How to Get an Alaska Driver’s License Reinstatement

An Alaska driver’s license reinstatement typically costs between $100 and $500. The length of the procedure depends on the original offense.
Written by Tiffany Leung
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Getting your Alaska driver’s license reinstated typically costs between $100 and $500. However, more serious traffic
could require you to serve the suspension period and submit documentation before you get your license back.
Losing your privilege to drive is troublesome so you won’t want to have your license suspended for too long. However, how quickly you can get your license back will depend on the nature of your offenses and the regulations associated with them. This is where it gets confusing since the rules are often different in each state.
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Why you might need a license reinstatement in Alaska

The Alaska Division Of Motor Vehicles can
your license for a variety of offenses. Your license could be suspended if you are driving without insurance or it could be revoked entirely if you are a repeat traffic offender. 
To get your driving privileges back, you will still need to take steps to reinstate your Alaska driver’s license. In most cases, you will need to pay the applicable reinstatement fees and submit the required paperwork to the DMV before you can start driving again. 
If you’re unsure of your license status, you can check the status of your Alaska driver’s license

How to get a license reinstatement in Alaska

Your suspended license can be reinstated in several ways depending on the reason for suspension. Typically, you’ll need to apply for a new license at the DMV, meet specific requirements, and pay
a reinstatement fee
of $100 to $500.

Driving with a suspended/revoked license OR after points suspension

If you were caught driving while your license was suspended or revoked or if you are trying to get your license back after a
-related suspension, you will need to fulfill the following requirements:
Defaulting on a promissory note or after an unsatisfied judgment
If you didn’t make payments that you agreed to make for the damages you caused in a collision, you will need to meet the requirements below to reinstate your license. This also applies to getting your license back following an unsatisfied court judgment:
  • Pass the written and vision tests, you may also have to pass a
    road test
  • Pay the reinstatement and license fees
  • Submit written proof of SR-22 insurance
  • Present proof of birth and identity (see
    list of acceptable documents
  • Bring a notarized
    Parent Consent (Form 433)
    , if applicable
  • Make payments in full or overtime

After medical cancellation

If your license was canceled due to a medical condition, but your condition is now under control or you no longer have the condition, you will need to:
  • Pass the written and vision tests, you may also have to pass a
    road test
  • Present proof of birth and identity (see
    list of acceptable documents
  • Bring a notarized
    Parent Consent (Form 433)
    , if applicable
  • Bring a letter signed by your doctor stating you no longer have the medical issue that led to the license cancellation and that you can now safely drive
Key Takeaway For the most part, your license can be reinstated after you apply for a new license, meet specific requirements, and pay the applicable fees. 

How to get a hardship license in Alaska

Without driving privileges, it can be had to get around—especially to places not serviced by public transportation. In this case, you may be eligible for a hardship driver’s license, which gives you limited driving privileges.
To apply for a hardship license, you will need to mail your
mandatory insurance suspension non-commercial limited license application (Form 507)
and a $100 application fee to:
Division of Motor Vehicles
Anchorage Driver Services
3901 Old Seward Highway, Suite 101
Anchorage, Alaska 99503
The DMV will review your application and mail you a
list of requirements
for the limited license based on your driving history. Once you meet all the requirements, you can submit the remaining documents requested by the DMV via one of the following methods:

When can you apply for a hardship license?

Depending on the nature of your suspension, you may have to fulfill the following requirements before applying for a hardship license: 
  • Misdemeanor DUI: Wait 30 days for the first offense and 90 days for subsequent offenses. You will also need to get an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) before your limited license is issued
  • Felony DUI: The Alaska Court System must verify that you are currently participating in or have successfully completed Wellness or Therapeutic Court or the equivalent

What is an SR-22 certificate?

You may be required to file an SR-22 if your Alaska license was suspended or revoked due to a high-risk traffic offense. The SR-22 is provided by your insurer to certify that you carry Alaska’s minimum
liability coverage
You might be required to purchase
an Alaska SR-22 certificate
for the following offenses: 
You will need to file the SR-22 for three years. However, for DWI and refusal convictions, the SR-22 is required for five to twenty years or, possibly, for life. 
There is usually a fee associated with filing an SR-22 certificate. Although the fee itself isn’t expensive, your insurance premiums will rise dramatically, as you are now considered a
high-risk driver

How to save money on car insurance in Alaska

The increase in premiums from an SR-22 filing can cause financial strain. However, you can still find savings by comparing policies from multiple insurance companies—especially since each provider
calculates your premiums differently
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