Does AAA Offer Non-Owner Car Insurance?

You can buy non-owner car insurance from AAA and it’ll likely cost less than a standard insurance policy.
Written by Mariza Morin
Reviewed by Julian de Sevilla
Yes—AAA offers non-owner car insurance. For drivers who don’t actually own a vehicle, but frequently borrow or rent cars instead, you can get a non-owner car insurance policy through
. You’ll not only be financially protected but you can also expect lower rates compared to a traditional
car insurance
In this article, you’ll learn more about this special type of coverage and how to get non-owner car insurance quotes as well. 
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Compare insurance quotes from 50+ carriers with Jerry in under 45 seconds
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Should you get non-owner car insurance from AAA?

How do you know if you need
non-owner car insurance
coverage from AAA? Consider it if: 
  • You usually drive borrowed or rented vehicles
  • You usually utilize car-sharing services like Zipcar 
  • You require proof of
    liability insurance
    to reinstate your driver’s license
  • You need to file
    an SR-22
    FR-44 certificate
    but don’t own a car
  • You’re looking to sell or gift a vehicle and plan on buying another car soon
  • You want to avoid a lapse in coverage if you’re without a car temporarily
Non-owner car insurance is an affordable type of insurance coverage for drivers who don’t own a car but drive often enough to meet financial responsibility requirements. 
If you’re driving a rental or borrowing someone else’s vehicle, it’s probably covered by
rental car insurance
or the owner’s car insurance policy. But depending on the coverage, you might have to pay outrageous out-of-pocket costs if you’re at fault in an accident without insurance. 
On average, medical bills alone could set you back about $60,000! So if the car you’re borrowing only includes minimum liability insurance, you’ll have to cover the rest yourself if you don’t carry your own non-owner car insurance. 
If you’re in between cars, non-owner insurance is a fantastic option if you want to avoid a coverage lapse. If you plan on purchasing a car soon, continuous coverage is a great way to qualify for
discounted auto insurance rates
in the near future. 
And lastly,
high-risk drivers
may need non-owner car insurance if they’re trying to reinstate their driver’s license after serious traffic violations like a DUI or reckless driving charge. 

Average costs of a AAA non-owner auto insurance policy vs. traditional coverage

Depending on factors like your location, driving record, and age, the average cost of a non-owner car insurance policy from AAA ranges between $200 and $500 a year. On the other hand, the cost of a full coverage AAA policy with
collision insurance
is about $1,732 per year. 

What does non-owner car insurance cover?

A non-owner car insurance policy typically includes
bodily injury liability coverage
property damage liability coverage
, but minimum costs depend on your state’s liability limits. Your state might also require you to purchase
medical payments coverage
personal injury protection (PIP)
, or
uninsured motorist coverage (UIM)
—which will also be included in your policy. 
But keep in mind that a non-owner car insurance policy doesn’t cover damages to the borrowed vehicle you’re driving. What does this mean? Comprehensive and collision coverage aren’t available for non-owner policies. 

What other insurance companies offer non-owner policies?

Many car insurance providers these days offer non-owner policies. Besides AAA, you can also secure non-owner car insurance with the following insurance companies: 
Please note that not all car insurance companies work with SR-22s. You might have to contact various insurance agents to find an insurance company that will sell you non-owner coverage with an SR-22. 
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Insuring a car in another’s name depends on your state’s law and “insurable interest”—meaning that you’ll need to prove that you have an economic stake in the car if it gets totaled. Some states, like
New York
, require the name on your car insurance policy and vehicle registration to match. Meanwhile,
don’t have this rule, so you could possibly insure a car that’s not in your name in one of these states.
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