Does AAA Offer Liability Insurance?

The average cost of a liability-only auto insurance policy with AAA is $57 per month. Seems a little high, don’t you think? Let’s find out.
Written by Drew Waterstreet
Reviewed by Pat Roache
AAA has an extensive menu of
liability insurance
for drivers, homeowners, business owners, and policyholders looking to supplement a bundle of insurance needs with umbrella liability. However, at an average rate of $57 per month for liability-only auto insurance, there are much cheaper companies to consider if minimum coverage is all you need.
There’s no doubt that AAA has some of the most unique and all-inclusive insurance offerings on the market. That being said, it’s pretty obvious that their target customer isn’t drivers who just want a liability-only policy for their car. 
Nevertheless, AAA will sell you a liability-only
car insurance
policy—but expect to pay well above the market rate. Follow along as we take a closer look at the competitive landscape.

Does AAA offer liability insurance? 

AAA offers a wide array of liability insurance designed to protect your vehicles, home, business, pets, and anything you could really think of that’s worth protecting. They even offer
comprehensive umbrella policies
that provide supplemental support to the liability limits of all your policies as needed.
But we’ll be specifically focussing on AAA’s auto insurance liability coverage, which comes in two categories: 
These two liability coverages are required by law in every state except
New Hampshire
. Some states even require
uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage
personal injury protection (PIP)
as part of their insurance mandates. 
It’s unlikely that AAA will let you walk out the door with a policy that doesn’t satisfy your legal obligations, but it’s wise to know your state’s
minimum insurance requirements
for yourself.
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Do you need more than liability insurance? 

The answer to this question will come down to your wants and needs as they relate to your residency, driving habits, and financial situation. So to give you some context, let’s outline a few scenarios:
  • You live in a state with extra insurance requirements: As mentioned in the previous section, some states require more than just liability insurance to meet the legal requirements.
  • You want to protect your own vehicle: As AAA outlines on their website, liability insurance only covers unintentional bodily injury and property damage to others when you are legally liable. You’ll need to invest in
    collision coverage
    comprehensive coverage
    to protect your own vehicle, and these may even be required if you’re leasing or financing your vehicle.
  • You have unique risk factors: If you drive for a rideshare company or have negative equity on your vehicle, you may not be adequately insured without purchasing specialty coverages like
    rideshare insurance
    gap insurance
  • You frequently have passengers that don’t have health insurance: Coverages like
    and PIP will supplement your health insurance, but the coverage benefits also extend to all your passengers. So if you’re in an accident with a car full of people, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you can financially assist with their recovery expenses.
  • You’re not very mechanically inclined (want): AAA has made a name for itself through its
    roadside assistance memberships
    . So if you don’t know how to change a flat tire, it may be wise to sign up.

Cost of AAA liability insurance

The average cost of AAA liability insurance is $57 per month, which comes out to $681 annually. However, this premium rate can fluctuate based on age,
, location,
credit score
, vehicle type, and driving record.
But generally speaking, AAA liability insurance is much more expensive than other major insurance companies—see the table below:
Insurance company
Average annual cost of minimum coverage
Average monthly cost of minimum coverage
State Farm

The bottom line

As you noticed in the previous section, a liability-only policy with AAA will cost you a pretty penny. That’s because their business model is designed for customers who want to insure multiple assets with high-coverage policies. They also want you to become a AAA member to gain exclusive benefits and services.
Obviously, AAA’s rates for liability coverage will become more affordable as you buy more insurance products through them. But as a standalone product, you're better off purchasing liability insurance through
, or another
low-cost insurance company
"Just for state minimum liability, I was getting quotes from $70 to over $100/month until I found
. Now my car insurance is under $30/month, or $140 for 6 months. Thank you, Jerry!” —Frank S.
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Liability insurance is the baseline coverage that most states require by law. When you are at fault in a car accident, your liability insurance will compensate the victims for any related medical expenses and vehicle repairs. On the other hand,
full coverage insurance
is an optional policy that will reimburse you for repairs to your own vehicle.
New Hampshire and Virginia are the only states that do not require drivers to purchase liability insurance. All other states do, but their minimum coverage limits will vary.
There are no deductibles for liability insurance. You’ll only need to pay a deductible on collision and comprehensive claims if you choose to have a full-coverage insurance policy.
You can easily print insurance ID cards from your AAA MyPolicy account, which will serve as valid
proof of insurance
. You can also access a digital ID card in the AAA mobile app.
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