How to Get an Arizona Driver’s License Reinstatement

Once your suspension or revocation period is over, apply and pay between $30 and $45 to get your AZ license reinstated.
Written by Tiffany Leung
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Getting your
driver’s license reinstated involves paying a fee, submitting documentation, and possibly filing an SR-22 form.
  • The cost to get your license back is between $30 and $45, depending on the situation.
  • More serious convictions require you to serve the suspension period and submit documentation.
  • If your license was revoked, you must wait for the investigation to conclude.
  • A hardship license is available to some drivers—but not all.

Why you might need a license reinstatement in Arizona

The Arizona Division of Motor Vehicles (AZ MVD) can
or revoke your license for a variety of reasons. 
  • Too many points on your driving record
  • Refusal to take a breathalyzer test
  • Reckless driving
  • Committing a felony or misdemeanor
  • Neglecting to pay fines
If you want to start driving again, you have to apply for the reinstatement of your Arizona driver’s license after the suspension period. You have to pay a reinstatement fee and submit the required documentation to the DMV before you can get your driving privileges back. 
If you’re unsure of your license status, you can check the status of your Arizona driver’s license

How to get a license reinstatement in Arizona

Your suspended license can be reinstated in several different ways, depending on the reason for the suspension or license revocation. Typically, you’ll need to apply for a new license at your local motor vehicle division, meet specific requirements, and pay between $30 to $45 for the reinstatement and application fee.

If your license was revoked

Investigation stage: If your driving privileges were terminated after being convicted of certain driving offenses, your revoked license will hold until any investigations are completed by the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT).
Get permission: When you are eligible to reapply to reinstate your license, you will need to complete the
investigation packet
. Once your packet gets reviewed and you are eligible, you will be mailed a Permission to Reapply Notice. 
Then, proceed with the following instructions:
  • Obtain
    SR-22 insurance
    if you had a DUI, reused a drug or alcohol test, or drove without insurance
  • Bring proof of notice to the MVD office or authorized third-party office
  • Fill out an application
  • Pay the $20 reinstatement fee and
    application fee
  • Provide proof of installation of a functioning ignition interlock device, if applicable

If your license was suspended

If you’re dealing with a driver’s license suspension, you can apply for reinstatement after a set period when your suspension ends. For a suspension related to a failure to pay a ticket or appear in court, you will need to do the following:
  • Contact the court listed on the suspension notice
  • Pay all court penalties due
  • Obtain a court clearance receipt or a Court Abstract form
  • Bring the clearance receipt or Abstract to an MVD driver’s license office
  • Pay a $10 reinstatement fee and application fee
Be aware that you must apply in person if you don’t have a digital photo on file. Otherwise, you can pay the reinstatement fees by mail or

How to get a hardship license in Arizona

What is it: Your restricted permit will permit you to travel to and from work or school. This permit will be valid for the whole suspension period.
Eligibility: If your suspension was a result of a DUI or violating insurance laws, you may be eligible for a hardship driver’s license. This is also known as a restricted license.
If you have an insurance violation, you can apply for a restricted permit at the
MVD office
or an
authorized third-party driver’s license provider
. You will need to provide proof of future financial responsibility, such as an SR-22 certificate.
If you have a DUI violation, you do not need to apply for a restricted permit—it will be mailed to you automatically 22 to 30 days from the start of your suspension if you didn’t request a hearing with the MVD. The restricted driving privileges will not be in effect until 30 days after the date of suspension.
If you requested a hearing with the MVD and still got suspended, you can apply for the restricted permit after serving 30 days of your suspension. You can apply at the MVD office or an authorized third-party driver’s license provider.
When you can apply: There are no specific requirements to fulfill under Arizona law before you can apply for a hardship license aside from serving 30 days of suspension for a DUI-related violation.

What is an SR-22 certificate?

If your license was suspended or revoked due to a high-risk traffic offense, you will be required to show proof of future financial responsibility. This proof can be a Certificate of Insurance (an SR-22) from your insurance company to certify that you carry Arizona’s minimum
liability coverage
Who needs it: You may be required to purchase
an Arizona SR-22 certificate
for the following offenses: 
  • Driving under the influence (alcohol or drug-related revocations)
  • Reckless driving
  • Numerous at-fault accidents
  • An at-fault accident that involved loss of life
  • Criminal charges due to traffic violations
  • Driving without insurance (also punishable by jail time in Arizona)
How long: You will need to maintain proof for three years from the date you are reinstated. If you fail to do so, the DMV will suspend your license and
vehicle registration
until you provide your SR-22 again. 
Cost: The fee associated with filing an SR-22 certificate is usually inexpensive (under $25) but it will trigger your insurance premiums to increase dramatically. This is because insurance companies now consider you a
high-risk driver
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