Can You Get Car Insurance Without a License in Florida?

You won’t be able to drive without a license in Florida, but there are still plenty of reasons to buy car insurance—learn why here!
Written by Drew Waterstreet
Reviewed by Pat Roache
There are no laws in Florida that prohibit you from buying
car insurance without a license
, but you still won’t be able to drive the insured vehicle.
This should go without saying, but Florida requires a driver’s license to legally operate a vehicle on its public roads and highways. However, while it may sound counterintuitive, there are plenty of reasons to buy
car insurance
even if you're not allowed to drive.

Can you get auto insurance without a driver’s license in Florida?

You can still purchase car insurance in Florida even without a valid
Florida driver’s license
. But why would you? Let’s look at the possible reasons:
  • Your car’s in storage: Purchasing
    comprehensive coverage
    (sometimes referred to as parked car insurance when bought as a standalone product) will protect your vehicle from damage sustained while in storage, which is especially relevant to Florida residents who have to worry about hurricanes.
  • Your spouse drives your car: You will need to list your spouse or significant other as the “primary driver” to buy car insurance for a vehicle you own but let them drive. It may make sense for your S.O. to become a co-owner of the car so that the insurance rates reflect their driving profile, since you’ll automatically be labeled as a
    high-risk driver in Florida
    without a valid license. List yourself as a
    named driver exclusion
    to give your provider even more peace of mind that you won’t get behind the wheel.
  • You want to avoid a lapse in coverage: Any
    insurance lapse
    will cause your rates to increase and make it challenging to regain coverage after, say, a license suspension. So even if your status as an unlicensed driver is temporary, it’s best to maintain an active car insurance policy, if possible.
  • Your child drives and they’re under 18: A car insurance policy is a legally binding contract that minors cannot purchase on their own. You’ll be required to co-buy your
    teen driver’s car insurance
    policy and assume financial responsibility—even if you don’t have a license.
  • You have a learner’s permit: While on your
    Florida learner’s permit
    , you will be covered by the insurance policy of the licensed driver who owns the vehicle. However, you may have to talk with an independent agent about your insurance options if you own the car while working through your learner’s permit.
  • You own a classic or exotic car: Thanks to Florida’s gorgeous weather, you’ll find plenty of classic and exotic cars on the road. While you won’t be able to take any joyrides yourself without a driver’s license, you can protect your sweet ride from theft, vandalism, and other threats with
    Florida classic car insurance
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Do you need car insurance coverage if you don’t have a driver’s license?

Some of the no-license situations discussed above require you to have car insurance coverage, while it’s just a recommendation for others.
For example, if you let someone else drive your car, it will need enough coverage to meet the coverage requirements outlined in
Florida car insurance laws
. On the other hand, it’s up to your discretion to purchase coverage for a vehicle in storage (although we recommend it based on the threat of hurricanes).
Always double-check with your insurance carrier that your policy complies with Florida law. Again, you can’t legally drive without a driver’s license, even if you have car insurance coverage.

How to buy a no-license auto insurance policy in Florida

If you try shopping for
car insurance quotes online
, you’ll hit a roadblock when asked for a driver’s license number. So you’ll have to take the process offline and explain the context of your situation to an insurance agent.
State Farm
, and
tend to work with no-license policyholders, but it may be best to go through a licensed broker to find coverage.

Buying car insurance with a suspended license

Once you’ve served the terms of your suspended license, you will be required to fill out a
Florida SR-22 form
to reinstate your driving privileges. An SR-22 is a document that serves as proof of insurance for high-risk drivers.
Unfortunately, you will face higher premiums after a conviction or suspension that requires an SR-22. Expect even more expensive premiums if the incident requires an
, which Florida requires after more severe traffic violations where a license suspension is necessary, like a
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To satisfy Florida’s minimum car insurance requirements, you’ll need $10,000 of
property damage liability (PDL)
and $10,000 of
personal injury protection (PIP)
As you can see,
bodily injury liability insurance
is not required. This is because Florida uses a
no-fault system
to process insurance claims. Under this system, you will cover your own medical expenses with your PIP regardless of who caused the accident. Then, PDL is used to provide some protection from lawsuits if you cause an accident.
Of course, every policyholder should be honest with themselves about their driving history and purchase enough coverage to balance their risk. Policies that provide more protection than the state’s minimum requirements can include higher liability coverage limits, an upgrade to
full coverage insurance
, and more!
As we outline in the article, there are plenty of reasons to get car insurance without a license. But none of the reasons allow you to get behind the wheel, for it is illegal to operate a vehicle without a valid driver’s license in Florida. That being said, your insurance company will likely deny any claim involving you breaking the law.
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