Does Metromile Have Good Car Insurance Discounts?

With Metromile, you could get a car insurance discount for safe driving, good vehicle safety features, or even for enrolling in paperless billing.
Written by Liz Jenson
Reviewed by Amy Bobinger
Car insurance discounts from Metromile will vary from state to state, but some things that make you eligible for savings include driving a vehicle that has alarms, having a good driving record, or even just deciding to go paperless with your insurance policy.
cheap car insurance
with the coverage you need isn’t always about finding the lowest quote. Sometimes, finding a company with great discount deals can save you hundreds of dollars—so it’s worth looking into discount options before you settle on an insurance provider.
So, if you’re a
Metromile car insurance
customer, what kind of discounts should you look out for? Let’s explore your options.

What auto insurance discounts does Metromile offer?

You’ll have a few different auto insurance discount options with Metromile, but you can break those discounts down into three basic categories:
safe driving discounts
for careful drivers, safe vehicle discounts for well-protected cars, and policy discounts that are based on the way you bundle and pay for your insurance.
Metromile also allows customers to stack discounts, meaning you could save on your policy in multiple ways!
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Metromile safe driver discounts

Many insurers offer discounts for low-risk drivers, or drivers who have very few traffic infractions on their records. Metromile is no exception, and offers quite a few options to its customers!
  • Discount for No At-Fault Accidents: If you don’t have any at-fault accidents on your driving record, Metromile will offer you a discounted insurance rate. This means that you can have a car accident on your record and still qualify for this discount as long as you were not legally at fault for that accident.
  • Discounts for Taking a Defensive Driving Course: In some states, insurance providers are required to offer you a discounted rate on your car insurance if you take a defensive driving course. These classes are designed to teach you more about traffic safety and good driving habits and will help you avoid future accidents or traffic violations.
  • Good Driver Discount: This discount applies to drivers with a
    clean driving record
    , or those with very few driving infractions, driving points, and/or accidents on file. Depending on how good your driving record is, you could save between 10% and 30% with this type of discount.
  • Ride Along Discount: Metromile’s Ride Along discount applies to customers who download and use the Ride Along app. This app will record your driving habits for 17 days, after which you may start receiving discounted rates if you’re an exceptionally safe driver. This discount can save you up to 40%, depending on where you live, so this is definitely worth looking into if you’re hoping to save on your insurance.
While you might see a few different options here that could work for you, it’s also important to note that these discounts may not be available in all states. Metromile’s defensive driving course discount, for example, will only apply to customers who reside in one of the 34 states that legally mandate these discounts. As such, it’s important to check out the options within your state before you assume that a discount will apply to you.

Metromile vehicle discounts

Similarly to safe drivers, safe cars pose a low risk to auto insurance providers. As such, insurers like Metromile offer discounts for vehicles with good safety features. Metromile specifically has discount options for things like:
  • Having alarms on your vehicle
  • Installing an anti-theft or vehicle recovery device
  • Opting for a car that comes with exceptional safety equipment
  • Purchasing additional approved safety equipment for your car
In short, having safety equipment to protect your vehicle from theft or safety features to protect your vehicle (and its cargo) in the event of an accident makes you less risky to insure. As such, you could save between 5% and 15% on your insurance for driving a safe vehicle!
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Metromile policy discounts

The final way to save on Metromile car insurance is based on your policy itself. There are lots of ways to bundle your insurance or change your method of payment in order to save money on your policy, including:
  • Continuous Coverage Discounts: Drivers who don’t have any lapses in their car insurance may be eligible for a coverage discount from Metromile.
  • Discounts for getting online quotes: If you
    get your car insurance quote online
    directly from Metromile, you may be offered a discount on your initial insurance rate.
  • Multicar Discounts: If you insure multiple vehicles on the same policy, you’ll be eligible for a discounted rate from Metromile.
  • Paperless Billing Discounts: By opting out of paper bills, you can save money on your Metromile policy. To qualify, you’ll just have to agree to recieve your insurance bills via email and pay all of your bills online.
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Does Metromile have good car insurance discounts?

If you drive less than 10,000 miles per year, Metromile’s pay per mile configuration might be a great option for you. With that being said, however, Metromile does not offer as many discounts as the average insurer.
The main draw of Metromile is the pay-per-mile style of billing, as this can save infrequent drivers a lot of money on monthly fees. If you drive 5,000 to 7,000 miles per year, for example, Metromile’s rates will be about 22% cheaper than the average insurer. If you drive 10,000 years or more, though, it wouldn’t hurt to shop around a little more to make sure that Metromile is right for you.
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Currently, Metromile does not offer a military discount or a veteran’s discount option. However some providers, like
, will offer discounted rates to current and former military personnel.
In eight states, Metromile offers
a mature driver discount
. This means that, if you are aged 65 or older, you could qualify for a lower rate from Metromile! Exact savings will vary from driver to driver, but you can expect to save up to 15% on your policy.
Unfortunately, there are currently no student discounts available from Metromile. However, safe drivers can still save money on their insurance coverage, regardless of their age or schooling status.
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