Does Liberty Mutual Insure Salvage Title Vehicles?

Liberty Mutual does not insure salvage title vehicles—you’d be hard-pressed to find a provider that does—but rebuilt title insurance is an option.
Written by Brittni Brinn
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Liberty Mutual does not provide insurance for salvage title vehicles. You might have more luck with a rebuilt title—but the kinds of coverage you can get will be limited.
If your car has been written off or considered too damaged to repair, but you want to keep it anyway, you’ll probably have a
salvage title
on your hands. But if you own a car, you need to insure it, right? In the case of a salvage title, you won’t have much luck trying to find insurance—but if you upgrade it to a rebuilt title, you’ll have a few more options.
Liberty Mutual may be one of those auto insurance companies that will consider insuring your salvage-turned-rebuilt title vehicle. Here’s an overview of what you can expect!
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Does Liberty Mutual insure salvage title vehicles?

Liberty Mutual
does not insure salvage title vehicles. You can, however, go through the process of upgrading your salvage title to a
rebuilt title
and try to get the fixed-up vehicle insured. There will likely be restrictions on how much and what kind of coverage Liberty Mutual will provide for a rebuilt salvage title, though.
You can expect the state-mandated minimum
liability coverage
to be offered for a rebuilt title. And in most cases, that’ll be enough insurance, given the vehicle’s lower value and spotty history. But in some cases, Liberty Mutual may offer
full coverage
—for these instances, you’ll need to provide a written statement from a certified mechanic confirming the vehicle is safe to operate.
If you have a rebuilt title, you can request a quote from Liberty Mutual online or by calling 1-800-295-2820.

What is a salvage title car?

A salvage title car is considered a vehicle that is a total loss—meaning that it is beyond repair or that the cost of repairs is higher than the value of the vehicle. An insurance provider will give this title to a vehicle in the following cases:
  • It has been in an accident or crash that caused extensive damage
  • It has been damaged by extreme weather, such as a flood or hailstorm
  • It has been stolen
In cases where a salvage title is given to a car after a wreck, the salvage vehicle is deemed no longer safe to operate.
However, if the car’s owner conducts extensive repairs to bring the vehicle up to safety standards, it can be retitled as a rebuilt title. An inspection and titling fee at the DMV are required after repairs are complete, and, once the vehicle passes inspection, it can be registered as a rebuilt title. A rebuilt title will allow the vehicle to be sold, driven, and insured as a regular vehicle.
You can tell right away what kind of title your car has by looking at the color of its title document:
  • Green = Clean title
  • Blue = Salvage title
  • Orange = Rebuilt title

Can you get car insurance for a salvage title?

Unfortunately, you cannot get an insurance policy for a salvage title. Because a salvage vehicle is not safe to drive—and, in fact, is illegal to take on the road in most states—it doesn’t make sense to insure such a high-risk vehicle. Therefore,
reliable insurance companies
will not provide coverage for salvage titles.
Rebuilt titles are another story! Once you bring a salvage title back up to code and it passes inspection, it will be given rebuilt certification and can take to the streets once more! There will be more paperwork and more restrictions involved in insuring a rebuilt title, however. Let’s go over some of them.
First off, most providers will only offer minimum liability insurance for a rebuilt title. This will usually include the
minimums required by your state
and will include the appropriate limits of:
Some providers may consider offering
coverage depending on your car’s value, model year, trim, and the extent of the repairs. However, if you go in expecting the full suite of coverage options to choose from, you’ll likely leave the insurance office disappointed.
Liberty Mutual will make occasional allowances for rebuilt titles, though it’s not clear how much coverage they are willing to offer. With a rebuilt title, you’ll definitely have to do a bit more shopping around to get the kinds of rates and coverage you’re looking for.

Does it cost more to insure a rebuilt title vehicle?

The cost of your rebuilt vehicle’s insurance premium will depend on a few factors. Some insurers will charge an additional 20% just because the car has a salvage history, while other insurance companies may not. Because a rebuilt title generally has a lower actual cash value, its auto insurance rates may be lower than your average vehicle—in the end, it all depends on your provider.
On that note, shopping around for car insurance coverage can help cut down on these higher rates. Liberty Mutual may offer you a couple of insurance coverage options, but
State Farm
have full-coverage plans available for rebuilt titles. If you’re just looking for liability-only coverage, you can request a quote from a
insurance agent, and see which provider is best for you.
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It is almost impossible to insure a salvage title car—and for good reason. Because a salvage title has been written off due to extensive damage, it is not considered safe to drive. Therefore, a reliable insurance company will not offer salvage title policies.
However, if a salvage title is repaired, inspected, and declared roadworthy once more, it becomes a rebuilt title. Finding insurance for a rebuilt title is much easier. You can discuss restrictions and options with your insurance adjuster.
A salvage title is a vehicle that has been declared a total loss by an insurance company after a wreck, natural disaster, or theft. Usually, it is considered beyond repair or the cost of repairs would exceed the car’s value.
A rebuilt title, on the other hand, is a fixed-up salvage title that has been declared roadworthy by a credited car inspector. It can be sold, driven, and insured.
Although it is possible to get full coverage for a rebuilt title vehicle, not every provider will offer it. Most companies will only provide liability insurance. In some cases, this is good enough, as a rebuilt title’s value is generally reduced.
But some companies will offer full coverage. The best way to find out what’s available is to request quotes from at least three companies and see what your best option is.
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