How Long Is a Ford Ranger?

Will the mid-size Ford Ranger fit in your parking space? Find out with this guide from Jerry.
Written by Mary Alice Morris
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
While the Ford Ranger doesn’t offer all the various configurations you’ll find in other Ford models like the
Ford F-150
, it’s still a popular and versatile mid-size pickup truck. The 2022 model year has launched a new Ranger generation with a standard overall length of 210.8 inches.
Today’s Ford Ranger is a lot bigger and longer than those made prior to 2019, so if you’re eyeing a new one you’ll want to make sure it fits in your garage or parking space before you buy. You can get those dimensions easily with
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comparison shopping app and licensed broker. Check out this guide to the length of the new Ranger and learn how to cut down your
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How long is a Ford Ranger?

Although the range of variation isn’t too big, sometimes every centimeter counts when you’re trying to park your truck. Determining the length of the Ford Ranger you want will depend on a few things: the
trim level
, the cab size, and the pickup bed box size
Don’t start sweating—we have those dimensions broken down for your pretty easily based on the cab size you select. The Ranger offers limited configuration options, so if you want the
® cab size, it must be married to a 5-foot pickup bed. If you want the
® cab size, it’s married to the 6-foot pickup bed.

SuperCrew® cab size

You can find the SuperCrew® cab, which is the larger of the two cab options, on the
, XLT, and Lariat trim levels. All of these trims have a 5-foot pickup bed, and they all measure 210.8 inches long whether you get all-wheel drive or front-wheel drive.

SuperCab® cab size

While the SuperCrew® offers four full-size doors, the SuperCab® has rear doors that are a little smaller and open in the opposite direction than the front doors. There’s also just a little less space, but still plenty of room for backseat passengers. 
SuperCab® configurations are available on all the same trim levels as the SuperCrew®, and they’re all 210.8 inches long as well. The smaller cab doesn’t make the truck any shorter because it’s paired with a 6-foot-long pickup bed. 

Special and limited edition packages

The 2022 Ford Ranger also has a couple of special editions, including the limited edition Splash and the off-road Tremor. The Splash is only available on the XLT trim level with the SuperCrew® cab configuration, and the Tremor can be purchased with the XLT or Lariat trim level with 4WD. Both measure 210.8 inches long

Will your Ford Ranger fit in your garage?

The longest Ford Ranger, which was produced in the prior generation’s lineup, measured 212.2 inches long, or about 17.75 feet long. The 2022 model year is close to 17.5 feet long. Any model years before the 2019 redesign are going to be shorter than the modern Ford Ranger.
So, this gives you a range to consider when you’re evaluating your parking space. With today’s Ranger measuring close to 17.5 feet long, you’ll have plenty of room to fit your truck in the standard American garage, which typically measures between 20 and 24 feet deep.
If you’ll be using a parking lot, most parking lot spaces offer 18 feet of length, though they can range from 16 to 20 feet long. Streetside parking might be a little tight if you’re parallel parking in a crowded area. These spaces are usually 18 or 19 feet long. This is long enough for any Ford Ranger to fit, but it will take a confident driver to parallel park if the surrounding spaces are filled up. 
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