Classic Car Insurance in Missouri

Missouri classic car insurance must include at least the state minimum 25/50/25 liability plus uninsured motorist coverage.
Written by Nick Kunze
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
, a car must be more than 10 years old and follow usage restrictions to be considered a classic car. If you own one,
classic car insurance
is an affordable way to keep your classic car covered while on the road.

What is classic car insurance?

Classic car insurance is a specialty insurance coverage that only applies to classic or antique cars. It offers similar protections as
regular car insurance
, but also has unique coverages that are specific to the needs of older vehicles.

What is a classic or antique car?

In Missouri, a classic car must be at least 10 years old and have some historic significance.
An antique car is a vehicle with historic value that is 25 years or older. A classic car becomes an antique car once it passes 25 years of age, though this distinction only matters for insurance and registration purposes.

What makes classic car insurance different?

Despite insuring cars that will be pricier to fix, classic car insurance is actually less expensive than its regular counterpart. 
To qualify for classic car insurance, the vehicle must follow specific parameters:
  • Infrequent use: Classic car insurance has a mileage limit
  • Storage: A classic car must be securely stored
  • Condition: A classic car must be kept in its original, mint condition 
Since classic cars are all unique, there’s no standard market value for the vehicle. That means a large part of getting classic car insurance is agreeing on the car’s value with the insurance company. This agreed value will affect your monthly rates and payouts if you need to make a claim.
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Missouri classic car insurance 

In Missouri, classic cars must adhere to the state’s insurance minimums. That means a classic car must have at least:
But the most important part of any classic car policy is the physical damage coverage that protects the vehicle itself:
collision insurance
comprehensive coverage
. Together, these two crucial coverage types protect your classic car against repair costs from crashes, theft, parking lot sideswipes, rogue deer, vandalism, and more.

What impacts the cost of classic car insurance in Missouri?

Classic car insurance is usually less expensive than the
average cost of car insurance
The price is dependent on both your classic car’s agreed value and your planned usage of the car. Classic cars are meant to be driven infrequently, and how often you hope to get behind the wheel can impact your monthly bill. 
A classic car’s agreed value is dependent on:
  • The model year
  • The car’s total mileage
  • The car’s general condition
  • The car’s add-ons features
As with any insurance premium, your demographics and driving history will impact your costs.

Benefits of classic car insurance

Regular car insurance won’t be enough to sufficiently protect your classic or antique car, so having classic car insurance is a must. If the car’s value exceeds the original selling price, it may have become a collectible, which would qualify it for specialty classic car insurance.
Some important benefits of classic car insurance include: 
  • Rates anywhere from 40% to 70% lower than standard car insurance
  • Higher coverage limits, allowing for better payouts after a claim
  • Plentiful add-ons, like additional coverage for spare parts or memorabilia
  • Ample discounts for safety features like alarms and GPS tracking
  • Claim handling by fellow car lovers, ensuring great customer service

Do I need classic car insurance?

If you have any of the following, you likely need specialty coverage:
  • Antique & classic cars
  • Vintage boats
  • Modern collector vehicles
  • Modified vehicles
  • Classic trucks and utility vehicles
  • Motorsports vehicles
  • Vintage motorcycles and scooters
  • Retired commercial vehicles
  • Collector trailers
  • Vehicles under construction
  • Classic military vehicles
  • Antique tractors

Coverage options for classic car insurance

Here are some of the possible coverages you’ll receive with your classic car insurance.
Covers damage from unexpected issues like severe weather or vandalism.
Covers damages resulting from a crash, either with another vehicle or an immobile object.
Covers your damages if you’re in an accident with a driver with no or insufficient auto insurance.
Agreed value coverage
If your classic car is completely wrecked, you’ll receive its full agreed-upon value.
Roadside assistance will help with tire changes, jumpstarts, and other issues you may encounter on the road.
Spare parts
Add coverage to protect your classic car’s spare parts if they’re damaged or go missing.
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