Will My Car Insurance Cover Me Out of State?

Your car insurance will typically cover you when traveling out of state, but there are a few exceptions.
Written by Olivia Rose
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
car insurance
will cover you during out-of-state travel, as long as your travel remains domestic and is temporary. If you are moving out of state or traveling internationally, you will need to get new coverage.
If you are moving out of state or traveling to a country like
, you will need to modify your insurance policy or purchase a new policy.
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Read on to find out more about car insurance when you're traveling out of state.
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Will my car insurance cover me in another state?

In short, yes, your car insurance will cover you when you travel out of state. Here are some specifics of what will be covered by out-of-state insurance:

Am I covered for car accidents out of state?

Yes, your insurance should cover you in the case of an out-of-state accident. In fact, most policies include a broadening clause, which will accommodate another state’s minimum liability requirement (the minimum amount an insurance company is legally obligated to pay for a particular type of damage) in the case of an accident.
For instance, if you live in a state that legally mandates $15,000 in
bodily injury liability
coverage but are traveling in a state that requires $20,000 in coverage, many policies will cover the difference of $5,000.
Key Takeaway For the most part, your car insurance will cover you when you’re traveling out of state, and will typically adhere to the state-of-travel’s minimum liability requirements if you get into an accident.

When will my car insurance NOT cover me out of state?

If you are temporarily traveling—say, sipping margaritas in
for a couple weeks—in another state, you don’t need to worry about not being covered by your auto insurance policy. But, here are some specific scenarios where you’ll need to be more mindful.

Going to school out of state (sometimes)

Most car insurance companies will let you stay on a parent’s car insurance policy while you are going to college in another state, as long as your primary address remains the same as your parents’.
If you plan to change your primary residence when you move away for college, you may need to purchase a new policy.
If you are going to school out of state, it’s worth it to research the best policies for your situation. The minimum liability requirement varies from state to state and may mean that your insurance policy will become void if you move to another state for school.
Additionally, many insurance policies offer student discounts and other bonuses (like perks for getting good grades in college). Be sure to look into your policy’s benefits and if moving to another state for college will affect these.
No matter what, it’s best to contact your insurance provider to make sure you are covered when going to school out of state.
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When you move out of state

Though traveling or temporarily staying in another state won’t invalidate your insurance coverage, permanently moving out of state will.
The details of your insurance policy are determined by your permanent living address. It’s important to promptly notify your insurance provider if you move out of state so that your policy can be adjusted accordingly.
If you fail (or just forget) to notify your company when you're moving out of state, you may find any
car accident claims denied

Traveling internationally

Though you won’t need to worry about your car insurance when traveling from
, you will need to buy additional insurance if you plan to be sippin’ margs in Tijuana.
Your U.S. insurance policy may likely cover you when traveling in Canada or Puerto Rico, but most U.S. policies will not cover travel to
. Mexico requires that all drivers in the country have Mexican insurance plans, so you will want to purchase temporary insurance if you will be driving in Mexico.
Key Takeaway Check with your insurance provider to see if you’ll be covered if you are going to school out of state. If you are moving out of state, contact your provider immediately to have your policy adjusted. When traveling internationally, you will likely need to purchase a separate temporary insurance policy for your vehicle.

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