What is the Average Car Insurance in Indiana (2024)?

The average cost of car insurance in Indiana is $1,688 annually for a full coverage policy, or $1,224 per year for a minimum policy.
Written by Kianna Walpole
Edited by Sarah Gray
The average cost of
full coverage auto insurance
in Indiana is $141 per month, or $1,688 annually. For a minimum coverage plan, Indiana drivers pay an average of $1,224 per year.
car insurance is lower than the national average. 
  • On average, Indiana car insurance rates land between $102 and $141 per month, making them some of the cheapest car insurance rates in the US.
  • Drivers living in populous areas, young drivers, and driver’s with a poor driving history often pay the most for car insurance coverage in Indiana.
  • Indiana car insurance companies can use your credit score and gender to determine your overall rate.
  • Comparing car insurance quotes
    is the best way to lower your auto insurance rates in Indiana.
To find the average cost of car insurance in Indiana, Jerry’s data analysts spent over 200 hours analyzing millions of real car insurance quotes from Indiana insurance companies in the past year.  

The average cost of car insurance in Indiana

Indiana drivers pay some of the cheapest rates in the US, with a state average of around $1,688 annually for full coverage car insurance. For a minimum coverage policy, most drivers generally pay $1,224 per year. These lower costs may be attributed to the decrease in auto-thefts, as well as the overall lower population density. 

Compare average rates for Indiana drivers

We compared four common driver profiles to determine the average car insurance rate across Indiana. This is how Indiana car insurance premiums change depending on your age, vehicle type, and driving history.

Why did my insurance go up in Indiana?

Auto insurance premiums can increase in Indiana for a number of reasons, including inflation, supply chain shortages, and severe weather. 
Additionally, the number of car accidents may play a factor. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), despite Indiana’s lower population, in 2021, there were 863 fatal car accidents, and this number only continues to rise. 
The result: higher overall rates. One way to save on Indiana auto insurance costs is to consider asking your insurance provider about discounts or bundling services. 
Your annual car insurance policy might’ve increased due to inflation or harsher weather climates. Other factors could be a recent speeding ticket, DUI charge, an at-fault accident, or poor credit score. If you’ve experienced a recent spike in your policy, contact your insurance agent for further information.
How you can navigate the crisis: When facing an unexpected insurance hike, consider shopping with
. We can provide you with real quotes from the
best insurance companies
in Indiana based on your specific driver profile. Whether you need a full coverage policy or minimum liability, you can use the Jerry app to find
cheap car insurance
despite the recent climb in rates. 

Who pays the most for car insurance in Indiana?

Young drivers and
high-risk drivers
tend to pay higher rates in Indiana—in other words, drivers with less experience, previous violations, or multiple infractions. 
On the other hand, drivers who are over the age of 25, have a clean driving record, and good credit generally pay the best rates for Indiana car insurance. Take a look at the tables below to see how your insurance is impacted based on your age, driving history, and location.

Teen drivers pay the highest rates of any group 

AgeAverage annual coverage

High-risk drivers with DUIs and license suspensions pay higher rates

ViolationAverage annual premium
Seat Belt$2,528
Improper Passing$1,985
Speeding over 15$1,674
Illegal Turn$1,546
Failure to Obey Traffic Sign$1,371
Speeding under 15$1,237
Careless Driving$1,110

Urban drivers pay more than in small towns and rural areas

Average annual coverage
Fort Wayne$1,628
South Bend$1,508
Average annual coverage

How to keep car insurance rates low in Indiana

Despite your driver profile, you can still find cheap car insurance in Indiana. Try some of these expert tips to help you in your search for low annual rates:

1. Look for discounts

Several insurance carriers provide customers with discounts for good driving habits, continuous payments, and more. Here are some of the best
car insurance discounts
in Indiana: 
  • Progressive
    offers multi-policy and multi-car discounts of 5% and 12% for drivers with two or more cars under the same policy, or more than one insurance policy. 
    provides a 15% military discount and a 25% emergency deployment discount to active members of the US military.
  • USAA
    offers a 10% discount to loyal customers under 25 who are former dependents of a USAA policyholder. 
  • State Farm
    rewards drivers with a clean record for at least 3 years a discount of up to 25%.
  • Auto-Owners
    offers students up to 20% off their premium if they maintain a “B” average or higher.

2. Don’t buy a new car

Once you buy a new vehicle in Indiana, you have 45 days to
register your car
. As parts for newer vehicles are more expensive to replace or repair, Indiana drivers with a vehicle less than four model years old on their policy may experience higher rates.

3. Follow all Indiana traffic laws—and consider a defensive driving course

Good drivers are fairly rewarded in Indiana, so to receive more discounts or cheaper car insurance rates, try aiming for a clean record. If you’ve had a recent violation, it might be best to take a defensive driving course to brush up on
Indiana traffic laws
Also, consider using a telematics app to track your driving habits. Not only does the app connect to your insurance provider’s servers, but it also can help you curb unsafe driving practices to avoid infractions, violations, or accidents. 

4. Opt for full coverage with moderate liability limits and a high deductible

Indiana’s car insurance laws
follow the 25/50/50 rule: $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident of bodily injury liability, along with $25,000 of property damage liability.
However, for most Indiana drivers, the state minimum
liability insurance
requirements aren’t enough. To get the most out of your coverage, we recommend Indiana drivers increase their limits to include: 
A higher deductible on a full coverage policy can equal lower rates. However, it’s best to choose a deductible you can realistically afford to pay in the event of an accident.
Based on your specific needs, it might also be worth investing in
underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage
, and
roadside assistance

5. Compare quotes (more than once!)

There’s no such thing as the best or cheapest car insurance company in Indiana—but to find the right quote for you at the right price, try comparison shopping!
With the
app, you can shop several car insurance quotes at once from some of Inidana’s top insurance providers in under a minute. 
But don’t stop there—more than 70% of drivers don’t re-shop their policy, leaving perfectly good savings out in the dust. Jerry continues to keep an eye out for new quotes when your policy is up for renewal, helping you to score the lowest rate possible in Indiana. 


On average, Indiana drivers pay around $1,688 per year for a full coverage policy, and $1,224 annually for a minimum insurance policy
In the state of Indiana, $100 a month is cheaper than the state average for both a minimum and full coverage policy! For a full coverage policy in Indiana, you’re typically looking at $141 per month, whereas the minimum insurance comes in at around $102 per month. 
Generally speaking, yes—$500 is on the higher end for a car insurance policy in Indiana. Most Indiana drivers typically pay between $102-$141 per month for car insurance depending on their coverage levels. However, keep in mind that your driving profile and any add-ons can increase your rates.
On average, new drivers pay higher insurance rates than senior drivers, regardless of which state they live in. For new Indiana drivers, car insurance generally costs around $2,667 annually for full coverage.
However, this rate can vary, based on whether you’re on your own policy, or your parent’s.
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