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Compare quotes for Audi A7 Premium Plus car insurance cost, 2023

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The average cost of car insurance for Audi A7 Premium Plus owners is $3,413 a year. However, exact rates vary from model to model: for instance, the R8 Spyder costs $325 more per year to insure than the A6 S-Line 3.2 Quattro

Audi A7 Premium Plus car insurance cost

One of the primary determining factors for your Audi A7 Premium Plus insurance rate is the age of your vehicle. Here's how much it costs to insure your A7 Premium Plus by car year:
Model year
Average Cost
Annual Savings with Jerry
If you drive a Audi A7 Premium Plus , you can expect your insurance costs to vary depending on trim level, upgrades, and the coverage level you select. Here's how your insurance cost compares to other similar cars:

Best car insurance companies for your Audi A7 Premium Plus

If you drive a Audi, you probably put a high value on the things Audi does best: reliability, practicality, and quality that stands the test of time.
Take a look at the table below to see the options different insurance companies offer for Audi A7 Premium Plus drivers.
Insurance company
Average Cost
Annual Savings with Jerry
Commonwealth Insurance$3,300$2,116
Plymouth Rock$3,406$836
Bristol West$6,828$246

Compare car insurance quotes for Audi A7 Premium Plus

But with all the different insurance companies and coverage options out there, how do you find the right insurance? With support from Jerry’s insurance experts, switching policies is close to effortless—with no unwanted phone calls, no duplicate paperwork, and no long wait times.
See for yourself what real Jerry customers saved by shopping for Audi insurance in the app!
Quote DateZip CodeStateCityNameAgeInsurance Company
Before Jerry
After Jerry
August 24, 202207304NJJersey CityRoy G.39Progressive$6,828$6,398
November 21, 202127410NCGreensboroChris B.46Progressive$2,148$1,036
September 3, 202195762CAEl Dorado HillsLewis C.43Progressive$2,400$1,646
November 2, 202010801NYNew RochelleGary J.39Mercury$1,500$862
July 25, 202077450TXKatyRaymond B.36Commonwealth Insurance$3,300$1,184

Best car insurance companies for Audi A7 Premium Plus drivers with bad driving records

Look—Jerry knows you’re not a bad driver. In fact, our research shows that nearly 50% of U.S. drivers would rate themselves as “great,” and over half of Americans believe they’re the best driver in their immediate family.
But, well, stuff happens. And when that stuff hits the fan—whether it’s that speeding ticket you got while you were vibing to Beyonce’s new single or the DUI you picked up after that night of bad decisions in college—insurance companies are likely to raise your rates and even label you a “high-risk driver." Take a look at the table below to see how Jerry customers with previous infractions adjusted their rates
Driving Violation
Average Cost
Annual Savings with Jerry
Clean Record$3,776$901

How much does Audi A7 Premium Plus insurance go up after a DUI?

If you get a DUI while driving your A7 Premium Plus, you can expect your premium to increase by an average of 33%.

How much does Audi A7 Premium Plus insurance go up after a speeding ticket?

We’ve all been there. If you get a speeding ticket in your A7 Premium Plus, your insurance premium could increase by an average of 14%

Best Car Insurance for Audi A7 Premium Plus by Age

If you’re a young driver, you might feel like you need literal superpowers to find decent car insurance at a fair price. That’s because most insurance companies label drivers under age 25 as “high-risk drivers”—regardless of their actual driving record!
The logic makes sense: because young drivers are less experienced, they tend to have statistically higher accident rates. Companies hike young drivers’ premiums to account for their perceived risk, even if their records are spotless.
If you’re under 25, you could be paying as much as $30 more every month for your insurance. Below is a comparison of average rates Jerry customers saw, broken down by age.

Best Car Insurance for Audi A7 Premium Plus by Location

Maybe you’ve got a perfect driving record and you’ve got a decent number of years behind the wheel. But your insurance premiums are still high—why?
It’s all about risk. If you live somewhere with high rates of auto theft, traffic accidents, or severe weather, the risk to your vehicle goes up. Where you see your neighborhood, your insurance company sees a higher chance of expensive claims, and they’ll factor that into your premium.
So where can Audi A7 Premium Plus drivers find the lowest rates—and where can you expect higher-than-average premiums? Take a look at the breakdown below.
Quote DateCar
Before Jerry
After Jerry
Zip codeStateNameAgeInsurance Company
November 2, 2020Audi A7 Premium Plus$125/mo.$72/mo.10801NYDanny H.39Mercury
November 21, 2021Audi A7 Premium Plus$179/mo.$86/mo.27410NCHoward L.46Progressive
July 25, 2020Audi A7 Premium Plus$275/mo.$99/mo.77450TXAdrian R.36Commonwealth Insurance
September 3, 2021Audi A7 Premium Plus$200/mo.$137/mo.95762CAChris W.43Progressive
August 24, 2022Audi A7 Premium Plus$569/mo.$533/mo.07304NJSean W.39Progressive

Driving a Audi A7 Premium Plus

With the exception of 2020, the 2017-2022 Audi A7’s high-class interiors, supercharged V6 engine, and Quattro all-wheel drive carried away a 9/10 rating on Car and Driver. Serving as the base to middle level of trim, depending on the model year, the Premium Plus line retails new from $63,395 to $76,995.Since its debut in 2012, the Audi A7 made waves as a sophisticated twist on the hatchback, featuring large, versatile cargo space; sumptuous leather seat covers; and twin rear bucket seats. A turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 engine formed the standard through 2022, with only minor updates in horsepower and torque, that can smash zero to 60 mph in 5.4 seconds flat.Sitting higher than Premium and lower than Prestige, the Premium Plus line of trim is the middle level for A7s from 2012-2013 and 2019-2022 and the base level from 2014-2018. At the mid-level mark, it generally improves upon the standard with enhanced infotainment and driver-assistive technology features. The 2022 Premium Plus trim features an exciting plug-in hybrid option that barely sacrifices any power, making it a smart choice for the eco-conscious. The budget-conscious will also want to pair their A7 with affordable car insurance.Car insurance super app Jerry has all the tips and tricks you need to know when selecting car insurance for your Audi A7 Premium Plus.
If you own a Audi A7 Premium Plus , here’s what you need to know about your vehicle:
  • The trim level you pick at the dealership affects your insurance rate. Opting for that top-of-the-line TRD trim will cost more upfront, and it’ll add to your monthly expenses.
  • Regular maintenance will keep your [model] in peak shape and help you avoid accidents that could raise your rate. Be sure to follow the recommended maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual!
  • If you bought your Audi A7 Premium Plus new, it’s worth considering new car replacement insurance to protect your investment.
Key Takeaway: The more your Audi A7 Premium Plus is worth, the more you’ll pay to insure and drive it.

How can you save money on insurance for a Audi A7 Premium Plus?

The average annual cost to insure a model is $3,413. But who says you have to be average? Here are a few hacks to help you save money on insurance.

Compare rates

You’ve heard it before: compare, compare, compare. When it comes to finding car insurance savings, comparison shopping is the name of the game.
Here’s why it works: every insurance company uses a different algorithm to set your rate. Unless you have the ability to automatically detect the optimal algorithm for your vehicle, age, zip code, etc., the only way to find the right coverage at the best rate is to compare quotes.
Actually, there is one other way—download the Jerry app, and let Jerry handle the algorithms (and the savings!) By answering a few simple questions, you can get instant access to Jerry’s pool of over 55 top insurance companies, and you’ll see rate comparisons in as little as 45 seconds!

Drive well to save

That’s right, safe driving could literally put money back in your pocket. Not only will tickets send your rate skyrocketing, but you’ll set yourself up for discounts if you can maintain a totally clean record.
If you’re close to that perfect clean record, try out a telematics program like Jerry’s Drive Well, Earn Perks to earn instant savings for your good on-road behavior. And if you’ve already got a driving history that’s, well, less than stellar, don’t despair: Jerry can still help you find low rates and improve your driving (and it’s all on your phone!).

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