Here's How to Get an Anonymous Car Insurance Quote

You can find an anonymous car insurance estimate online, but fully anonymous quotes won’t be accurate.
Written by Macy Fouse
Reviewed by Jessa Claeys
On one hand, anonymous car insurance quotes won’t require much personal information or land you in sales-call hell—but on the other hand, your quote isn’t likely to be accurate.
Signing up for anything these days basically requires an email address, detailed personal info, and DNA from your firstborn child, so the draw of anonymous car insurance quotes is obvious. Nobody wants to deal with pushy insurance agents or an inbox full of spam. However, anonymous car insurance quotes aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. 
Car insurance rates are custom-built to every driver’s profile, so it won’t be possible to stay anonymous throughout the whole shopping process. However, there are a few ways to keep your cards close to your chest when you’re looking for
cheap car insurance
. We’re here to go over all the details of anonymous car insurance quotes, including which companies require the most information and how to find the best rates. 
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Compare insurance quotes from 50+ carriers with Jerry in under 45 seconds
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Can you get an anonymous car insurance quote?

While you can get an anonymous estimate on car insurance costs, it’s basically impossible to get an actual quote anonymously. That’s because car insurance quotes are extremely personalized, so without key information about yourself, it’s simply not possible for any company to give you an accurate quote.  
Car insurance estimates are considered a “non-guaranteed quote,” which uses extremely basic info to give you averages of what similar drivers pay in your demographic. Non-guaranteed quotes don’t require personal information, and insurance companies don’t legally have to offer that rate when it comes time to purchase a policy. 
If you’re looking for an
accurate car insurance quote
, you’ll need a “guaranteed quote” tailored to your profile. With these quotes, insurance providers are required to follow through with the prices they give you.

How to find insurance rates anonymously

If you’re OK with a less-accurate car insurance quote, there are a few ways you can find auto insurance rates without handing over every detail of your life. But you will have to provide some details to find your best car insurance option. 

Find a company that allows it

There aren’t many auto insurance companies that will provide a quote without any personal information, but some will require less information than others. 
While most insurance providers require your driver's license information beforehand, you might be able to find a company that will send you an estimated rate with just your ZIP code, date of birth, driving history information, and vehicle information. For the most part, you’ll also have to provide your address, education level, previous insurance details, and the type of housing you live in. 
The company that requires the least amount of personal information to provide you with a quote is
The General
. This company’s quote process will only take about two minutes. That being said, you’ll still have to provide a few key details. 
also requires a minimal amount of personal information. Providing your Social Security number and phone number is optional to get your free quote. 
On the other end of the spectrum, the companies that require the most information for a quote? Those would be
State Farm
While you aren’t legally required to provide companies with accurate information just to get a quote, the more accurate you are, the more reliable your quote will be. Plus, companies usually include a quote number which you can use if you decide to return to your quote and sign up for a policy. 
If you’re worried about spam or sales calls, you can always create a new email address specifically for quotes or sign up for a virtual phone number.  
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Use a comparison tool

The easiest way to find car insurance quotes without handing out your information to dozens of companies is to use an anonymous car insurance calculator. While this won’t give you a quote specific to your profile, it may give you a good idea of what similar drivers in your area within your demographic pay for different coverages. 
You’ll probably have to provide a few personal details, but insurance comparison websites or apps will give you multiple competing quotes from several different car insurance companies, so you don’t have to give each individual provider your information. 

Are anonymous car insurance estimates accurate?

Without including personal details, the odds of getting an accurate quote are slim to none. That’s because insurance premiums are determined by a host of super-specific individual characteristics, like your insurance history, coverage preferences, demographics,
driving record
, credit score, and more. Anonymous quotes also don’t take into account your personal
insurance discount eligibility
, which can affect the cost of your premium substantially.
No estimated anonymous quote will be totally precise, and it certainly won’t help you find the cheapest car insurance option. However, anonymous car insurance estimates aren’t totally useless. They can give you a basic idea as you begin researching insurance quotes to narrow down your search before you opt for a legit quote. 

What information do insurance companies require?

Since car insurance rates are so individualized, insurance companies often require the following information to bring you an accurate quote:
  • Date of birth
  • Driver’s license number
  • Driving history (including any traffic violations)
  • Previous insurance information (including previous claims)
  • Vehicle identification number
  • Vehicle information (year, make, and model)
  • Vehicle purpose
  • Address (or where your vehicle stays)
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Phone number
  • Estimated monthly mileage
Depending on the company, they may also ask about your education level,
credit score
, and Social Security number. Remember that when you’re ready to purchase a policy, you’ll need to use accurate information instead of an alias or email account you never check. 
Car insurance companies also need to know your specific preferences and insurance needs when providing you with a quote. For more accurate prices, you’ll have to include the
types of insurance
you’re interested in, your preferred deductible, and other personalized policy options. For instance, you may decide to bundle
homeowners insurance
with your auto insurance policy, which could influence your final rate significantly. 
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, I just put in a bit of information, and they found lots of different quotes for me. I was paying $305 a month for 2 brand-new cars, but now I’m paying $150 a month for both with full coverage!” —Robin U.
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Nope—in fact, you’ll be hard-pressed to find any car insurance company that offers totally anonymous quotes. You’ll either have to provide some personal information to get a quote or settle for generic estimates of what others pay in your area.
Maybe. As long as you’ve used truthful information on your anonymous auto insurance quote, you can use the reference number they give you to purchase an insurance policy. They may also give you the option to go back and amend your provided information to give you a more accurate quote.
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