Alabama Windshield Replacement Law

Alabama windshield replacement laws do not obligate auto insurance companies to cover the damage in full. Here's what to know.
Written by Tiffany Leung
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Alabama law does not obligate insurance providers to replace your windshield damages or dictate where the replacement must be done. Individual insurance companies can offer
comprehensive coverage
that specifies where the repairs must be conducted. 
Choosing insurance coverage based on the windshield replacement laws is often overlooked—it’s probably not something that comes to mind until a cracked windshield happens! However, this may not be a priority for Alabama drivers, as the windshield replacement law in Alabama doesn’t require insurance providers to cover the damages in full.
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Does Alabama law cover windshield replacement?

Short answer: no—not even with full comprehensive coverage
Like many other states, Alabama does not require providers to fully cover the cost of a windshield replacement under comprehensive insurance. Providers are also not required to waive any deductibles. However, the Alabama glass law does require the glass replacement to be similar in type, quality, and value.
The state laws do not provide specific requirements for where the replacements or repairs must be done, leaving the insurance companies to dictate the requirements for any windshield coverage they offer.
In other words, how much the provider will cover, whether there’s a deductible, or where you can get your windshield replaced will be dictated by your specific comprehensive coverage policy.
Keep in mind that even with full comprehensive coverage, damages to your windshield due to a motor vehicle accident will not be covered. If you have
collision insurance
, you can partially claim the windshield replacement cost. 
If you opted to only carry the
minimum required insurance coverage
in Alabama, your windshield replacement cost will not be paid for at all by insurance. However, you may be able to file a claim with the other driver’s insurance company if you can prove the other driver was at fault for damage to your windshield.

Who pays for windshield replacement in Alabama?

You are responsible for the cost of replacement if you have a broken windshield in Alabama since insurance providers aren’t mandated to fully cover the replacement cost. 
If you’ve purchased comprehensive coverage with your auto insurance policy and the windshield damage is due to a non-collision event, your insurance company will pay for the replacement cost. However, the payout and deductibles will be dependent on the terms you signed.
On the other hand, if your windshield damage is due to a
car accident
, it will only be covered if you also purchased collision insurance. If you can submit a collision claim, you’ll only have to pay for the deductible. 
Those with minimum
liability coverage
will have to pay out of pocket for the full cost. On average, the total cost to replace a windshield can range from around $150 to $500, depending on the size, make, and model of your vehicle. A minor repair for windshield cracks or chips could run you could be anywhere from about $50 to $200

Does Alabama law require auto insurance coverage for windshield repair?

No. Alabama law does not have any requirements for auto insurance coverage to pay for windshield repairs or replacements in full with zero deductibles. However, insurance providers are free to offer comprehensive coverage that waives deductibles.
Alabama car insurance laws
only require drivers to have two types of insurance. The first is
bodily injury liability
, which covers injuries suffered by the other drivers. The second is
property damage liability
, which pays for the other drivers’ vehicles and property damages.
This may cover your windshield repair costs if you can prove another driver was at fault for the damages, but your best bet to avoid paying for a cracked windshield is to invest in additional coverage. 

Do I need to replace my cracked windshield in Alabama?

While there are no specific laws on driving with a cracked windshield in Alabama, the federal safety laws have some requirements:
  • The area from the top of the steering wheel to within two inches of the top of the windshield must be free from damage.
  • A single crack is permissible if it doesn’t intersect or join with another crack, and doesn’t interfere with the driver’s view through the windshield.
  • The damage, chip or crack, is allowed if it does not exceed 3/4-inch in diameter and is not within three inches of another chip or crack.
Violation of the above regulations can result in fines and citations, although the exact amount varies.
To avoid trouble with law enforcement, evaluate the damage on your windshield to determine if any repairs are needed. This should be done as soon as possible so that small cracks can be addressed before it spreads.
A professional technician from the repair shop can also advise you if a repair or total replacement is needed. Try to find a mechanic with free consultations and ask for a written estimate before proceeding with any repairs. 

How to save on windshield insurance in Alabama

Although Alabama doesn’t have a free windshield replacement law, you can still have your replacement costs covered with the right insurance. 
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