Does GEICO Cover DUI Accidents?

GEICO may cover your claims after a DUI, but it’ll depend on the circumstances of the accident. We’ve got the details here.
Written by Macy Fouse
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
In general, GEICO is more likely to cover claims after DUI accidents if the crash was not a result of the drunk driving. If your drinking and driving caused the accident, GEICO may be less likely to pay out any claims. 
There are few violations more damaging to your
driving record
and car insurance premiums than getting a DUI. Not only will you pay more for coverage, but depending on your car insurance provider, you may lose coverage altogether. This depends on a variety of factors—but in general,
isn’t likely to cancel your policy after a DUI. 
That’s not the whole story, though. Let’s take a look at what other factors to take into account when you’re shopping for
car insurance
after a DUI. 

Does GEICO insurance cover DUI accidents?

Whether your GEICO car insurance will cover claims after a DUI accident will depend on a handful of factors. Auto insurance companies are more likely to cover a car accident if you weren’t at fault for the accident—even if you were drunk driving.
But if you were at fault for the accident and got a DUI in the process, your car insurance is less likely to pay your claims. In fact, your auto insurer will probably actively fight against paying your claims. The surrounding circumstances—plus other specific details—will determine whether or not GEICO will cover your expenses or repairs after a car accident.
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Will your insurance rate go up after a DUI accident?

Whether or not you were at fault for an accident, earning yourself a
is a guarantee that your insurance rates will skyrocket when it’s time to
renew your coverage
. Having a DUI on your driving record indicates to insurance companies that you’re a
high-risk driver
and they will adjust your rates to fit that level of risk. 
While your car insurance
premiums will increase
by different amounts depending on your insurance provider and other factors, auto insurance rates increase by an average of 70% after a DUI. To put that into perspective, your rate will go up 42% after an at-fault accident and 22% after a
speeding ticket
, on average. 
Any increase to your car insurance rate will also depend on where you live. For instance, drivers in
, and Alaska only see an average increase of 33% after a DUI, while drivers in Hawaii are looking at a 216% increase. At the top of the chart,
North Carolina
drivers see an average 266% increase following a DUI. 
Even if you don’t report your DUI to your insurance company, most of them check your driving record to determine your updated rates at renewal periods. Your state DMV may also require you to file an SR-22 or FR-44 form with your insurer to continue driving, so there’s little chance that you can avoid this spike in premiums. 

Can you get GEICO insurance coverage after a DUI?

In most cases, yes—you can still get GEICO car insurance coverage even after a DUI conviction. But all insurance providers consider driver profiles on a case-by-case basis, using your individual factors to determine your rates… and whether to offer you coverage at all. If GEICO decides to sell you coverage, they’ll also
file your SR-22
or FR-44 form if
required by your state laws
Keep in mind that a GEICO insurance policy will still be higher after a DUI conviction than it would otherwise cost. In fact, a GEICO policy will cost an average of 144% more than if you had a clean driving record. Your premiums are likely to decrease after your DUI is no longer on your driving record.

How to get car insurance coverage after a DUI

After a DUI conviction, your license will likely be suspended for 90 days. After that period, your state will likely require you to file an SR-22 or FR-44 form with your insurance company before you’re eligible to
get your license back
. These documents serve as proof to the state that you have the minimum
liability insurance
required by your state, which usually includes a certain amount of
property damage liability
bodily injury liability
You can expect your insurance costs to increase, but your insurance company is also likely to charge you a filing fee averaging between $15 and $30. Some states don’t require SR-22 filing after DUIs, and states like Florida and
require filing an FR-44 instead. This is similar to an SR-22 except it generally requires the driver to have more coverage than the state minimum.
Since your rates will go up either way, this is a good chance for you to
shop around for quotes
to see what other car insurance companies may have
cheaper rates
. Because all companies use a different method to determine your premiums, your DUI and SR-22 filing may have a less detrimental effect at one company over another. 
In general, GEICO has some of the best SR-22 rates—but companies like
, and
may also have decent rates for less-than-perfect driving records. 
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How long does a DUI stay on your driving record?

Like most things, this will depend on where you live—but in most states, a DUI will stay on your driving record for three to five years. That means your sky-high insurance premiums will likely come down after the DUI falls off your motor vehicle record. 
In states like
, DUIs may stay on your driving record for 10 years. Your insurance surcharge isn’t likely to last quite that long, but you won’t be eligible for a
good driver discount
until after that 10-year period. 
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GEICO probably won’t cancel your insurance policy after a DUI, but they’ll increase your rates by an average of 144% following a DUI charge. You’ll also be disqualified from GEICO’s cheapest rates for 35 months following major violations.
In general, the car insurance companies with the cheapest rates for drivers with a DUI are
State Farm
, and
. But you’ll still want to shop around to find the best rates since they will differ depending on your state and other individual factors.
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