How to Replace Lincoln Tail Lights

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A malfunctioning tail light on your Lincoln can be as simple as a burnt-out bulb or a sign of a considerably more complex issue. For simple fixes, you’ll probably want to avoid filing an insurance claim for a Lincoln tail light replacement. 
Tail lights are crucial for visibility at night or on days with lower visibility. Not only are tail lights a valuable safety feature, but you can get a ticket from law enforcement for malfunctioning tail lights.
If you’re having an issue with your tail light, make sure to handle the issue as soon as possible. For any questions, read on—car insurance comparison and broker app Jerry created this comprehensive guide to replacing your Lincoln’s tail lights.
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How to replace a Lincoln tail light

Cost: $60 to $80 
Time: 10 to 20 minutes
Tools needed: Safety glasses, gloves, Philips head screwdriver, replacement parts 
Difficulty: Easy
If one or both of your Lincoln tail lights are out, the first step is to identify what is causing the issue
If a single light is burned out, there’s a good chance the problem is with the bulb. In that case, replacing the tail light will solve the problem.
However, if both lights burn out at once or the brake lights aren’t working, the problem may be more complex. In that case, you should bring your car to a mechanic.
If you’re replacing a bulb, use your Lincoln owner’s manual to confirm you’re using the right bulb.
Once you’re ready, here’s a breakdown of how to replace a Lincoln tail light bulb:
  • Turn off the engine and disconnect the battery.
  • Open the trunk and lift (or completely remove) the carpet.
  • Unclip and remove the plastic trim.
  • To just remove the bulb, turn the bulb connector counterclockwise and pull the bulb out.
  • Install a new bulb in the bulb connector.
  • Reattach the plastic trim and lay down the carpet.
If you need to replace the entire tail light assembly, you’ll need to unscrew the three bolts holding the tail light in place. Then, disconnect the assembly wiring to remove the tail light.
Key Takeaway You should be able to replace your car’s tail light bulb at home.

Commons reasons for Lincoln tail light malfunctions

While sometimes you’ll know right away why your tail light isn’t turning on, there are actually a few possible different reasons your lights won’t turn on. Here are some possible causes to consider when diagnosing your tail light malfunction:
  • Dead bulb: The easiest to fix, the tail light bulb can burn out. Replace the bulb to get your Lincoln back in action.
  • Faulty wiring or fuses: If both tail lights are burned out or if you’re also having trouble with your brake lights, the issue may be faulty wiring or a blown fuse. Head to a mechanic for this electrical issue. 
  • Damaged socket: The tail light socket can be to blame. Check for discoloration or a build-up of corrosion inside the tail light socket.
  • Broken control switch:If the problem doesn’t seem to be with the tail light itself, its ability to communicate with your car could be the issue. Check your control switch. 

Does car insurance cover broken tail lights? 

Yes, most car insurance policies will cover broken tail lights.
If you have collision coverage, damage to your tail light caused by a collision—either with another car or an inanimate object—can be claimed. If you have comprehensive coverage, damage caused by theft, vandalism, falling objects, weather, and more can be claimed.
However, you may want to think twice before claiming tail light repairs. Fixing a tail light is usually an inexpensive repair. With most car insurance deductibles at $500 or more, you likely won’t reach your deductible. Plus, making a claim might raise your insurance premium.
So, unless the tail light repair is part of a larger repair job, consider paying for this repair out-of-pocket.

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If you only need to replace the bulbs (and are willing to do it yourself), the cost should only be about $60 to $80. The price can be considerably higher, however, depending on what the root of the issue is.
Yes, you can! As long as the issue is just a burnt-out bulb, you should be able to get your tail light operational again with 10 to 20 minutes of work.

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