Direct Auto Car Insurance Review (May 2024)

Formerly known as Safe Auto Insurance, Direct Auto is a solid option for affordable coverage, though rates do tend to be about 38% above the national average.
Written by Liz Jenson
Edited by Sarah Gray
The Safe Auto Insurance Company, now formally Direct Auto Insurance under Allstate, received 66% positive reviews from
users in a nationwide survey about
car insurance
providers. Let’s take a closer look at different aspects of Direct Auto coverage.

Is Direct Auto a good car insurance company?

examined Direct Auto reviews from all over the country and found that 66% were positive while 11% were negative. 
On the positive reviews, drivers stated that they liked the affordable options for
SR-22 insurance
and the excellent customer service offered by Direct Auto. Meanwhile, drivers who left negative reviews often cited the high base prices for basic insurance coverage.
Here’s how Direct Auto users rated different aspects of this provider’s performance as compared to the industry average.
Direct Auto's rating
Industry average
Cost / Price
Claim Experience
Customer Service
Renewal Experience
To better understand where this company stands in comparison to others, we also took a look at ratings by other insurance industry leaders, like the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). Here’s how Direct Auto fared.
Direct Auto
Best score possible
BBB Rating
Not Rated
A.M. Best Rating
iOS App Store Rating
Google Play Store Rating

Direct Auto pros and cons

Using data from both our nationwide insurance customer satisfaction survey combined with ratings provided by independent third parties, we compiled the following list of pros and cons for Direct Auto car insurance.
Good customer service
Affordable options for SR-22 filing
Easy to use
High base rates
High number of complaints

Is Direct Auto the right insurance company for you?

Based on the data we’ve gathered here at
and the input of other independent insurance industry leaders, Direct Auto might be the right insurance provider for you if you:
  • Have an
    filing requirement due to a DUI or similar charge
  • Are labeled a high-risk driver
  • Value great customer service
Direct Auto is available in:
Let’s take a closer look at some of the more specific aspects of Direct Auto’s performance as an auto insurance provider.

Is Direct Auto car insurance expensive?

According to our survey, the cost of Direct Auto insurance was mentioned in 56% of reviews. Of those mentions, 61% were positive while 22% were negative, earning Direct Auto a ranking of 24 in the cost category. 
Note that while most customers had positive things to say in regard to Direct Auto policy costs, overall costs run an average of about $167 per month—38% higher than the overall national average for insurance costs.
However, it’s worth noting that insurance rates are highly personalized. Your quote from Direct Auto might be very different from other drivers based on things like:
To learn more about your rates with Direct Auto, use
to get a personalized quote.
Is Direct Auto the right car insurance company for you?
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No spam or unwanted phone calls · No long forms · No fees
icon4.717k Ratings
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Will Direct Auto raise your rates?

Like other providers, Direct Auto may raise your rates when you
renew your policy
—which, according to our survey, 83% of Direct Auto drivers chose to do. 
Things that may cause your rates to increase include:
  • A change in address
  • New accidents, speeding tickets, or other infractions on your driving record
  • Adding a vehicle or a driver to your policy
  • Big changes in your credit history
  • Inflation
However, it’s important to remember that insurance rates can change over time even if nothing changes about your driver profile.

Does Direct Auto resolve claims fast?

Depending on where you live and the complexity of your claim, Direct Auto will take anywhere from 30 days to six weeks to resolve your
insurance claim
This range is on the longer side, so it’s not shocking that Direct Auto earned a low 1.7 out of 5 rating in this category. 

Does Direct Auto have good customer service?

Direct Auto has received mixed reviews for customer service. 
While many of Jerry’s users mentioned customer service positively, the average number of complaints is higher for this provider than for the average insurance company. Several negative reviews also directly mentioned the unresponsive customer service team at Direct Auto.

Direct Auto car insurance discounts

Direct Auto offers several
car insurance discount
options. Here are the most popular in order of highest to lowest savings potential.
How to get it
Potential savings
Active service members should provide a copy of their current orders or other acceptable documentation.
Up to 25%
Insure multiple cars on one Direct Auto policy.
Up to 25%
Homeowner discount
If you (the policyholder) or your spouse owns a home, you may qualify for a discount. This discount also applies to townhomes and condos, but does not apply to mobile homes.
Up to 15%
Remain violation and accident-free for 36 consecutive months to receive this discount. Some states may have additional requirements.
Up to 10%
Drivers who want this discount must be unmarried and a full-time student in high school, college, or a vocational/technical school. They must also be an honor student, on the Dean's List, have a "B" average or better, or rank scholastically in the upper 20% of the class.
Up to 10%
Telematics discount
Download the Direct Auto app and join the DynamicDrive℠ program to allow your insurer to track your driving habits.
Up to 10%
Driver education course discount
The primary driver must successfully complete a qualifying accident prevention course. Alternatively, an under-21 driver on your policy can successfully complete a state-approved driver education course for this discount.
Up to 10%
Vehicle equipment discount
If your vehicle has qualifying safety features or anti-theft features, you may qualify for this discount.
Up to 10%
If you purchase two or more separate policies with Direct Auto (such as auto coverage and motorcycle insurance), you may receive a discount.
Up to 10%
Drivers 55+ can earn a discount by successfully completing a motor vehicle accident prevention course.
Up to 5%
Add one of Direct Auto’s qualifying insurance products to your insurance policy to save. Depending on your state of residence, products include term life insurance, an emergency protection plan, and sometimes roadside assistance.
Up to 5%

Direct Auto coverage options

Insurance companies are required to provide at least the
state minimum required auto insurance coverage
, but most providers—including Direct Auto—offer additional coverage as well. Most drivers need a
full coverage insurance policy
to meet all their insurance needs in the event of an accident.
Direct Auto users can obtain the following types of insurance coverage:
  • Liability insurance
    : Most states require you to have at least basic liability coverage, which pays for damage you cause to other people in
    at-fault accidents
    . There are minimum limits for both
    bodily injury liability
    property damage liability
    in most states.
  • Personal injury protection (PIP)
    : PIP is required in
    no-fault states
    . It pays for medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, and lost wages for you and your passengers after an accident. 
  • Collision insurance
    : Full coverage policies include collision coverage, which pays for damages to your vehicle sustained in a collision. Before this coverage kicks in, you’ll need to meet your deductible.
  • Comprehensive insurance
    : If your vehicle sustains damages from things not related to a collision, such as vandalism or damage from floods or fires, it will be covered by your comprehensive coverage. This type of insurance also covers car theft. Like with collision insurance, you’ll need to meet your deductible before this coverage kicks in.
  • Medical payments (MedPay) coverage
    : This add-on is optional outside of Maine and New Hampshire, but if you get it, it will help pay for any medical or funeral costs for you, your family, or your passengers regardless of fault.
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance (UM/UIM)
    : If you’re in an accident with a driver who doesn’t have adequate insurance coverage to pay for the damages, UM/UIM can help to pay the resulting bills related to bodily injury.
  • Rental reimbursement coverage
    : This policy add-on will help cover the cost of a rental car while your car is in the shop following an accident.
  • Roadside assistance add-on
    : For a small added fee, you can include roadside assistance in your Direct Auto policy. This coverage includes services like emergency towing, flat tire service, essential auto fluid delivery, and lost key and lockout service.
Get tailored insurance options that suit you best.
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No spam or unwanted phone calls · No long forms · No fees
icon4.717k Ratings
5M+Drivers Joined
7M+Cars Garaged


Are Safe Auto and Direct Auto the same?

Yes, Direct Auto is the current name for the company previously known as Direct Auto. In 2021, Direct Auto was acquired by Allstate and subsequently changed its name to Direct Auto.

Does Direct Auto have an app?

Yes! The SafeAuto Mobile App is now available for both Apple iOS and Android under the title Direct Auto Insurance. 

What are the average rates for minimum coverage from Direct Auto?

At Direct Auto, drivers can expect to pay an average of $94 per year for state minimum coverage. However, actual insurance rates will vary widely from one state to the next, as different states have different minimum requirements and average rates.

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