Arkansas Restricted License

The three main types of Arkansas restricted licenses are learner’s and intermediate licenses for young drivers or hardship licenses for DUI suspensions.
Written by Macy Fouse
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
There are three types of restricted driver’s licenses in
: learner’s licenses, intermediate licenses, and hardship licenses. In the Natural State, a restricted license permits new drivers and drivers with DUI violations to drive with certain safety limitations.
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What is a restricted license in Arkansas?

There are three different kinds of
Arkansas driver’s license
that are restricted in some way: 
  • Learner’s license
    : New drivers aged 14 to 15 have restrictions on their licenses for safety.
  • Intermediate license: Drivers aged 16 to 17 are authorized to drive alone but still have license restrictions.
  • Hardship license: If your
    license was suspended
    or revoked—or you’re a minor with specific responsibilities—you can apply for a restricted license that permits you to drive in certain situations. 

How to get an Arkansas learner’s license

To get your learner’s license in Arkansas, you’ll need to meet the following requirements:
  • Be at least 14 years old
  • Pay the $5 permit test fee
  • Take a 25-question knowledge exam and get at least 20 questions right
  • Pass the vision exam
  • Successfully complete the behind-the-wheel exam 
  • Pay a $40 prorated license fee
Before you head to your testing center, you must
bring the following
with you:
  • A parent or guardian (or their signature on an
    ASP 33 form
  • Your birth certificate 
  • An accepted secondary form of ID, like a school transcript

Restrictions on an Arkansas learner’s license

An Arkansas learner’s permit comes with limitations. For at least six months or until your 16th birthday, you’re only allowed to drive when you’re accompanied by a licensed driver at least 21 years of age.
Other mandates for a learner’s license are common-sense rules, like every passenger must be
wearing a seatbelt
and the driver cannot use a cell phone
You can only apply for an intermediate license if you don’t have any serious traffic violations or at-fault
car accidents
in the six months before applying. 

How to get an Arkansas intermediate license

Once you turn 16, you’re eligible to apply for an intermediate license in Arkansas—but this license also comes with restrictions until age 18. An intermediate allows teens to drive alone, but they cannot drive with more than one unrelated minor unless accompanied by a licensed driver over 21. 
Intermediate license holders are also forbidden to drive between 11 pm and 4 am unless:
  • They’re accompanied by a licensed driver over 21 years old
  • They’re driving to or from a school activity, church-related activity, or job
  • They’re driving because of an emergency 
These restrictions disappear once the driver graduates to an unrestricted license.
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How to get an Arkansas hardship license

Hardship licenses are granted to drivers who aren’t permitted to drive under normal circumstances, but they need to be able to drive to get to work, school, or medical appointments. In Arkansas, there are two types of hardship licenses: an
age waiver
and an
Interlock Restricted Driver’s License

Age Waivers

An age waiver may be granted to a minor under 18 in certain circumstances. For example, if both of a minor’s parents work and the teen needs to get to school or work, they may be granted a special license permitting them to do so. This type of hardship comes with the following restrictions: 
  • The driver can only drive during the approved time of the extracurricular activity 
  • The driver cannot drive before 6 am or after 9 pm 
  • The driver cannot drive more than 30 miles away 
To apply for an age waiver, you’ll need to fill out
an application
, then request a hearing through your local
Driver Control Office

Interlock Restricted Driver’s License

If you’ve had your Arkansas license revoked because of
violation, you can apply to get a restricted license with an Interlock device. This device connects a breathalyzer to the ignition in order to prevent the car from being started if the driver’s alcohol content exceeds a preset limit.
This type of license allows a driver to operate a vehicle during their suspension period only for an alcohol-related offense. You’ll have to pay the cost for the device and installation, and the device can be revoked if you’re caught violating any of the terms of the license or tampering with the device. 
Depending on the severity of your offense, your Interlock Restricted Driver’s License may have limitations on where and when you’re permitted to drive, but this varies from case to case. 
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