Does State Farm Offer Non-Owner Car Insurance?

You can buy non-owner car insurance from State Farm—and it will likely cost you less than a standard car insurance policy.
Written by Kianna Walpole
Edited by Jessica Barrett
Reviewed by Brice Regling
State Farm
offers non-owner car insurance policies. If you need an SR-22 to get your license reinstated or if you frequently drive cars you don’t own, a non-owner
car insurance
policy could give you the financial protection you need.

Here’s what State Farm non-owner car insurance covers

A basic State Farm
non-owner car insurance
policy will include:
Collision coverage and comprehensive coverage aren’t available options for a non-owner policy.

When to consider State Farm non-owner car insurance

You might consider buying non-owner auto insurance from State Farm if:
  • You often borrow a vehicle: The vehicle owner will have a standard auto insurance policy that pays out first, but a non-owner policy can offer you additional liability coverage.
  • You use car rentals or car-sharing services: If you often drive rental cars or use car-sharing services like Zipcar, a non-owner policy will afford liability coverage when you’re driving a non-owned vehicle.
  • You’re between vehicles: Maintaining continuous coverage can help you qualify for the lowest auto insurance rates when you eventually purchase another vehicle since you won’t have an insurance coverage lapse on your record.
  • You need to reinstate your driver’s license: Some auto insurance companies offer non-owner policies to
    high-risk drivers
    who no longer have their own car but need to provide
    proof of insurance
    to reinstate their license after a DUI.
While a State Farm non-owner car insurance policy has several benefits, like cheaper premiums and more financial protection, it also has limitations. For example, a non-owner policy will not pay for vehicle repairs for the car you’re borrowing—but it can help protect you against filed claims if you’re at fault in an accident. 

The average insurance cost for State Farm’s non-owner policy vs. traditional coverage

The non-owner car insurance cost with State Farm is $432 per year. In comparison, the average costs of state minimum coverage and full coverage policies with State Farm are $548 and $2,061, respectively.
Keep in mind: While non-owner car insurance is typically cheaper than standard auto insurance, your premiums will depend on factors including your driving record and history, age, credit score, zip code, and coverage limits.

What other insurance companies offer non-owner policies?

Most car insurance companies offer non-owner policies. State Farm is one of the best car insurance companies but you can also find non-owner auto insurance coverage with the following providers:
Be aware: Not all insurance providers work with SR-22s. If you have an SR-22 insurance requirement, you may need to shop around and speak to insurance agents to find a company willing to sell you a non-owner liability policy and file an SR-22.

Is a State Farm non-owner policy right for you?

State Farm might have the most affordable insurance premium for a non-owner policy for you—or it might not. The only way to determine which company is right for you is to compare car insurance quotes from multiple insurers.


Can I insure a car that is not in my name with State Farm?

No, you cannot insure a vehicle that isn’t in your name. There is no vehicle associated with a non-owner policy—it follows the driver. If you have regular access to a vehicle, you are not eligible for a non-owner policy and must be listed on the standard auto insurance policy for that vehicle. 

What are the benefits of non-owner auto insurance?

Along with offering added protection in the event of an accident, non-owner policies are typically cheaper than the standard liability option and can extend to a variety of driver profiles.

Who has the cheapest non-owner policy?

State Farm offers some of the cheapest non-owner car insurance rates—but providers like Progressive and Allstate may also provide great rates. To find the best premium for you, compare quotes from several different insurance companies. 

How can I switch to a non-owner’s policy with State Farm?

If you’re already a State Farm policyholder, you can swap to a non-owner option by calling State Farm’s customer service line or visiting your local branch to speak to a State Farm agent. If you’re a Jerry customer who has a State Farm policy through the app, you can contact a Jerry agent for further assistance.

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