Does Geico Have SR-22 Insurance?

Geico offers some of the most affordable SR-22 policies for high-risk drivers.
Written by Mary Alice Morris
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Drivers are sometimes required to get
SR-22 insurance
following a serious moving violation, which means your provider files special paperwork on your behalf to prove you’re adequately covered. You can get this kind of coverage from Geico, which offers some of the most competitive SR-22 policy rates. 
Even at competitive rates,
car insurance
tends to cost quite a lot more when an SR-22 is involved. You can expect to pay premiums as much as 18% higher than the typical cost! But shopping for
car insurance quotes online
can help you narrow down the cheapest policy available, whether it’s from Geico or not.  

Does Geico offer SR-22 auto insurance?

Yes, you can get SR-22 insurance from Geico. Geico will
file an SR-22
for you if it’s required by the court after a violation, but you should know ahead of time that it will cost you
SR-22 coverage is typically associated with
high-risk drivers
because this paperwork is usually mandated as a result of a serious moving violation. High risk drivers get higher car insurance rates to offset the risk that the insurance provider takes on by insuring you. 
Further, Geico will charge an extra fee for filing your SR-22. The amount varies by state, but it’s usually around $15 to $25. To find out exactly how much you’ll end up paying, you’ll need to request a quote from Geico. 
Your high-risk policy from Geico will need to meet your state’s
minimum car insurance requirements
, which typically include
liability coverage
. However, some states require a little more, like mandatory
uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage
personal injury protection (PIP)

What is an SR-22 for car insurance?

There really is no such thing as SR-22 insurance. Instead, the SR-22 is a certificate that your state’s division of motor vehicles sometimes requires from drivers who have committed serious traffic violations. 
Filing the SR-22 proves that the driver is keeping up with the financial responsibility of maintaining insurance coverage. It’s one of many possible requirements that drivers have to meet after certain violations, like a
, to continue driving. 
SR-22 filing is also often required for failing to meet certain requirements, like
driving without car insurance
driving without a license
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Does Geico offer non-owner SR-22 insurance?

If you don’t own your own car, you may need to get
non-owner car insurance from Geico
if you still plan to drive. 
Typically car insurance coverage follows the vehicle if you borrow someone else’s car. However, high-risk drivers with an SR-22 filing requirement often need to provide their own non-driver policy as well. 

Does Geico have FR-44 insurance?

Geico does offer
FR-44 insurance
, too. An FR-44 is similar to an SR-22, but it’s only required in
. It sometimes entails more extensive insurance coverage than SR-22 policies. Otherwise, it’s largely the same, and Geico will file the FR-44 paperwork on your behalf for a fee, just as they would an SR-22. 

How much does an SR-22 from Geico cost?

One thing we can say for certain is that getting SR-22 coverage from Geico will cost more than a regular policy. But how much more it will cost can vary quite a bit. 
Your insurance rates are based on many factors besides your driving and violation history. For instance, if you drive an expensive luxury vehicle like an
Audi RS5
and you want
comprehensive coverage
, you’ll pay a lot more than someone driving an older
Ford Ranger
who just buys the minimum liability amount. 
Where you live and your claims history can affect your insurance premium prices, too. Your
credit score
can also make your rates higher or lower. 

Which insurance company has the cheapest SR-22 coverage?

Geico’s SR-22 policy rates are extremely competitive on average, but that doesn’t mean they’ll have the best price for you. Before you decide on a provider, it’s a good idea to compare quotes to see who can offer you the best deal
Besides Geico,
, and
are known to offer competitive prices on SR-22 policies. 
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