Does GEICO Have Good Car Insurance Discounts?

Which car insurance discounts can you get from GEICO—and how much could they lower your insurance costs?
Written by Jason Tushinski
Reviewed by Pat Roache
From discounts for good driving behavior and factory-installed safety equipment in your car to breaks on insurance premiums for military members and federal employees, GEICO offers a slew of car insurance discount options for its customers.
cheap car insurance
isn’t always about finding the lowest quote right off the bat. Talking to an insurance agent is a great way to find unadvertised discounts. And making sure you’re taking advantage of as many as possible is far better than spontaneously uprooting your family to a cheaper ZIP code in a frenzied hunt for a break on your insurance premium. 
So, what car insurance discounts should GEICO customers be on the lookout for? We’ll walk you through GEICO’s discount offerings.

What auto insurance discounts does GEICO offer?

GEICO’s menu of
car insurance discounts
falls into four categories:
  • Vehicle discounts for cars with factory-installed safety equipment and technology
  • Safe driving discounts
    for drivers who demonstrate reliably good driving habits on the road
  • Policy discounts for loyal customers
  • Driver affiliation discounts for those with military, government, or other approved affiliations with GEICO
GEICO will also allow you to stack as many discounts as you qualify to save as much as possible!

GEICO vehicle discounts

GEICO will take your vehicle's make, model, and age into account when setting your premium. For the most part, conventional SUVs with good safety ratings will get the lowest premiums, while
luxury vehicles
and snazzy
sports cars
will get slapped with the highest premiums. That said, there are numerous ways you can lower your overall premium with GEICO vehicle discounts:
  • Airbag discount: If your car has a factory-installed airbag, you could get a discount of up to 23%, which can apply to either your
    medical payments insurance
    {MedPay} or
    Personal Injury Protection
    (PIP) policies.
  • Anti-lock brakes: If your vehicle comes with a factory-installed
    anti-lock brake system
    (ABS), you could be eligible for a 5% discount.
  • Anti-theft system: With a built-in
    anti-theft device
    in your vehicle, you could get up to 23% off your
    comprehensive coverage
    with GEICO.
  • Daytime running lights: With standard daytime running lights in your car, you could be eligible for up to 3% off on certain car insurance coverages.
  • New vehicle: For a new vehicle three years old or newer, you could get up to 15% off on certain coverages.
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GEICO safe driver discounts

Safe driving behaviors make insurers’ hearts sing—and there’s a good chance your insurer will give you a break on your car insurance premium. The following perks are how GEICO rewards its safe-driving customers:
  • GEICO DriveEasy™:
    GEICO’s DriveEasy
    is an optional telematics program that tracks your real-time driving behavior through a smartphone app. If you maintain good driving behaviors, you could receive a discount of up to 25% on your policy.
  • Good student discount: if a student maintains a “B” average or better, they will be eligible for a good student discount, which could net up to 15% savings off most car insurance coverages.
  • Five-year accident-free discount: Stay accident-free for up to five years and eligible drivers can save up to 22% on certain coverages.
  • Driver’s education discount: If a young driver enrolls in and completes a driver’s education course, they may be eligible for a discount on most auto insurance coverages.
  • Defensive driving discount: Taking a state-approved
    defensive driving course
    could net up to a 10% discount on your premium—but discount amounts vary depending on the state you live in.

GEICO policy discounts

If you bundle certain policies with GEICO, you’ll be eligible to get a discount on each of those policies. 
  • Multi-policy discount: Bundle multiple policies with your car insurance—such as
    homeowners insurance
    renters insurance
    , condo insurance, or mobile home insurance—and GEICO may give you a break on each policy.
  • Multi-vehicle policy: By insuring more than one vehicle with GEICO, you can get up to 25% off most auto coverages.

GEICO affiliation discounts

GEICO offers discounts to eligible members of the armed forces and federal government, as follows:
  • Emergency deployment: GEICO offers a discount of up to 25% (pending eligibility) to members of the armed forces that are deployed to “imminent danger zones”.
  • Military discount: Active duty, retired military, National Guard, and Reserves may be eligible for discounts of up to 15% on various car insurance coverages.
  • Federal employee (Eagle Discount): If you’re an active or retired federal employee, you can qualify for GEICO’s Eagle Discount—this can get you a discount of up to 12% of your total car insurance policy.

Does GEICO have good car insurance discounts?

With 15 discounts, GEICO offers competitive car insurance premiums, especially for young drivers, elderly drivers, and drivers with poor credit
However, your eligibility for discounts may vary from one insurer to another, so ask your GEICO agent exactly what you’re eligible for. Don’t be afraid to shop around with at least two other insurers so you can find the best policy, the best premium, and the best discounts for you.
As an example—
tend to offer the best, discounted premiums for drivers that own a home (even if that home is insured by someone else). Other insurers, such as
and American Family, will give you a discount on your auto insurance just by switching over to them.
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Yes, GEICO offers two military discounts. The Military Discount offers up to 15% on certain coverages to all active-duty and retired service members. The Emergency Deployment offers up to 25% discounts to active-duty military members that are deployed to, as GEICO puts it, “imminent danger zones”.
GEICO doesn’t explicitly offer a “seniors discount”, but it does offer numerous discount opportunities that can apply to older drivers, including the defensive driving discount (up to 10% discount), a multi-car discount (up to 25% discount), retired military discount (up to 15% discount), and a five-year accident-free discount (up to 22% discount).
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