Will State Farm Insurance Cover a DUI Accident

State Farm will likely cover a DUI accident if you weren’t at fault. But if you were intoxicated and you caused the accident, they’ll likely fight the claim.
Written by Sarah Gray
Reviewed by Amy Bobinger
State Farm generally will pay for damages from a DUI-related accident—but you shouldn’t be surprised when your insurance rates skyrocket afterward.
Most of us know that drinking and driving just don’t mix. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop the millions of people who still do it every year. If you choose to drink and drive, and you get into an accident, whether or not you’re at fault will play a big part in determining if your claim is covered by your State Farm
car insurance
To help you understand how a
affects your State Farm Insurance coverage, we’ve created this guide. Read on to find out how coverage works for a DUI accident, how a DUI affects your coverage options and rates, and how long a DUI will stay on your driving record.

Does State Farm Insurance cover DUI accidents?

It depends. Many, if not most, car insurance companies argue that drunk driving is an intentional act. While negligence is covered by your policy, intentional damage is not. 
According to this argument, you knowingly chose to drive drunk. Therefore, damages caused by you, to your own vehicle and passengers or someone else’s, may not be covered by your State Farm policy.
That said, if you're driving drunk, and you’re involved in an accident that’s not your fault, it’s more likely that your insurer will pay for any damages not covered by the other driver’s
liability insurance
Under normal circumstances, if you’re at fault in an accident, your liability coverage will pay for the other driver’s damages. Your
property damage liability
will pay for damage to the other driver’s car, while your
bodily injury liability
will cover medical expenses for the other driver and their passengers. Meanwhile, your
collision coverage
will pay for damage to your own vehicle. 
However, the key word here is “accident.” If you intentionally drive your car into a wall, neither State Farm nor any other auto insurance company will honor an insurance claim for damages—they’re intentional. 
The same can be said for driving while drunk or impaired—if you cause an accident while driving drunk, you may be on the hook for all the expenses that arise from that crash. This could mean thousands of dollars in expenses, not to mention financial losses if you owe more on your car than it’s worth and your accident renders it a total loss. That’s right—even if you have
gap insurance
, if you cause an accident while driving under the influence, the odds of State Farm or any provider covering your losses are slim to none.
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Will your insurance rate go up after a DUI accident?

Yes. Different types of car accidents affect your car insurance rates differently. By far, the type of accident that has the biggest impact on your auto insurance costs is one in which you also receive a DUI. 
Even if you’re not in an accident, your State Farm insurance premiums could more than double if you’re convicted of a DUI. Experts estimate that drivers with a DUI pay an average of 213% more for auto insurance than drivers with a
clean driving record
. Add in an accident, and you’re looking at some breathtaking rate increases.
The consequences of drunk driving go far beyond just an increase in auto insurance rates, though.
The Governors Highway Safety Association
provides a state-by-state breakdown of both alcohol-impaired driving laws and their consequences. For a general idea, take a look at some of the most common repercussions associated with drunk driving, outside of increased insurance rates:
  • Driver’s license suspension: Most states suspend your license for at least a month or more, and some for up to a year. Multiple convictions usually result in increased suspension lengths.
  • Jail time: Some states require mandatory jail time even for a first DUI offense.
  • Ignition Interlock Device (IID): Once you get your license back, you may be required to have an IID installed. If this device detects alcohol on your breath, it prevents you from even starting your car.
  • Job loss or restrictions: DUI convictions can lead to loss of employment, and can also affect your ability to get or maintain employment in the future. This is especially true for jobs that involve driving or operating heavy machinery.
  • Punitive damages: Many states do not allow liability insurance to pay for punitive damages. This means if you’re sued as a result of a drunk driving accident, you may not have to pay for property damage or personal injury, but you will be on the hook for punitive damages if you’re found liable in court.

Can you get State Farm insurance coverage after a DUI?

Yes, State Farm will cover you if you’ve been convicted of a DUI. They’ll even file an
form with the department of motor vehicles (DMV) if your state requires it. But you’ll certainly pay for the privilege—after a DUI conviction, you’ll be labeled a
high-risk driver
, so you’ll be looking at rates that are drastically higher than those of a driver with a clean driving record.
Keep in mind that just because State Farm does offer coverage to drivers with a DUI on their record, that doesn’t mean they’ll offer it to you. If you have multiple DUI and/or DWI convictions on your record, you may be turned down for coverage from State Farm. 
Also, if in addition to your DUI, you also have other significant risk factors, like a low credit score, multiple
citations or tickets
, or a history of nonpayment, you could be denied coverage.

How long does a DUI stay on your driving record?

In most states, a DUI charge will remain on your driving record for 3 to 5 years. However, your driving record is only one thing that’s affected by a DUI. In most states, a DUI is a criminal offense that may carry jail time in addition to fines and fees. Plus, unless it’s eligible for expungement, your conviction may remain on your criminal record indefinitely.
Even after your DUI falls off your driving record, though, it can still affect your insurance rates. For example, insurance companies in
can’t legally offer good driver discounts for 10 years following a DUI conviction. So even though your rates may drop a bit after 3 to 5 years it will still be a long time before you’ll be able to enjoy
cheap car insurance
again—if ever.
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No. But your rates will increase exponentially. On average, drivers with a DUI on their record pay 213% more for car insurance coverage than drivers with a clean record. Your rates may be reduced after 3 to 5 years.
If by “best,” you mean “cheapest,” then Progressive will likely be your best car insurance option following a DUI conviction. In a recent study, Forbes found these are your top five providers that offer coverage following a DUI:
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