Does AAA Car Insurance Cover Rental Cars?

Your AAA insurance will cover rental cars If you have comprehensive and collision coverage as part of your policy, but there will be a deductible.
Written by Mary Cahill
Reviewed by Amy Bobinger
If you opted for both comprehensive and collision coverage when you purchased your AAA car insurance policy,
rental car coverage
is also included. This means that AAA will cover the cost of a car rental if your insured vehicle needs service,
car repairs
, or is totaled—but you’ll need to pay a deductible first. 
On the other hand, if you’re renting a car for leisure or a business trip, AAA won’t reimburse the cost—but they still offer a lot of discounts on rental cars, and your full coverage policy will extend to the vehicle you rent. Just keep in mind that AAA’s rental car insurance will only cover you according to the limits of your preexisting policy, so make sure you’re familiar with those numbers before you rent a car. 

Does AAA offer rental car insurance?

They do—if you’re carrying
collision insurance
comprehensive insurance.
Although rental car insurance is rolled in with your AAA
full coverage policy
, you’ll still be required to pay a deductible. The cost of your deductible will depend on your policy limits. 
If you don’t have full coverage, you’ll still be covered by your
liability policy
, but only up to the limits you purchased. Minimum liability limits vary by state, and if you’re in an at-fault accident in a rental car, those limitss may not be enough to cover the
bodily injury costs
property damage
, plus the physical damage to the rental car. When this happens, you could be on the hook for the remaining expenses—if the accident was severe, those expenses could potentially cost you thousands. 
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AAA rental reimbursement

Another benefit to having full coverage through AAA is
rental reimbursement coverage
. While rental car insurance protects you from being held financially responsible for damage to a rented vehicle, rental reimbursement works a little differently. 
Rental reimbursement will assist with the cost of renting a car while your insured vehicle is undergoing service, repairs, or is totaled after an accident. In order to receive rental reimbursement through AAA, you must file a claim following the crash. 
Like rental car insurance, AAA’s rental car reimbursement coverage will take effect after you’ve paid a deductible. Check your
insurance declarations page
for more specific information regarding the deductible amount or speak to a customer service agent by calling 800-922-8228

Is it worth it to get insurance on a rental car?

Maybe. If you’re carrying full coverage, it’s not necessary to purchase additional
rental car insurance
because it’s already included in your AAA policy. 
There are some other instances, however, where you may want to buy the extra coverage to protect your rental. These scenarios include:
  • You don’t have car insurance
  • You only have minimum liability insurance
  • Your current policy doesn’t cover you when you drive a rental car
  • The deductible on your full coverage policy is very high
  • You’re renting a commercial vehicle or renting a car for a business trip.  
  • You’re interested in add-ons like medical payments coverage (MedPay), personal injury protection (PIP), or coverage for travel expenses 
The most common rental car protections you’ll be offered by the rental company are a collision damage waiver (CDW) or a loss damage waiver (LDW). The truth is, both of these waivers are expensive—but if you’re uninsured, you may want to consider forking over the cash for a little extra peace of mind. 
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