now restored to its working condition. It is also certified to be safe to drive. 
To get a rebuilt title, you will first need to apply for a salvage title. This title indicates that the car was severely damaged, inoperable, and deemed a total loss. The salvage title
can be replaced
when the vehicle is restored to a drivable condition.
In Alaska, a salvage title is issued by the Alaska DMV. The owner can then decide whether they want to reconstruct their car. If they do, they must apply for a reconstructed salvage title.

Does my car need a rebuilt title?

If you plan to sell or drive a once-totaled car, you will need a rebuilt title. However, if you don’t want to rebuild your car, it can be sold with a salvage title to those who want to fix it up themselves. Buyers are often recommended to avoid cars with salvage titles so the car may be harder to sell. 
Getting a rebuilt title doesn't mean the car’s damage history gets cleared, but buyers would be more reassured to buy the car since a licensed inspector has certified that the car is repaired and deemed safe to drive. A rebuilt title is also necessary for a previously-totaled car to be legal on the roads. 

How to get a rebuilt title in Alaska

Getting a rebuilt title in Alaska will require a lot of time and financial commitment. Rebuilding a car can be rewarding but costly, and you would still need to wait for the rebuilt title to be issued. 

Apply for the salvage title 

In Alaska, you do not need to apply for the salvage title. It is issued to the vehicle owner if their vehicle is damaged and deemed salvaged. 

Make the necessary repairs to your vehicle

As soon as the salvage title arrives, you can choose to make all the necessary repairs yourself or you can take the car to a licensed mechanic. 
The mechanical parts that must be repaired for the car to be street legal include:
  • Vehicle operation and body condition
  • Head, tail, and brake lights
  • Windshield and defrost system
  • Steering system
  • Foot and emergency brakes

Essential documents for a rebuilt Alaska title

After the car is restored, you will need to set up an inspection appointment with an Alaska DMV representative to get the car assessed.
Since the inspection needs to be performed by a DMV representative, you can apply for the rebuilt title in person at your local DMV branch.
You’ll need to provide the following documents for the inspection: 
  • Completed Application for Title and Registration (
    Form 812
  • Completed Reconstructed Vehicle Affidavit (
    Form 829
    ), notarized
  • Completed Verification of Vehicle Inspection (
    Form 811
  • Original titles from all motor vehicles used in the reconstruction
  • Bills of sale and invoices for the major parts that have been used in the reconstruction
  • Lien release (if applicable)
  • Pay the required fees

How long does a rebuilt title take in Alaska?

There isn’t a specific timeframe for your reconstructed salvage title in Alaska and can vary widely. A major factor affecting the length of time is how long it will take to complete all the necessary repairs to the salvaged vehicle. 

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This will depend on the rebuilt car you buy. A rebuilt title in Alaska indicates that the car was inspected and certified to be street legal and safe to drive. The benefit is that you can get a much better deal for the car, but also keep in mind that rebuilt cars may have more issues in the long run compared to a vehicle that isn’t rebuilt. If possible, you can ask your mechanic for advice on the reconstructed car you plan to buy.
Getting a rebuilt title in Alaska will cost $10. However, there are also additional fees depending on the county you are in, the type of vehicle, and the vehicle model year.
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