Does Progressive Insure Rebuilt Titles?

Progressive offers state minimum insurance for rebuilt titles, but full coverage eligibility varies depending on the model and condition.
Written by Jessica Barrett
Edited by Jaya Anandjit
provides car insurance for
rebuilt title cars
but it might be tough to get anything other than liability insurance depending on the car’s make, model, and condition.
  • Progressive can insure vehicles with rebuilt titles but notes that
    car insurance coverage options
    may be limited depending on the make and model.
  • Car insurance for a rebuilt title car tends to be more expensive than for a vehicle with a clean title, so it’s a good idea to shop around for
    insurance quotes
  • Some car insurance companies will outright refuse to insure a rebuilt title vehicle.

What is a rebuilt title?

A rebuilt title is issued to a car that was once deemed a salvage vehicle but has since been repaired, restored, and recertified for use on the roads. 

Progressive will insure vehicles rebuilt titles

While Progressive does offer insurance for rebuilt titles, the type of available insurance for a rebuilt title depends on the make and model of the vehicle. 
Progressive will provide
state minimum car insurance
for rebuilt title vehicles. This typically includes: 
Getting full coverage insurance could be tough: Progressive will only add
comprehensive coverage
collision coverage
to policies for certain vehicle models. This is because rebuilt cars may have lingering damage from the accident that initially took them off the road.

Which auto insurance companies cover cars with rebuilt titles? 

Progressive isn’t the only insurance provider you should consider when trying to
insure a car with a rebuilt title
. If you’re trying to find rebuilt title auto insurance, here are some of the providers to consider: 

What is the best type of car insurance for a rebuilt car? 

Consider the following factors when trying to decide what type of car insurance coverage is best for your rebuilt title car: 
  • Where you live: Your location is key to figuring out whether you need more than your state’s minimum insurance requirements. If you live somewhere with rough weather, high crime rates, lots of wild animals, or high car accident rates, then full coverage might be a good idea. 
  • Your car’s value: Consider the value of your car when trying to decide whether anything other than liability-only coverage is worth it. If the actual cash value for your vehicle (minus your deductible) is less than your premium, it’s probably not worth buying car insurance that includes collision coverage.
  • Your provider options: Request
    car insurance quotes
    to compare the coverage options and insurance costs offered by each company you consider. It may also be wise to speak with an insurance agent ahead of time since not all providers offer insurance for rebuilt vehicles.
At the end of the day, the best car insurance for your rebuilt title car includes coverage that isn’t more expensive than your car’s actual cash value, meets state laws, and makes sense for where you live. 


Rebuilt title cars may come with hidden damage that wasn’t fixed during the rebuilding process—which means you could be paying for countless repairs down the road.
On the other hand, if the vehicle you’re considering suffered extensive body damage without any mechanical damage, you could find a great bargain on a relatively damage-free car.
When considering whether buying a car with a rebuilt title is worth it, do your research. Ensure your car is inspected by a certified mechanic before making any decisions. 
A salvage title is issued to a car that has been “totaled,” meaning the insurance company doesn’t think this car is worth repairing due to the damage it has sustained. A salvage title vehicle is not roadworthy and not insurable, meaning it’s not legal to drive. 
A rebuilt title (or rebuilt salvage title) can be issued to a salvage title car that has been fully repaired, inspected, and declared road-ready again.

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