Does GEICO Insure Salvage Titles?

GEICO doesn’t offer insurance coverage for vehicles with salvage titles, but you can secure GEICO auto insurance for a vehicle with a rebuilt title.
Written by Jacqulyn Graber
Reviewed by Hillary Kobayashi
, like many insurance companies, doesn’t offer insurance coverage for vehicles that currently have salvage titles. However, you can secure a GEICO insurance policy for your former salvage title vehicle, so long as it now has a rebuilt title. 
A car is given a salvage title when an insurance company deems it a total loss, which means that it is unable to be repaired or the cost of repairs exceeds the vehicle’s value. If you repair the vehicle anyway, you won’t end up with a clean title—but it is possible to receive a rebuilt title. 
Read on to further explore your GEICO salvage title
car insurance
options, as well as what types of rebuilt title car insurance coverage the company offers. 

What is a salvage title car?

A car title is a legal document that the government issues to a person who owns a vehicle. The title includes official information about the vehicle and the owner. This document differs from one’s vehicle registration and proof of insurance, as it strictly serves as proof of car ownership
Now, a salvage title is a car that has been written off as a total loss by an insurance provider. This typically occurs after the car has been involved in a serious accident or has been heavily damaged by a non-collision-related incident, such as severe weather or an animal strike.
If the cost of repairs is determined to be more than the car’s value at the time of the accident, then it will be deemed a total loss.
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Does GEICO insure salvage title cars?

We’ll cut right to the chase: GEICO does not insure salvage title vehicles.
If you own a vehicle with a salvage title, you won’t be able to obtain insurance quotes from GEICO. If your vehicle is salvaged while you have GEICO insurance, your coverage will be dropped.
Unfortunately, this is pretty typical among car insurance companies, as cars with salvage titles have been declared a total loss and can't be driven on public roads. 

Can you get car insurance for a salvage title car?

No. If your car is totaled after a car accident and issued a salvage title, you won’t be able to secure any type of auto insurance coverage, regardless of which company you go with. This is simply because it is illegal to drive a salvage vehicle
However, you might be able to get car insurance for your salvage vehicle if you can obtain a rebuilt title. A rebuilt title is issued to vehicles that were once issued a salvage title but have been refurbished. 
After performing the necessary repairs, the salvage vehicle must be taken to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), where it must pass a rigorous inspection that ensures it is in good condition. 
Many auto insurance companies, including GEICO, are willing and able to insure rebuilt title vehicles
GEICO offers
liability insurance
for rebuilt salvage vehicles.
Full-coverage insurance
(which includes
coverage) may be available, but only if the vehicle passes an additional inspection. 

Does it cost more to insure a rebuilt title car?

Unfortunately, yes—insurance premiums for cars with a rebuilt title are typically more expensive to insure than those with a clean title. 
Insurance companies often assume that people with rebuilt salvage title cars are more likely to file claims, resulting in up to 20% higher premiums.
But keep in mind that your GEICO insurance rates will depend on a variety of factors. Opting only for liability insurance, for example, will be far less expensive than full-coverage insurance. Additionally, choosing a higher deductible will keep your rates lower. 
You can estimate your insurance costs by speaking to an insurance agent, who will also advise you as to what level of coverage policy is right for you.
However, don’t forget that GEICO isn’t the only car insurance provider out there!
State Farm
, and 21st Century Insurance are just a few examples of other companies that are willing to insure a vehicle with a rebuilt title
To ensure you’re getting the best car insurance for you, it’s recommended that you gather at least three
car insurance quotes
from different companies before you pick a policy. You can typically obtain free quotes online or you can use an insurance comparison broker app, like
, to obtain multiple car insurance quotes at once. 
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Yes. According to Kelley Blue Book (KBB), a car with a salvage title is usually worth 20% to 40% less than a model with a clean title.
A salvage title is issued by an insurance company if your vehicle is determined to be a total loss. This typically occurs after a serious accident or a situation in which your car has been severely damaged, like severe weather or an animal strike. Salvage title vehicles cannot legally be driven on the road and cannot be insured.
A rebuilt title can be issued by the DMV if your previously salvaged vehicle is repaired and passes a rigorous inspection, per your state laws. Vehicles with rebuilt titles can be driven again, and many car insurance providers are willing and able to provide coverage for them.
Yes—but there may be a few extra steps involved. For example, GEICO only offers basic liability insurance for rebuilt title cars unless they pass an additional inspection. If your car passes this additional inspection, full-coverage car insurance will be available as an option.
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