Does GEICO Offer Classic Car Insurance?

GEICO is a popular choice for classic car insurance thanks to its affordable rates and lack of appraisal requirements.
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classic car insurance
for vehicles that are at least 25 years old, but there are age exceptions for new exotics, replicas, and other classic vehicles.

GEICO offers classic & collector car insurance

GEICO offers classic car insurance for antique, vintage, and collectible cars. GEICO’s classic car insurance—also known as collector car insurance—offers unique protection for classic vehicles that meet special vehicle standards.
Contrary to common belief, the word “classic” isn’t exclusively reserved for old cars. As defined by GEICO, here are the types of vehicles that qualify for their classic car insurance policies—one or more characteristics must apply: 
  • At least 25 model years older
  • A new exotic car, such as a Bugatti, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, etc.
  • A new replica car, like the Batmobile or the Dukes of Hazzard car
  • A classic vehicle, such as a military vehicle, hearse, fire truck, etc.
In addition, your vehicle must also:
  • Not be your primary transportation—it can only be used for exhibitions, club activities, and occasional pleasure/leisure
  • Be stored and locked in a fully enclosed structure when not in use
If you can check these boxes, you’ll be able to protect your vehicle with a classic car insurance policy from GEICO. Now, let’s take a look at your coverage options.

GEICO classic car insurance coverage options

A classic car insurance policy can have many of the same protections as a standard car insurance policy. Here are the
types of coverage
that are available to GEICO policyholders and their classic cars:
  • Liability coverage
    : This will cover property damage and medical expenses that you owe to others after an accident that is your fault. It is required by law in almost every state.
  • Collision coverage
    : Every time you take your classic vehicle out for a joy ride, you expose it to the risk of other drivers. In the unfortunate event of a collision, this coverage will help reimburse you for repairs.
  • Comprehensive coverage
    : Even though your classic car will be securely in storage most of the time, it can still get damaged—examples include vandalism or natural disasters. Comprehensive coverage allows you to file a claim for non-collision-related events.
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist
    : UM/UIM coverage offers additional financial assistance if the driver who caused an accident involving your classic vehicle doesn’t have the state-required minimum liability insurance. 
  • Roadside assistance
    : If your classic vehicle experiences difficulties on the way to a collectible vehicle exposition, you can get 24/7 reimbursed access to roadside towing and labor services.
  • Medical coverages:
    Medical payments (MedPay)
    personal injury protection (PIP)
    help supplement your health insurance in the event of an accident.
  • Spare parts coverage: Up to $500 coverage for spare parts if you’re restoring your classic car.
Collector car insurance policies are written by American Modern Insurance Group but secured through GEICO.

GEICO classic car insurance costs

Cost is where a classic car insurance policy differs from a standard car insurance policy. 
Since classic cars are rarely exposed to risks, premiums and deductibles are roughly 36% less expensive than standard auto insurance policies (relative to vehicles with the same value).
The big difference: In a car accident that deems the classic car a total loss, the insurance payout will be based on the agreed value—unlike a standard car insurance policy, which bases reimbursement on the actual cash value of the vehicle after depreciation.
With this said, premiums and deductibles will be higher on a classic car with an agreed-upon value of $200,000 than one worth $50,000.
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Before you commit to a classic car insurance policy from GEICO, be sure to compare rates from other providers.
You can view personalized classic car insurance quotes from Hagerty in the Jerry app, then compare your potential costs from GEICO to choose the best classic car insurance policy and rate.

Is GEICO classic car insurance worth it?

GEICO offers fairly low rates for classic car insurance, so it may be worth it if you drive a vehicle that requires special protection. But you shouldn’t get classic car insurance for just any old vehicle—even if it meets one of the previously mentioned requirements. 
If the following describes your vehicle, GEICO classic car insurance could be the right choice:
  • Your vehicle’s rarity, novelty, or historical relevance makes the agreed-upon value high enough above the normal depreciated value that it makes sense to invest in protection
  • Your vehicle is an exotic car that you only drive on occasion—so you still need protection, but not to the extent a standard car insurance policy provides
From a cost-benefit perspective, these are the main scenarios when classic car insurance is recommended.


Are classic car insurance rates cheaper than regular car insurance?

On average, classic car insurance is about 36% less expensive than standard auto insurance (relative to vehicles with similar values). This is because classic cars are driven less and kept in secured locations, making the odds of filing an insurance claim less likely.

What is the difference between a classic car and an antique car?

Classic car owners and insurance providers—GEICO included—will all have a different answer to this question. But the most common consensus is that a classic car is over 20 years old and antique cars are over 45 years old. Furthermore, vintage cars are identified as those built between 1919 and 1930.

What other classic car insurance companies are available?

Auto insurance companies like
also offer classic car insurance. But other less-known providers, like Hagerty and Grundy, specialize in protecting classic cars—so be sure to check out their policies when comparing quotes.

What vehicles are eligible for GEICO classic car insurance?

To qualify for GEICO classic car insurance, vehicles must be at least 25 model years old, a new exotic vehicle (i.e. Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin), a common antique (i.e. Chevy Impala), a new replica car, or a classic military vehicle, fire truck, or hearse.
Additionally, your classic car can’t be your primary vehicle. It must only used for exhibitions, car shows, occasional pleasure, or club activities, and it must be stored in a fully enclosed structure that is lockable.

Can I drive my classic car with GEICO classic car insurance?

Yes, you can still drive your classic car with GEICO classic car insurance—but you can’t use it as your daily commuting vehicle. Classic vehicles should only be used for pleasure driving.

Can you get full coverage from GEICO for a classic car?

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