Does Mercury Have Good Car Insurance Discounts?

Mercury offers 17 significant discounts for car insurance customers, and most of them can be stacked! Get the details here.
Written by Jasmine Kanter
Reviewed by Alita Dark
You can save big on Mercury car insurance by bundling multiple policies and taking advantage of driver discounts.
Finding a competitive quote is only the first step in finding cheap
car insurance
. Multiple, stackable car insurance discounts are the best way to save. There are rewards for just about everyone, from good students to defensive drivers—you could even save a few bucks simply by changing the way you pay!
Today, we're going to look at Mercury's
car insurance discounts
and how you can qualify for them. Once you’re done reading, place a call to your Mercury insurance agent to ask how you can join the program(s) that interest you!

What auto insurance discounts does Mercury offer?

Mercury offers 17 major car insurance discounts
, which we've sorted into three categories for your convenience. Drivers with proven track records are eligible for
safe driver discounts
, while cars with excellent safety features are eligible for vehicle discounts. Last but not least, policy discounts reward loyal and responsible customers.

Mercury safe driver discounts

The best way to reduce your insurance costs is to maintain a
clean driving record
. When you avoid car accidents, you also avoid costly claims, which encourages your insurer to keep your rates low. Here’s how to turn your good habits into savings:
  • Educator discount: Mercury doesn’t offer military discounts, but it does offer hard-working teachers a chance to save on their bills by up to 17%.
  • Defensive driving course discount: You might qualify for some sweet savings if you take a state-approved
    defensive driving course
    . The catch? Only some drivers in some states are eligible, such as seniors who are trying to refresh their skills. Check the particulars to see if you qualify.
  • Good driver discount:
    Mercury offers good driver discounts
    to you and any driver on your policy who avoids getting into an accident or receiving a ticket. The amount you can save (and the length of time you must drive without incident) varies by state and individual policy.
  • Good student discount:
    Mercury’s good student discount
    is available to drivers between the ages of 16 and 25 who maintain a full-time high school or college GPA of 3.0 or more. Good students are also more likely to be good drivers—yet another reason to do your homework!
  • RealDrive® program
    : The RealDrive program is a
    app that reports your mileage to Mercury in real time. In exchange, you could have 5% trimmed off your bills.
  • MercuryGO discount: MercuryGO is yet another telematics app, but this one tracks your driving habits in more detail. In return, you'll receive up to 10% off for signing up and up to 40% off based on your driving skills! Grab it for
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Mercury vehicle discounts

Your insurance provider isn't only interested in how and where you drive, but also in what you drive. Different kinds of cars affect your insurance rates differently, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. Your provider will likely charge a lower rate for vehicles with:
  • Anti-theft devices: By installing an aftermarket
    vehicle anti-theft device
    , you could save up to 15% on your bills—but before you buy, make sure the product is approved by Mercury!
  • Higher safety ratings: It’s no coincidence that the
    cheapest luxury car to insure
    is also the safest. High ratings from the
    testify to the
    Lexus GX Premium
    ’s ability to protect its occupants in a crash (and prevent any costly medical bills). 
  • Lower trims: Buying a lower trim can be a good move if it cuts down on luxury materials. A car with zebrawood panels, carbon inlays, and leather upholstery is more expensive to repair and also more
    expensive to insure
  • Safety features: Blindspot monitors, parking sensors, and rearview cameras reduce the likelihood of an accident, which can lower your insurance rates.

Mercury policy discounts

To qualify for policy discounts, all you need is a little flexibility and willingness to work with your provider. Here are a few tips for creating an arrangement that’ll make you both happy:
  • Bundle multiple policies.
    Mercury car and home insurance
    make a smart and cost-effective pair. If you buy auto and condo, home, or renters insurance under the Mercury umbrella, you could save up to 15% on each product. 
  • Create an E-Signature. An E-Signature saves time by enabling you to consent to forms online, which is why Mercury offers a discount for signing up.
  • Increase your deductible. Opt for greater responsibility when it comes to
    car repairs
    and you’ll be rewarded with greater savings. Just be careful—to
    choose the best deductible for your car insurance
    , you need to make sure you can afford it. 
  • Pay in full at renewal. A
    paid-in-full discount
    is available for customers who choose to pay the entirety of their insurance costs up front.
  • Put multiple vehicles on the same policy. If you buy a
    multi-car insurance policy
    from Mercury, not only will it simplify your paperwork, but it’ll also make you eligible for some great savings!
  • Put multiple drivers on the same policy. It’s the same principle as the previous point—putting multiple people on the same policy is easier and cheaper than insuring them all separately. You can save even if you want to
    add a teen driver to your car insurance
  • Set up auto-pay. An auto-pay schedule ensures that you pay your bills on time, every time. Mercury will give you a small discount as thanks when you sign up.

Does Mercury have good car insurance discounts?

As a small insurance company, Mercury offers competitive rates but not many car insurance discounts. Bigger companies offer more promotions for more people, like
’s new driver program or
diminishing deductibles
discount. Frequent travelers are also at a disadvantage because, unlike
, Mercury isn’t available in every state and doesn’t provide travel insurance.
If you’re a homebody who has simple needs and consistent habits, you can reap a lot of savings from Mercury’s stackable insurance discounts. Just make sure to do your research!
is my new best friend. It was a smooth transaction, and I got the insurance I need to finally purchase my new car!” —JP C.
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According to the
2022 JD Power Auto Insurance Claims Satisfaction survey
, Mercury came in fourth place for overall customer satisfaction. With a score of 827/1000, it beat out larger firms like
To cancel Mercury insurance
, you’ll have to pay 10% of the premiums remaining for your term. If you’re only a few months into your policy, this can be quite expensive. Try and cancel on or close to your renewal date to pay the fewest fees possible.
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