Is the Farmers Signal App Worth It?

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The Farmers Signal app might be worth it if you’re already a satisfied Farmers Insurance policyholder that practices safe driving habits.
Unlike some telematics apps, the Farmers Signal program won’t negatively affect your insurance premiums if you don’t score well. So while there is no guarantee that you’ll get a discount on your car insurance rates, you can be sure that you won’t lose money, either.
If you’re wondering whether the Farmers Signal app is worth it, you’re in luck! Car insurance comparison app and personal broker Jerry has reviewed and put together everything you need to know about this telematics program.
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Pros and cons of the Farmers Signal app

Rewards young driversLimited availability
You won’t be punished for bad drivingCan drain your data if you don’t have a good coverage plan
User friendly and provides helpful feedbackDeducts for phone usage

What is the Farmers Signal app?

Signal by Farmers will track your driving habits in exchange for potential discounts on your next car insurance renewal.
Farmer’s offers an automatic 5% discount for signing up. After that, you have the chance the earn up to 15% off of your next renewal—if you can maintain safe driving habits.
Like all usage-based telematics programs, signing up is voluntary. To enroll in the Signal program, you must have a car insurance policy with Farmers.
Simply call up an agent and ask to join the Signal program. Once you’ve officially enrolled in the program, you can download the app and start tracking your driving.
The Signal app is especially great for families with younger drivers, as they have the chance to save an additional 10%. For this reason, you can benefit by including drivers under 25 on your policy.

The Farmer’s Signal app

The Farmer’s telematics program uses the Signal app to monitor your driving. Once you download and set up the app, it will automatically run in the background when you’re moving—so there is no need to actively start a trip.
Other people who share your policy can also use the app to help you maximize your discount.
The detailed information provided by the app can help you improve your driving and increase your discount.
After every trip, you can review a map of your trip and view your updated driver safety score. Some telematics apps can take up a week or more to update your score, but Signal recalibrates at the end of every trip.
The Signal app is particularly useful in providing helpful feedback about your driving habits. For instance, it shows points along your route where you make distracted driving choices so you can easily track your progress. The 2.0 version of the app has also been updated with a useful safety feature called Crash Alert, which will notify authorities of an accident.

Does Signal follow the car or the driver?

The Signal app goes where you go—meaning that it follows the driver. Like all telematics apps that track the driver rather than the car, there is some potential for error.
Signal may log trips where you’re a passenger or ride on public transportation, for example. Unfortunately, the only way to correct these errors is to call up a Farmers agent, which is a bit of a pain.
Farmers assures customers that small oversights shouldn’t make much of a difference if there are enough miles logged.
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Farmers Signal app reviews

The Android and the Apple versions of Signal have earned relatively good reviews, with the Apple version scoring the highest. Positive reviews often mention that the app helps to improve driving scores. Meanwhile, drivers who write negative reviews tend to cite unnecessarily harsh penalties or inaccuracies.
Both versions of the app score well on their respective platforms. The Farmers Signal app for Android scores 3.9/5 stars on Google Play. The Apple version fares even better, racking up an impressive score of 4.7/5 stars on the App Store.
Key Takeaway The Signal app monitors your driving habits, offering helpful feedback about your driving and rewarding you for safe habits in the form of discounted premiums.

Will my premium go down?

Maybe! There’s a chance that signing up for Signal can help you save money on your next renewal—but it all depends on your driving.
As long as you’re okay with your driving data being monitored, you have nothing to lose. The worst-case scenario is that you won’t get a discount. Unlike some telematics programs, Signal won’t increase your premiums if you don’t score well.

What does the Signal app track?

The Signal app uses several different variables to come up with your Driver Safety Score, which determines your policy discount.
Driving speed and braking behavior
The Farmers app monitors your driving speed to gain insight into how you drive and brake. You will lose points for exceeding the speed limit or accelerating too quickly. Likewise, you’ll get points deducted for rapid deceleration, which indicates hard braking.
Phone usage
The Signal app will deduct points for touching or interacting with your phone screen while driving. The penalties could be significant, which means the program might not be ideal if you struggle to keep your hands off of your phone while in the car.
The number of miles you drive
The less that you drive, the better your score is likely to be. Signal will reward you for keeping your miles minimal. The reasoning? People who drive more are also more likely to get in an accident.
Key Takeaway Farmers Signal considers factors like your speed, braking, mileage, and phone usage when determining your Driver Safety Score.

Is the Farmers Signal app worth it?

If you’re an existing Farmers customer, then the Signal app is definitely worth a shot at saving. Discount or no discount, you can use the app to improve your driving, and you won’t be penalized for a poor driving score. Just keep in mind that you’ll have to agree to have your movements tracked—and it will probably eat up some extra data on your phone plan.
Signal can be a particularly appealing option for families with younger drivers, but it might not be worth switching policies over unless you can get a better rate with Farmers.
There is no guarantee that you’ll get a discount, so make sure you already have a reasonable insurance rate before signing up for any usage-based program.

Signal app FAQ

Does Signal track your location?

Yes. Like most telematics apps, the Signal app will track your location. It could use extra data as a result, so make sure you have a good data plan before you sign up.

What happens if you unplug Signal?

If Signal stops receiving data, Farmers will cancel your discount. But for this to be possible, all drivers on your policy who use the app will have had to delete, uninstall, or turn off the program.
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