Does My Partner Need to Be On My Car Insurance With Me?

If you live together, your car insurance company will likely require you to add your partner to your policy.
Written by Hillary Kobayashi
Edited by Amy Bobinger
Car insurance
companies usually require you to list on your policy any household members who have access to your vehicle—including boyfriends, girlfriends, fiancés, and domestic partners. This will ensure that if your significant other gets into an accident while driving your vehicle, they will be covered. 

Ways to add your partner to your policy

Generally, if you live with someone, your insurance company will require you to add them to your policy or record them as a listed driver or an excluded driver.  There are a few different ways to add your partner to your auto insurance policy.

Joint policy

Certain car insurance companies might allow you and your significant other to share a joint car insurance policy. This may be a good option if you live together and share a car or own multiple cars that you both drive. 
If you have more than one car, you might qualify for a multi-car discount, which can save you up to 30% on your insurance rates. You might also be able to receive a discount for bundling your vehicles with your
homeowners insurance
renters insurance

Separate policy: Listed driver

If you want to keep separate policies while still being able to drive each other’s cars, you and your domestic partner might want to add each other as listed drivers on each other’s auto policies. This means your partner has permission to drive your car and they will be covered by your insurance if they do. 
If you don’t live with your partner and they only drive your car occasionally, you don’t have to list them, as they will be covered by your policy under
permissive use
. But permissive use can have restrictions, so it’s a good idea to check with your insurer to make sure your partner qualifies.
If your partner has a
good driving record
, listing them as a driver on your policy may not affect your rates much—but if an insurance company considers them high-risk, your rates could go up.
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Separate policy: Excluded driver

You can also choose to add your partner as an excluded driver if you are concerned that their driving record might result in higher rates on your policy. This will depend on where you live, though, as some states allow this and some do not. 
If you choose to go this route, your partner will not be covered if they drive your car. There are a few reasons why you might choose to do this, such as if your partner:
  • Has a bad
    driving record
    , like multiple violations or at-fault accidents on their record
  • Has a
  • Has a poor credit score
  • Has a really expensive car that you don’t want to be financially responsible for


Is car insurance cheaper for married couples? 

Car insurance is almost always cheaper for married couples and people in domestic partnerships. This is due to the concept of “insurable interest,” or the idea that one must have an economic stake in the vehicle they insure.  

What happens if I break up with my partner? 

If you break up with someone who you share a policy with, you will need to contact an insurance agent to have them removed. Make sure you let your ex know that you have taken them off your policy.

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