How to Get a Mississippi Driver’s License Reinstatement

Usually, you can get your Mississippi driver’s license reinstated by paying a $100 fee, but the process can cost more and take longer for severe offenses.
Written by Samuel Todd
To get your
Mississippi driver’s license
reinstated, you’ll have to clear your record, pay a court fine, and pay a reinstatement fee. Usually, the fee will range from $25 to $100, but it can cost as much as $175 for certain offenses.
  • In some cases, you might not have to wait long to reinstate your
    driver’s license—but, for more serious offenses like DUIs, you could face a longer suspension period.
  • Some offenses may also require that you enroll in an alcohol safety education program before you can reinstate your license.
  • The offense that led to your license suspension or revocation will affect the steps you need to take to restore your driving privileges.

Why you might need a license reinstatement in Mississippi

Mississippi Department of Public Safety
(MDPS) can
suspend your driver's license
for a variety of reasons. It could be for something as simple as getting too many traffic tickets, which would land you a relatively short license suspension. Serious offenses, like DUIs or
reckless driving
, might come with jail time and a suspension of a year or more.
Unfortunately, you can’t just wait for your driver’s license suspension to run out and then hop back on the road like nothing happened—you’ll usually have to submit some paperwork and pay a few fees before your license is active again.
If you aren’t sure whether your license is suspended, you can
check your driving record online
through the MDPS.

How to get a license reinstatement in Mississippi

The steps to have your driving privileges reinstated in Mississippi will largely depend on whether your license was suspended or revoked, as well as the circumstances that led to that consequence. 
Both processes will typically include:
  • Satisfying court requirements
  • Paying applicable fees
  • Submitting paperwork
  • Waiting for your clearance letter

How to reinstate your driver’s license after a suspension

First things first: If your violation came with any prison time, you’ll need to serve that time and satisfy any other court requirements.
Next, depending on the nature of your suspension, you might have to enroll in an
alcohol safety education program
or take a
defensive driving course
to help clear your record. This can expedite the process of getting you behind the wheel again.
Then, it’s time to pay the
MDPS reinstatement fee
. Though the exact fine will depend on why your license was suspended in the first place, here’s a list of what you can expect to pay:
  • Suspension citation: $100
  • FTA (failure to appear) or FTP (failure to pay) reinstatement: $100
  • DUI reinstatement: $175
  • Child support reinstatement: $25
  • Judgment reinstatement: $100
  • Drugs reinstatement: $175
Finally, you’ll have to wait for the MDPS to receive confirmation from the court that you’ve satisfied all the requirements. This could take a few weeks, so be patient! To speed up the process, you can mail your Court Abstract form to the DPS:
Driver Records Division/Reinstatement
1900 E. Woodrow Wilson Drive
Jackson, MS 39216
Once you’ve taken the above steps and the MDPS confirms that your record is all good, they’ll send you a clearance letter to let you know.

How to reinstate your driver’s license after a revocation

If your license is revoked rather than suspended, you’ll have to follow a similar process. However, because revocations are more severe than suspensions, you’ll need to reapply for your license, which can take some extra time.
Additionally, you might have to wait for an investigation into your license revocation—if you committed a serious violation like vehicular manslaughter, it’s best to consult with a lawyer and the MDPS to know which steps you should take.
Key Takeaway Usually, you can get your license reinstated by satisfying court requirements and paying a few fees, but you might need to take an alcohol safety or driver safety course as well.

How to get a hardship license in Mississippi

Generally, there are two stages to the process of getting a hardship license in the state of Mississippi: 

Stage one: Get your court order

If you can demonstrate to the court that you won’t be able to keep working without the hardship or restricted license, they can give you permission for one. 
You’ll need independent documentation and a letter from the
Mississippi Department of Human Services
that recommends you for a hardship license.

Stage two: Apply for your hardship license

Once you’ve got the court order, you should take it to a driver’s licensing location, along with an application for a hardship license. Then, the MDPS will grant you your hardship license, giving you permission to operate a motor vehicle under specific circumstances. 
If it looks a bit strange, that’s normal! Hardship licenses are meant to look different from regular licenses.
As long as you’ve followed the steps listed above, you’re good to go, unless:
  • Your license was suspended in accordance with
    Mississippi DUI laws
    and this isn’t your first offense
  • You refused to submit a chemical test when ordered by law enforcement
If you’re a minor, you might have to complete an alcohol or drug abuse treatment program before you can get your hardship license.

What is an SR-22 certificate?

If your license was suspended for refusing a chemical test or if you caused more than $500 worth of property damage without proper insurance, you’ll likely need to file for an
Though it’s sometimes called “SR-22 insurance”, an
SR-22 in Mississippi
is actually just legal proof that you’ve met the state’s
minimum insurance laws
. Once you’ve held the SR-22 for three years with good behavior, you’re good to go. 
Filing an SR-22 isn’t too expensive—it usually costs about $25—but be aware that the offense that led to the SR-22 requirement will likely cause a big jump in your monthly auto insurance payment. 
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