Allstate Drivewise vs Progressive Snapshot: Which is Better?

Progressive Snapshot can help you save on your car insurance rates — but if you don’t want to risk paying more, Allstate Drivewise is the way to go.
Written by Jacoba Bood
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Progressive’s Snapshot is a good option for Progressive customers who are confident in their driving skills, but Allstate’s Drivewise app can help anyone build good driving habits.
Car insurance
is often a big expense, so it’s natural to look for ways to discount your rates. Telematics programs can be a great option.
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What is usage-based car insurance?

programs track your driving habits and then take them into account when calculating your insurance rates.
Rather than relying solely on demographics and averages to determine your premium, usage-based insurance bases your rates on your actual driving behavior. Participating in a telematics program is voluntary, but you could save money on your insurance policy when you sign up.
Almost all telematics programs offer discounts for safe driving, but the way your rates are calculated will vary from program to program.
Here’s a closer look at how the Allstate Drivewise program and the
Progressive Snapshot program

Allstate Drivewise program summary

You don’t have to be an Allstate customer to use the
Drivewise app
and benefit from personalized feedback and advice.
Drivewise features a user-friendly interface that easily allows you to monitor your trips, learn about your driving behaviors, and check your progress.
Drivewise rewards participating Allstate customers who prove they’re safe drivers with retroactive earnings that come into effect at the end of the policy period. The safer you drive, the more you can get back from the program.
Allstate gives you up to 10% off just for signing up. After using the program, you could be eligible for up to 25% cashback or Allstate reward points after your policy renews.
Drivewise considers factors like your driving speeds, braking habits, and the time of day you drive when determining your driving score. To maximize your rewards, keep your speed under 80 miles per hour and avoid hard braking whenever possible. Late-night trips are considered riskier than day trips and are best avoided as well.
Key Takeaway Allstate’s Drivewise program rewards safe drivers with potential discounts, cashback, and reward points.

The Progressive Snapshot program summary

The program tracks your driving with either a mobile app or an in-car device. The mobile app is only available to Progressive customers. If you’re hesitant to sign up, you can take advantage of a 30-day trial to get a better idea of your discount before you commit.
When you sign up for Snapshot, Progressive will analyze your driving habits to calculate your new insurance premium rates. You’ll get a discount of approximately $25 for signing up—but your rates could increase if you log risky driving behavior.
While most people enjoy discounts of around $130 per six-month policy, about 20% of users could see their rates increase instead.
Snapshot’s usage-based policy prices consider your driving speed, mileage, and phone usage while driving.
Progressive will deduct points for any sudden changes in speed brought on by rapid acceleration or hard braking.
You could also see your rates increase if you drive between 12 am and 4 am or if you tend to log a lot of miles on your odometer. Mobile app users will want to make sure not to touch their phones while driving, either.
Key Takeaway The Progressive Snapshot program will use your driving habits to calculate new insurance rates—and while you could see a discount, it’s also possible for your rates to increase.

Allstate Drivewise vs Progressive Snapshot —which one is better?

If you’re a Progressive customer who is confident in your driving habits, you could save by signing up for Snapshot—but the Allstate Drivewise program is a safer bet.
One of the significant benefits of Drivewise is that it is free to use and available to anybody. Only Allstate customers will get rewards, but any driver can use the app to improve their driving habits.
Unlike Snapshot, Drivewise won’t punish drivers with premium increases for risky driving. If you don’t mind having your driving behavior monitored, there is nothing to lose by signing up.
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Can I get cash or discounts?

Progressive Snapshot rewards safe drivers with policy discounts, while Allstate Drivewise uses cash back and rewards.
If you prefer car insurance discounts to cash back, Snapshot could be a better option. If you’d rather walk away with cash in your pocket, give Drivewise a try.

Do I need to switch my policy?

You will have to switch to Progressive to use the Snapshot app. Anyone can use the Allstate app, but you’ll need to have an Allstate policy if you want cashback.
If you don’t want to have to
switch your insurance provider
just to try out the program, Drivewise is the way to go. The app is free to use and you don’t have to be an Allstate customer to get valuable feedback on your driving habits.
Key Takeaway Allstate’s Drivewise app is free, available to everyone (not just Allstate customers), and offers cashback to policyholders.

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Frequently asked questions

Can Drivewise raise your rates?

No. Allstate will never raise your insurance rates based on your Drivewise performance.

Can Snapshot raise your rates?

Yes. If you sign up for Snapshot, Progressive may raise your rates based on your driving habits.
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