2019 GMC Terrain MPG

The 2019 GMC Terrain gets 23 miles to the gallon in combined city and highway driving. But how does that compare to other SUVs?
Written by Katherine Duffy
The 2019
GMC Terrain
gets decent ratings for the compact SUV class with an EPA rating of 23 combined mpg
The 2019 GMC Terrain is a comfortable, sleek compact SUV with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine and lots of cargo room considering its size. But, despite its smaller engine size compared to the 2018 V6 model, the Terrain is lacking in the fuel-efficiency department. 
We’re here to review the 2019 Terrain’s fuel economy and how it stacks up against its competitors. Let’s get started!
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2019 GMC Terrain fuel economy 

The EPA for a 2019 GMC Terrain is 21 city/26 highway mpg, or a combined 23 mpg according to the US Department of Energy. This compact SUV is equipped with a 14.9-gallon fuel tank that must be filled with premium gasoline to operate at its best. The Department of Energy estimates that your yearly cost to drive the 2019 Terrain is $4,750, which breaks down to a staggering $395 per month. 
This is higher than your average compact SUV, but your average fuel costs shift depending on where you live, where your destination is, and how often you drive. You can expect to spend more on gas if you mostly drive in busy urban areas, but you may save if you stick mostly to highway driving. 

Is the 2019 GMC Terrain good on gas? 

While the 2019 Terrain has lots of standout features, its fuel efficiency isn’t one of them. Even with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine, there are more fuel-efficient options on the market in the 2019 Terrain’s vehicle class. 
Toyota RAV4
, for example, has a combined mpg of 32, while the
Mazda CX-5
has a combined mpg of 29, outlasting the 2019 Terrain by miles. 
If fuel economy is at or near the top of your checklist when buying a new vehicle, you may want to shop around before committing to the 2019 Terrain. 

How to improve fuel efficiency for a 2019 GMC Terrain 

Whether you’re trying to improve the fuel economy of your current Terrain or wondering how to manage gas prices if you’re considering buying one, we have some tips on how to make your 2019 Terrain more economically friendly at the pump. Try out these tips to reduce the amount you spend on gas: 
  • Use cruise control. Switching cruise control on when possible is a great way to economize fuel. This function reduces the amount of sudden accelerations and stops you use, which reduces the amount of gas used overall. 
  • Deep clean your car. If you keep your kids’ sports bags, your
    winter tires
    , or other clunky equipment in your car, the extra weight might be impacting your fuel economy. Leave only essential items in your car to reduce the strain on your engine—and overall gas used. 
  • Stick to a regular maintenance routine. Many mechanical issues can indirectly decrease your car’s fuel efficiency, and depending on the issue, it may go unnoticed for months on end. Keeping a routine maintenance schedule helps you avoid mechanical problems that can impact fuel economy. 
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